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Past Greyhound Adoptions

Pop Pop N Gina GH-Data Tri State

DOB 02-16-04 Red/Female, approx 63#. Gina has recently moved into foster care. The world is a very big place and Gina is looking for perfect spot in it. She will tell us more about herself once she gets settled into her new foster home which includes 2 resident Greys and 2 cats. (Stephanie & Sam)

Knp Bluto  GH-Data Tri State

Male, white and red, DOB 7/30/04, 74lbs -- Bluto is a handsome and happy guy, and he showed off his looks, charm, and delightful demeanor very well in his Meet & Greet debut. He is now in foster living with another Grey and a Siamese cat. He loves to chase a tennis ball, and even “kind of” brings it back …. (Jennifer & David, PC Area)
Apply to Fly  GH-Data Tri State

Male, Brindle, DOB 11/21/04, approx. 70 lbs – Flyer’s Meet & Greet debut was superb. He is a happy greeter with gentle affection for the public of all ages. He is a strikingly handsome fellow as he’s very tall and that, with his elegant Greyhound physique, red brindle shining coat, and direct gaze, makes him a stunner. He is happy, affectionate, and easy going. He is in foster with other Greyhounds and is doing nicely with the family cats too. (Donna & Bill, PC Area)
PHX Roxter  GH-Data Tri State

Female, Black, DOB 8/5/05, approx. 59 lbs – ‘Roxie’ is described by her foster family as the ‘perfect dog’. She is quietly affectionate, giving gentle kisses, even to the cat at her foster home, but she will also play eagerly with the kids, collect toys, and romp with the other dogs. She likes to ride, loves to get her ears scritched, handles beautifully, has excellent manners, and a list of other ‘perfect’ things to describe this beautiful little Velcro girl. (Amy & Keith, PC Area)
GMC Prissey GH-Data GRFT

Female, brindle, 51.4 pounds, DOB 7-26-05 --Initially assessed as friendly and eager to explore. Ignored small dogs. New in our program. (Jodi)

Fast Glory GRFT GH-Data

Glory is a little girl, she is happy and responsive. She raced at 57 lbs and was born March 2, 2004. She has a nice white tuxedo front that goes all the way up to her chin. She came from a kennel who routinely brings in their 8 yr old daughter, so she has been around children during her race career. She is recuperating from her vetting in the pet kennel ( Ebro)

Keeper Matt's Eve GH-Data GRFT

DOB 10-18-03, White&Black/Female, approx 59#. Evie is new to our program. Initial assessment is happy go lucky. (Sue & Bob)

Ben White GH-Data GRFT

DOB 09-30-04, White&Black/Male, approx 70#. Ben has just recently moved into foster care. He currently resides with a semi-retired family and another greyhound. Ben is learning quickly and will tell us more about himself shortly. (Liz & Bill)

Abita Lava  GH-Data 5/07

Female, Black, DOB: 6/05/05, 61 lbs. “Lavender” got her call name from her foster mom because “Lava” simply isn’t sweet enough for this little beauty. She is a demure girl, but not a shrinking violet. She is affectionate with leans, nuzzles, gentle kisses, and meets the public well at Meet & Greets.. She is happy living with her foster mom & dad with dog buddies including Greyhounds, a Bassett, and a smaller Poodle. (Bettie & John, PC area) (Grant eligible, Local adoption only)
Run Madison Run  GPA/OCGLA

Female, Fawn, DOB 9-27-02, Approx 60 lbs. Madison is a sweetie and greytfully enjoying her new life in her foster home. She is a quiet girl, not shy, just demure and loving. She has excellent house manners, likes her walks and playing with her active Greyhound buddy in her foster home. She’s been very interested in the neighborhood cats on her walks, but hasn’t been tested yet for cat and small animal compatibility. (Pat & Mike B., Panama City area)
ZE's Dominik  GPA/LA GH-Data

DOB 06-21-04, Black Male, approx 65#. Nik isn't the biggest fella in size but he is on personality. He just moved into foster care with small dogs, other greys, birds and rats. Nik also has children in his home to keep him occupied. He will tell us more about himself shortly so stay tuned for another update. (Tonya)

Vapor Caper GPA/LA GH-Data

DOB 09-18-05, Blue Brindle/Female, approx 57#. Caper hasn't told us her name yet. New into our program. Initial assessment is not shy and inquisitive. She will tell us more about herself soon. (kennel)

How D Dream Dude GPA/LA  GH-Data

Male, Brindle, DOB 10-11-03, Approx 70 lbs. Dude is a friendly, happy guy. He’s going to join some of his adopted brothers, and his wonderful demeanor and personality are definitely a family trait. (Stacie, kennel)
GMC Fawn GPA/LA  GH-Data

Female, Fawn, DOB: 7/07/05, 65 lbs. Fawn is quiet and polite, but not a shrinking violet. She looks you in the eye with those gorgeous ”Cleopatra’s” of hers, and you know she’s a smart and curious girl with a gentle but strong personality. She is affectionate and loves to rest her head on her foster mom’s lap or foot while getting some scritches. She warmed up quickly at her Meet & Greet debut, and is enjoying her foster life with her foster mom and some cats too… (Kathy P., PC area)
Pa's Ronnie Rush GPA/LA

DOB 04-29-05, Red Female, 56 pounds--Ronnie is enjoying retirement. She likes the 4 small dogs she lives with. She tolerates the cage birds and she has a wonderful time playing with the larger dogs in her foster family. She especially enjoys being very close to her foster family, just in case there might be an ear scritch or dog cookie headed her way (Skip & Ann)

Time Tested GPA/LA GH-Data

Male, Red Brindle, DOB 5-21-04, Approx 70 lbs. … Time Tested is shown learning about stuffy toys, which he’s delighted with, and shown considering the recliner which must be really ‘neat’ since his foster dad seems to enjoy it. However, with his excellent house manners, he won’t just hop up. He is enjoying his new life style with the other Greys, and the cats, and has proven to be affectionate and gentle in his Meet & Greet debut. (Bill & Donna, PC Area)
Pinch Yourself GPA/LA

Male, Red Brindle, DOB 10-11-03, Approx 69 lbs. Pinch is quiet, gently affectionate, and warms up very pleasantly with a neat “lean” after he senses your comfort level. He is well mannered and shows it either with other Greyhounds or the multiple cats he’s living with in his foster home. He does well on his leash, loves walks, and is working diligently on his “come when called” skills. (Donna & Bill, Panama City area)

Goodbye Freddy GPA/LA

Male, Black, DOB: 3/17/04, 83 lbs. Freddy is wonderfully happy and outgoing. Not a shy bone in his body, but not pushy. He’s laid back, affectionate and will follow you around for more “scritches” with the “lean” as an art form. Freddy is not for a home with kitties, but he does fine with his other dog buddies including Greyhounds, a Bassett, and a smaller Poodle at his foster home. His foster mom and dad call him a “dream dog” simply because he’s such a happy and loving guy, with the perfect touch of goof added for spice. (Bettie & John, PC area)

Rwc Shenna Sue 4/07

DOB: 7/9/01, Brindle, Female, approx 60#. Shenna Sue finds herself with GPAEC through a change in family circumstance. She's a perfect lady and houseguest. Shenna Sue has lived with small dogs and cats. She will crate but it's not needed. She rides well in the car and walks well on lead. Shenna would like her forever home to have lots of soft warm beds, plenty of squeaky toys but not lots and lots of goings on. The quiet life is a good thing. Shenna Sue is being fostered with another Grey and a small dog. (Connie & Rick)

Little Bo Peep 4/07

Fawn female. She doesn't seem concerned with losing her sheep, she prefers people. She was born 7/10/02 and raced at 64 lbs. Peepers was a bit interested in the small animals while at the vet's office. She will have to be evaluated to see if it was curiosity or perhaps just a bit too focused. We'll know more as she moves into foster care. She is very outgoing with people and loves attention. Grant Eligible, Local Adoption Only.

Princely Profits 4/07

DOB 1/1/04 Brindle/M, approx 72# Profit is a very happy boy, not shy & not pushy. Profit has wonderful house manner, not having one accident since arriving in foster care. He is small dog tolerant (lending some much needed shade sometimes) and tested cat tolerant. (Cathy & Chris)

LNW Rock N Roll 4/07

DOB: 5/21/04, Wht&Bdl, Male, Approx 70#. Rocky is getting into retirement life slowly but surely. He crates well. Gets along fine with the rest of the pack, likes to play, no aggression. He hasn't had any *accidents* in the house. Great appetite and learning what treats are. He meets the kids at the bus every afternoon and walks well on the leash. Rocky is currently fostered with a couple mix breed dogs, a lab, another Grey and 5 children ages 6-16. (Laurie and Walter)

Bow Ironmask 4/07

Male, DOB 8-23-99, Black, approx 75lbs. Ironmask is one of our shining seniors. He is currently fostered with a variety of dogs and is adjusting nicely. (John & Bettie)

Blackheart 4/07

DOB: 3-17-97, Black/Female, Approx 60# Bailey is a sweetheart of a senior, with loads of love to give. After her morning jog around the yard, she likes nothing more than to enjoy her toast and cream cheese. (Spot of tea with that?) Bailey will gladly lay on the couch with her head in your lap and watch the Telly with you, and she doesn't even mind if you hog the remote. She may not be as young as she use to be (who is) but she's still spry and can brag about her girly figure. Even though Bailey doesn't mind alot of activity going on around her, she would prefer a quieter home where she can enjoy her retirement years and have that special someone that she can pour all her love into. There's nothing more special than to feel the love a senior greyhound provides. (Sue & Bob)

Wm's Tiffany GPA/LA

Tiffany has previously lived in a home and was returned to GPAEC when family circumstances changed. Tiffi was living with a family with a young child as an only dog, she is now living with two senior greyhounds and has adapted to life with two pals. She enjoys running laps in the backyard and even has the 13 year old grey briefly running with her. Tiffi enjoys riding in the car, either laying on the back seat or looking out the windows. She is a champion chatterer, from barely hearing her teeth to what sounds like castanets being played very fast and loud. We introduced her to a cat and a small dog, she gave them a quick sniff and then was off to make friends with a group of greyhounds on the other side of the baby gate. Tiffi has been a great foster, very friendly with everyone she meets and enjoys attention. (Pat)
Candyland Episode  GPA/LA

DOB 4-30-02, red fawn/female, 47 pounds--Candy is recuperating from her surgery. Turns out she had a dislocation and not a broken hock. She has a rod keeping everything aligned but still has 6 - 8 weeks recovery time. Candy has been an excellent patient and a sweetheart of a dog. She's very curious of this retirement life. She loves to be loved on and during her 'social' time, will make sure everyone has a chance to love on her. Both of Candys ear stand straight up making her look like a little deer...she's so cute! (Tonya)

Kelly Kromer GPA/LA

Female, DOB: 12-17-00, Red, Approx 60 lbs. Kelly is really a beautiful sable color with a black mask. She's on the shy side with new people but is very comfortable is her foster home. She loves playing with squeaky toys, carrying them around the house with her tail in the air like a flag. Kelly is cat tolerant. She would do perfectly in a quiet home with no children and perhaps one other Grey to show her the ropes. Kelly currently lives with 2 other Greys. (Tony & Lois)

TX's Freedom 3/07

White and brindle female. She raced at 67 lbs, but she has put on a couple more since retirement. She was born on Jan 22, 2004. She did nicely around the smaller animals on her trips to the veterinarian. She is very outgoing and friendly. We will learn more as she moved to a foster home.

Shimmer N Shine

Male red/white, DOB April 2, 2004, 69 lbs. He’s a smaller boy who was thought to take a while to warm up to new people, but his Meet & Greet appearances show him to be a bit of a schmoozer, outgoing, playful, and he responds delightfully to affection. Shimmer has good house manners, fitted in to ‘home living’ right away, and will “talk to you” when he’s enthusiastic about something. He is not recommended for a home with small animals, but gets along well with the other Greyhounds and a Bassett hound in his foster home. (Bettie & John, PC Area)

BAC's Sissy Girl

Female, red, 54 pounds, Oct. 02--Sissy is a little submissive girl--reticent but not shy. She is living with small dogs and birds. She has a healed but poorly set old break in her hock. (Skip & Ann)

Greta's Vicki

DOB 12-23-04, Brindle Female Littermate to Greta's Oddjan

Figs Numera Northern Consortium

DOB: 8/5/04, Brindle, Female, approx 63#. If you look up the words "velcro dog" in your dogtionary, you will see a picture of Figs. She will happily lay at your feet and look adoringly at you or lay her front half in your lap while her back half is still standing on the floor. She is small dog, cat and kid tolerant. Figs walks well on a lead. She loves to play with her stuffies, flinging them in the air and running after them to do it again. Oh, and she loves ear and chin scritches, too. (Sue & Bob)

Greta's Oddjan  Northern Consortium

Female, brindle, 52 pounds, Dec. 04--initial assessment-petite, sweet and very people oriented. (kennel)

All Star Northern Consortium

Male, white with brindle, 56 pounds, July 05--All Star was a favorite of the owners 11 year old son. He played with this boy a lot, when it came time for All Star to race would run to the lead outs to play rather than run with the other Greyhounds.

Shineymoon Ghost Greyhound Rescue Foundation of TN

DOB 8-7-03, Red/Female, Approx 60#  She is very low key. Would be perfect for someone with an elderly or handicapped family member. She is very sweet and is a true velcro dog. She is living with two other greys, a small alpha terrier, and a cat. She is just coming out of her shell and playing with toys. She will walk down the hallway backwards so she doesn't have to take her eyes off you. She also has a "princess Leia" ear-do. She loves to eat. (Karen L)

Maigie Whistler Greyhound Rescue Foundation of TN

DOB 6/2/04, Brindle/F, approx 55#. Maddie is coming right along in her foster home. She follows her foster mom all around supervising the daily activities. She shares her foster home with two other greys. Maddie enjoys going for walks to the park and has learned that car rides are good thing. Maddie has met the resident cats, paying attention to them but shown no aggressive tendencies. (Phyllis & Norman)

Kb's Mi Fly Greyhound Rescue Foundation of TN

DOB 02-03-05, Fawn Female

HK's Sandman Greyhound Rescue Foundation of TN

DOB 09-12-04, White & Blue Brindle Male

Chasing Sassy Greyhound Rescue Foundation of TN

DOB 9-22-02, Blk/Female, Approx 60# Sassy is a sweet, gentle girl who greets you with the most precious smile! She has a petite frame and sports a gorgeous shiny, black coat, with white trim. Sassy is a bit shy, but is gradually coming out of her shell. This little lady is very well behaved and loves nothing more than taking a nap whether on a soft bed or perhaps in the sun. Sassy is kitty workable (she finds them interesting) and is living peacefully with 2 forever greys, a lab and another foster grey. (Stephanie & Sam)

Stylish N Smart Knoxville

Female, brindle, 54 pounds, Nov. 02--Smart initially assess as a happy outgoing, friendly girl. (kennel)

So Close 3/07

Male, Fawn, DOB 8-12-04, approx 70lbs. So Close (Milo) has a delightful zest for life and is eager to please. He loves to play, romp, and to give and get affection. He is cat workable and living with cats in his foster home. His foster mom says if there’s food around, he’s not even aware there are cats in the room <grin>. (Kathy P. Panama City area)
AMF Big Bertha 3/07

Female, DOB 8-18-03, Fawn, approx 68lbs. BeBe had a slight fracture to her hock, not a full break - the soft cast visible in the picture is off and she is enjoying a "walk, don't run" supervised exercise program with her foster family. She is on her way to a full recovery and off medical hold. BeBe tested cat tolerant and is just a real sweetie who is blossoming with the affection she gives and gets. BeBe has excellent house manners. (Kathy & Roy)

AMF Anna 3/07

Female, DOB 7-1-01, Black Approx 61lbs. Anna is a very outgoing confident girl and would be ideal for a working family’s schedule from her experience in her foster home. She is playful and energetic, and tends to play with other dogs with that energy and unbridled enthusiasm, so needs some play time supervision. She’s very good on a leash and a schmoozer at the M&Gs she’s attended. (Judy, Dothan area).

AMF Speedy Amy Greyhound Rescue Foundation of TN

DOB 10.3.04, Black / Female, approx 60 lbs. Amy is an energetic girl without being too busy. She is curious about her surrounding and likes to investigate. Amy is being fostered with 2 other Greys and a cat. She crates well while her foster Mom is at work and sleeps through the night on a dog bed. Amy will chase the cat outsides but isn't bothered by him rubbing around her legs while indoors. Amy recently discovered squeakie toys and has become quite the collector. (Jodi)

Cruiser A Greyhound Rescue Foundation of TN

DOB 7.13.02, Dark Brindle / Female, approx 58 lbs. Cookie is small and petite but getting along marvelously in her foster home. She is living with 5 other Greyhounds. She loves to run and play in the yard with them. Cookie is loveable and affectionate with her foster Mom. She's a quick learner and has adjusted well to life off the track. (Lori)

BI's Stealasteak Greyhound Rescue Foundation of TN

DOB 8-24-04, white & black/male, 66.8 pounds--Jake is the brother of Bi's Jumbo Jet (JJ), who was adopted last year, and like his brother, he is a wonderful family companion. Jake has a bit more playfulness to him, yet he is calm and very well mannered, though he does like to 'dance' when it's meal time! Jake is very good around children of all ages, and loves to greet everyone who comes through the door. He doesn't mind the little dogs and even the pesty one that licks his face. He has learned not to stick his nose in the rat's cages and the birds hold no interest to him. Jake is a wonderful, all around family companion and a sweetheart of a dog. Will cat test soon. (Tonya)

J Take the Wheel Greys Matter

Female, Black, 63 lbs, DOB 5-7-04. “Wheels” is a shiny jewel with a very sweet temperament who gives little kisses. She is fostering with other Greyhounds, a small poodle to keep them straight, and a Bassett hound to supervise them all. Her pre-lim cat test shows her to be cat tolerant. (Bettie & John, PC area)

Lill MaGill GPA/LA

Female, black, DOB June 14, 2004, 62lbs. Lil isn’t shy, but is inexperienced being with a lot of different people, so comes to folks quietly and then warms up nicely as she gets to know them. This took about 5 minutes in her foster home and then she was playing with her Greyhound buddy and her foster family <smile>. She displayed a bit too much interest in the cat so we recommend that she go to a home without felines. (David & Cassandra, PC area)

Josey Brown GPA/LA

Female, sable fawn, 50.5 pounds, May 04--sable fawn isn't a NGA color but Josey is a lovely fawn girl who looks like a black haze settled around her. (kennel)

Ftk Baylees Charm 3/07

DOB 10-29-02, Dk Bdl/Female, Approx 65# BayLee is simply elegant, sleek, classy and the most beautiful dark brindle girl, with a personality to match. She is sweet, loving, dignified lady, who is highly people oriented. She'll give you a nudge for some lovin' on and wants to 'hug' you. BayLee loves it when the neighborhood kids come by, they love all over her, her favorite thing. She really enjoys her crate, where she will happily take her beauty rest. BayLee is such an easy foster. She gets along with the other greys, small dogs, birds, rats, kids. Once you meet this lovely girl your heart will be stolen. (Tonya)

AMF Highdiver 2/07

Male, DOB: 6-19-04, Fawn, approx 72 lbs. High Diver is a gentle and affectionate boy. He has a little happy dance when he realizes he's going to go for a walk or his humans are going to spend time with him. (Kathy R)
AMF Snorkel 2/07

Female, black, DOB 6-19-04, Approx 63 lbs. Snorkel is a delight for anyone who likes a high personality girl. She interacts with you with play-bows, clicking her teeth, grinning, ‘talking’, and she loves to play. She also appreciates the quiet couch-times, gentle affection, and gets along beautifully with her Greyhound companions, even a pet pot-bellied pig, at her foster home. She has tested cat and small animal workable, and loves to ride. (Ed & Mary, Santa Rosa Beach)
AMF Speedy Girl 2/07

Female, DOB 10/3/04, red brindle, 58 lbs – Ginger, who is always quite the lady, got her new call name because she does everything so delicately and carefully. She is a very sweet shy girl with a twitchy nose. Everything is still very new to her but she is settling in nicely. She is hooked at the hip of the other greyhound in her foster home, and loves to go for morning sprints in the back yard. Small dog safe, will cat test. (Travis & Jenny)
TMC's Dorinda Grey's Matter

DOB: 2/18/02, Brindle, Female, Approx 55# Dorinda is a wonderfully quiet lady. She always has a happy look on her face and a tail wag to meet any and all folks. Dorinda crates beautifully and has had no housebreaking accidents. She is currently being fostered with other Greys and a small dog. Dorinda tested cat tolerant. (Karen & Kevin)

Darren to Begood Greyhound Rescue Foundation of Tenn

DOB: 4/29/01, Wht&Red, Male, approx 72#. Darren is new to our program. The red color on his head is all there is. He does have some light ticking over the rest of his body. We'll know more about him when he moves into foster care. (kennel)

AMF That Way Greyhound Rescue Foundation of Tenn

DOB 7.20.03, White & Brindle  Female, approx 58 lbs. Scooter wasn't the name that this young lady preferred. Once the name Shugar was passed by her ears, she perked right up and had the look on her face of "it's about time you figured out who I am". Shug has come out of her shell and become a wonderful girl. She loves playing with toys and when she settles for the night, likes to rest her head on her favorite toy. Shug is currently being fostered with another greyhound in a part time working family. (Liz & Bill)

AMF Real Charmer Greyhound Rescue Foundation of Tenn

DOB 9-23-04, Dk Brindle/Female, Approx 52#. Carmen may be small but she's big on personality. She loves nothing more than playing with toys, running with her other Grey friends and giving kisses. Carmen is small dog tolerant, crates beautifully & no housebreaking problems. (Cathy & Chris)

AMF Speedy Fly Greyhound Rescue Foundation of Tenn

Female, Red brindle, DOB 10/3/04, 66 lbs. Part of the ''Speedy'' named litter; she has speedily adjusted to her foster life and is once again a winner. She has excellent manners, gets along with her 3 Greyhound buddies and the 6 cats beautifully, loves people and is friendly and outgoing. (Bill and Donna, PC Area)
Oshkosh Java Greyhound Rescue Foundation of Tenn

DOB: 11/20/03, Wht & Red, Female, Approx 68#. Java is a big girl but sometimes good things come in big packages. She has very good house manners with no accidents in the house. She is living peaceably with two cats, a small terrier mix, and three other Greys. She would just love to snuggle with her human on the couch or in the bed so if you need a snuggle buddy, she's your girl. Java is a well behaved and happy face kisser. (Max and Marsha)

Bakingoven Grey's Matter

DOB 8-4-02, white with black/male, 63 pounds--New in our program. Initially assessed as friendly, confident, and outgoing. (kennel)

Pinkster Grey's Matter

DOB: 11/11/04, Female, Brindle. Approx 55 #. Pink is the third sister of the litter that GPAEC has had. She is sister to Run Princess and Runt that were both adopted, now its Pink's turn. Yes, that is a bona fide "sit". She doesn't know what it is that she does, but she does it well. Pink is one happy girl, crates beautifully, small dog tolerant and likely cat tolerant. Pink is currently being fostered with other Greys, birds and a small dog. (Cathy & Chris)

Kb's Goodyear Grey's Matter

DOB 10-6-02, white & red/female, 57 pounds--New in our program. Initial assessment curious, affectionate and very happy. (Kennel)

Matt's Tiger Grey's Matter

DOB 3-6-04, fawn/male, 58.7 pounds--New in our program. Initial assessment as affectionate and somewhat reserved. (kennel)

AMF Gifted Greyhound Rescue Foundation of Tenn

Male, 2 yrs old, brindle, 66 lbs.- Biff is a small, somewhat shy boy. He does a 'sit' when playing with stuffies and his ears will stand up when excited. Intial cat/small test passed. We will learn more about him once he settles into foster care.

AMF Airway Greyhound Rescue Foundation of Tenn

Female, 3.5 years old, dark brindle, approx 58 lbs. Ariel is a sweet, laid back little gal. She's a bit shy at first, but warms up quickly and definitely likes to be around her people. She's learning the ropes of retirement from her greyhound buddies, who she gets along with nicely. She is cat and small dog tolerant (Melissa & Jake)

Ef Fast Slammer Grey's Matter

DOB 8.12.04, White & Black / Female, approx 60 lbs. Slammer has moved into her foster home as though she had always been a pet. She is fostered with birds and small dogs; after initial investigation she has ignored them all in favor of finding the toy box and the very softest dog beds (Ann and Skip)

Xbarksthespot Greyhound Rescue Foundation of Tenn

DOB: 11.29.03, White/Male, approx 70#. Spot is a beautiful boy with a few red spots on his ears. He is currently being fostered with a small dog, a couple of cats and another Grey. (Sue & Bob)

Dogman Dave 2/07

Male, Fawn, DOB 4/30/04, 74lbs. The white dot on his forehead and his friendly alertness make him one good-looking boy! He is very outgoing, loves to romp and play, and is curious about everything he sees that is new to him. Dave had only a passing interest in the cat and is cat workable. (Bill and Donna, PC Area)

AMF Way Way  Grey's Matter

Female, White, DOB 7/20/03, 68lbs. ‘Way Way’ is cat workable, quiet, and well mannered. She has met the public well at her Meet & Greet appearance, is a bit shy if there’s sudden movement, loves toys and ‘collects’. She occasionally gives gentle little kisses, gets along well with her 3 Greyhound companions, and loves her walks. (Sandy & Charlie, PC area)

AMF Wasp 2/07

DOB 10.16.04, White & Red Brindle / Male, approx 68 lbs. Kramer got his new call name because of the way he scurries through doorways, with his legs going every which way as he rushes to make the transition. He is small for a male, but absolutely beautiful. Though he has had a couple of accidents, he is housebroken and otherwise very well mannered. He's a bit shy with people, but once he gets brave enough to come close, he really enjoys ear scritches. He's a good eater and prefers to eat in the kitchen with the other dogs rather than in his crate. He crates well but only gets crated when I am not home. He has shown no food aggression or aggression toward any of the other Greyhounds and small dogs in the house. He's a perfect gentleman in every way.

WWW Sandy Warp  Grey's Matter

DOB 1.24.04, Dark Brindle / Male , approx 78 lbs. Sandy doesn't stand still long enough for a really good picture but he sure likes having his neck scratched. He's been busy learning about the big world and doing very well. We'll know more about Sandy when he moved into foster care (kennel)

A Major Leaguer Grey's Matter

DOB 2.13.03, LT Brindle / Male, approx 72 lbs. Major has already found that he likes to play with a tennis ball. (kennel)

Bohemian Vera Grey's Matter

Brindle female 56lbs 4 yrs old Vera is a dream. She is a lovely brindle, with a white bib and toes, plus she has the softest coat. She has the maturity, yet still retains some playfulness. She is a true family dog and loves everyone. Vera is sweet, loving, smart, she crates well, and is a bit of a Martha Stewart with the crates. She gets along very well with small dogs, ignores the birds, and the rats. Vera is being fostered with other greys, small dogs, teenagers and a 7 yr old. (Tonya)

AMF Delta Grey's Matter

Female, DOB: 5-28-04, Fawn, approx 65lbs, Delta is a gentle and quietly affectionate girl. She is currently being fostered with multiple cats. (Kathy P)
Just Listen  Grey's Matter

Male, DOB: 5-4-04, Black, approx 70lbs. Sonnyboy is an absolute doll. He is a lovely shiney black and getting shinier. Sonnyboy is learning that toys can be fun and if you scratch his rump he'll do a little dance while you're just feels so good! He's being fostered with small dogs, other greys, birds, rats, teenagers, a 7 year old and gets along well with them all (Tonya)

Hh Racey Ruby Grey's Matter

Female, DOB 3-9-03, White/Black, Approx 56 lbs. Ruby, is as friendly as she is beautiful. A very loving girl, Ruby likes chasing a ball, going for walks, collecting all sorts of household items, enjoying an occasional snack and most of all, getting as much loving attention as possible! She lives happily with 2 greys, a lab plus two cats, and would probably be happiest in a household with other dogs. (Stephanie and Sam)

AMF Clasp 1/07

Male, White with brindle spots, DOB 10-16-2004, 68 lbs. Clasp is a gentle guy on the smaller side for a male. He is quickly affectionate when he gets a chance to know you, very well mannered, pre-lim OK with small animals/cats, and is enjoying his foster life with 2 other Greyhounds to show him the ropes. (Helen & Bill, Destin area)

Sky Buccaneer Knoxville

Almost all white female with one eye patch. She was born Dec 27, 2004 and raced-three times- at 56 lbs. She is a sweetie

AMF Mensa (Masen) Knoxville

DOB 10.9.04, Blue Brindle / Male, approx 72 lbs. Masen appears to be a very even keeled boy. (kennel)

What's the Point  Knoxville

Point is a big old softie. He raced at 80 lbs. He is a red fawn male, born on Oct 8, 2003. Point has been in foster care since the 21st of December. He is a gentle, somewhat shy boy who is discovering little things about retirement and this big  world every day that are really good such as stuffies, daily walks, lots and lots of food, and a soft bed. He is living with two cats, a small terrier and three other Greyhounds. He truly is a big old softie, just add plenty of TLC. (Max and Marsha)

AMF Alert  Knoxville

She’s a happy, red brindle girlie, born October 9, 2004, 63 lbs, who’s tested small animal tolerant. Her foster playmate now is a well behaved, full sized Poodle and they romp beautifully together. Her family says she has excellent house and crate manners (collecting a few ornaments off the Christmas tree doesn’t count <grin>), likes to ride, and she loves both grown ups and kids. (Amy & Bill Lee)

Snazzy Black (Rachel) Knoxville

Female, 2 years old, Black, Approx 52 lbs. Sister to Violet Sun and Snazzy Ivan. She has been in foster care since December 13th and is learning all about life off the farm and in a home. She is cat tolerant, a little afraid of those furry things with claws, small dog tolerant and has good house manners. This little girl is about 52 pounds, shiny black with cute little ears that often stand up straight. She is a real sweetie. Max and Marsha

AMF Speedy Dog Knoxville

Speedy is a jet black guy with a snippet of white on his nose and a tuxedo front. He was born on Oct 3, 2004 and raced at 69 lbs, making him a smaller guy. His preliminary cat test was very good. He is outgoing and likes to give kisses (Castells)

AMF Bad Karma  Knoxville

Female, black, 2.5 years, 56 pounds--Karma is a real cutie! She lives with both large and small dogs and does well with both. She loves toys but is still trying to figure out how to keep her ball from rolling under the furniture. She has very good house manners (Skip and Ann)

BBF Cut Loose (Lucy)  Knoxville

Lucy is a pretty all white girl with the one black spot on her face... It highlights the usual twinkle in her eye - she isn't a rascal, but will steal Linus' blanket every chance she gets and loves to play and get affection. She is 2 years old and a sleek 66 lbs. She is living with 6 cats and 3 other Greys in her foster home…  (Bill & Donna, PC Area)
AMF Northwest Knoxville

Light fawn female, 63 lbs, DOB 5/28/04, living with 6 cats & 3 other Greys in her foster home.  A sweet, mellow girl, also an endearingly persistent seeker of affection, quietly putting her paw in your lap until the scritching starts.  (Bill & Donna, PC area)

Cajun Madison (Madison) 1/07

DOB 4.14.03, Red/Female approx 54#. Madison is a happy, friendly little girl who is living with her foster mom and 5 other greyhounds. She has met a cat and a couple of small dogs too. She appears to be cat and small animal tolerant. She is learning about life in a home and loves to admire herself in the floor length mirror in her foster home.. (Lori)

Wms Tiffany (Tiffany) 1/07

DOB 11.10.2000, Black/Female, approx 65#. Tiffany returns to GPAEC through no fault of her own. She was living as a single dog with a toddler. Tiffany is cat tolerant and small dog tolerant. Impeccable house manners. (Cathy & Chris)

WWW Huey Duck 1/07

Duncan (78lbs) is a red brindle that is a bit on the shy side, but ready to trust a caring and patient owner. He has been tested cat tolerant and currently lives with a small dog and another Greyhound. Born 06Oct04. He is learning to play with toys and is great on the leash during his walks. (Mike & Bonnie)

Run Princess 1/07

Female 2 years old, Light Fawn Brindle, approx 55 lbs. cat tolerant (Phyllis and Norman)

Gobiefast (Shayla) 1/07

Female, 4.5 years old, Red w/black tips, Approx 60 lbs  Shayla may have just come off the track but you'd think she has lived in a home forever. Shayla has perfect house manners, is discovering that stuffies are fun and if she noses your hand enough, the treat you are offering will fall in her mouth. Shayla is also a huge grinner. She is living with two senior Greys, has given kisses through the fence to the neighbors dachshund and is friendly with everyone she meets. (Pat)

Y Knot Sweet Tex (Sweetie) 1/07

Female, 5 years old, White w/Brindle Ticking, 58 lbs, Sweetie is fun loving, playful, loves to go out for walks or would love to jog, does great with other greys and humans, but would be too much for small dogs, animals, or cats.  She is a smart girl and learned to sit for treats in just two tries. If you are looking for a grey that doesn't spend all day on the couch this bright and well mannered girl would make a nice engaging companion. (Alex & Karen)

AMF Big Star 12/06

Littermate to Big Mama, light fawn female, raced at 64 lbs DOB 10/18/03-ok w/ cats

AMF Real Charmer 12/06

She lives up to her name and Charmer is a cute dark brindle gal. She raced at 58 lbs and turned 2 years old in Sept. She is cat friendly.

Jk Cape Glove 12/06

Female 5.5 years old, Fawn, Approx 65 lbs. Katie comes back to GPAEC due to a change in family circumstances. She has wonderful house manners. Katie would do best in a house without cats. (Lori)

Goodtime To Shine Going to GPA/Nashville

Goody is a black male, he raced at 76 lbs. He is Point's brother, but Goody is something of a clown. He was born Oct 8, 2003 (EBRO)

Cold Mountain (Cole) GPA/Louisville

Male, 78 lbs, white/brindle, almost 3 yrs. Cole is a sweetheart of a dog, calm, very loving, with the biggest, brownest, 'love me' eyes and uses them to perfection. Cole absolutely adores my 7 yr old and will follow her everywhere. He also enjoys meal times and will encourage you to the dish a little faster. He loves to lay his head in your lap for a bit of lovin'. Cole is being fostered with other greys, small dogs, birds, rats, teenagers, and his favorite 7 yr old. He was introduced to a cat and could've cared less but will reintroduce again. (Tonya)

Miss Italy (Lady) 12/06

Female 6.5 years old, White/Red, Approx 60 lbs. Lady is living with a small dog and two cats. (Sue & Bill)

Just Call Me T (Tipper) Going to the Northern Consortium

Male, 4 years old, Blue, Approx 77 lbs. Tipper is a sweet, well mannered boy. He loves to be loved on but isn't a pest about it. He'll come lay his head in your lap, looking at you lovingly, wanting his neck scratched and a kiss or two. Tipper enjoys greeting visitors, car rides, walks, and the occasional treat. Tipper gets along very well with little dogs, a female greyhound, but wants to be top dog with other males. He is being fostered with teenagers and a 7 yr old little girl. (Tonya)

Jb's Reel Time (Sabrina) Going to the Northern Consortium

Female, black, approx 53 lbs, under 2 yrs old. Sabrina is elegant and refine, like Audrey Hepburn. This young girl is a joy to foster. She has excellent house manners, sweet, loving, with a touch of playfulness. She never meets a stranger whether two or four legged. Sabrina well occasionally grace you with a smile, but more than that she will warm your heart and home with her presence. She is being fostered with very noisy teenagers, a 7 yr old, noisy neighborhood kids, pesky small dogs, rats, and birds. Sabrina is absolutely a wonderful, young girl. Tested preliminary cat tolerant (Tonya)

AMF Rake Going to GPA Louisville

Rake is a petite 58lb, 2 yr. old beauty with dark red brindle spots on her snow white coat. She showed no interest in the kitty or small dog on her initial testing. She is a gentle, pleasant girl who warmly responds to affection, giving some sweet nuzzles and a ladylike kiss or two. (Ebro Pet kennel)

Reward Dats Dodge going to GPA/SAL

Dodge is an 80+ lbs, happy, and affectionate guy that loves to lean on your leg while getting a scritch.  He is as handsome as well as he is friendly, and is a truly striking guy to meet. (Ebro pet kennel)

AMF This way Going to the Northern Consortium

‘This Way’ is a 64 lb beauty who has done OK with her first meeting with ‘Mama Cat’. She is a very outgoing confident girl, loves to ride, and hasn’t met anybody she didn’t take to immediately. She could be easily confused with her twin sister, ‘That Way’, but she is so sweet, she doesn’t hold the slightest grudge against the people who named her. (Ebro pet kennel)
JJ's Cute Bounty (Bonnie) Going to tri-state

Brindle/white, 2yr old female, approx 55#. Bonnie is learning the house rules, walks nicely on a leash. She loves attention and likes to be close to her humans, adjusts well to new situations, is outgoing, very playful. Loves to toss the stuffed toys and take them for a walk in the yard. Loves to run in the back yard. Meets people easily, lives with a small dog and 2 cats. Keeps her distance from the cats. (Bob and Sue)

Wolfrate (Wolfie) Going to GPA/Tri-State

Wolfie is a 6 year old happy boy who often thinks he’s a puppy. He has a naturally white face to go with his Tuxedo black coat and is striking to see. He is fine with cats, small animals, and plays with other greyhounds. He’s an enthusiastic greeter, and loves his treats. (Sue Harger)
Jb's Statesman (Stewart) Going to the Northern Consortium

Male - 2 years old, White/Red, approx 65 lbs. Stewart's red changes to a beautiful mahogany toward is midback and on his face. Stewart is a calm, handsome gentleman. He is living with kitties, a small dog, and other Greyhounds. He was returned to our program through no fault of his own and would be a very good companion for a family with older kids. (Max and Marsha)

AMF EverClear Going to Greyhound Rescue Foundation of Tennessee

This girl is listed as a brindle, but she has very few brindle stripes on her body, a few on her face. She turned 2 years old on October 9th and raced at 60 lbs. She thinks she is still a puppy and she is a happy, delightful girl. (EBRO Pet Kennel)

Wm's Rhapsody (Rhapsody) going to GPA/SAL

Female 2 years old, Blue Brindle, Approx 55 lbs (kennel)

Johndoe Going to GPA Tri-State

Male 6 months, Dark Brindle, 50 lbs, SPECIAL NEEDS, Johndoe comes to us right from the farm, he was never given an official racing name. He has a congenital defect in his wrist that didn't make it possible for him to be a racer. He is doing some growing and rehabbing right now. He is quickly learning how to be a pet. (Cathy & Chris)

Jg's Bear (Bear) Going to GPA Tri-State

Male 2 years old, White/Black, Approx 78 lbs. Bear is a very polite and mellow guy. He is curious about everything, and quickly learned what “no” means. This sweetheart enjoys people very much and has excellent house manners. He gets along with the resident greys and tested out cat and small tolerant. (Melissa and Jake)

Stoli Vanil (Stoli) Going to the Northern Consortium

Male 3.5 years old, White w/red ticking, approx 68 lbs (Mike & Bonnie)

Barrel Roll (Piper) going to GRFT

Male 4 years old, Whitet/BlueBrindle, Approx 78 lbs (Bill & Liz)

CD's Sammy Ann Going to GRFT

Sammy is a white and red girl who has been fostered with cats and other greyhounds. She was born Feb 2, 2003. She raced at 58 lbs. She is outgoing and friendly. (Tuller) Panama City area

Klondike Kooler Going to GPA/Tri-state

Kooler is a brindle girl, born August 2000. She is currently fostered with multiple cats and other greyhounds. She has the laid back attitude of a well adjusted couch potato. She raced at 63 lbs. (Broecker) Panama City area

Jr's Too Quick Going to the Northern Consortium

Quick is a white and brindle male. He was born Sept. 3, 2003 and raced at 64 lbs- not a big guy. He is a real sweetie and is currently fostered with small dogs and children (Kim & Mike) Dothan/Enterprise Area

AMF Fantabulous Going to the Northern Consortium

Fanta is a young brindle girlie. She is a littermate to AMF Everclear, but she has quite a bit more brindling stripes. She was tested as cat tolerant. She is very cautious with new people and situations, but she is learning about home life and all the wonderful things there are to discover with her fosters (Bill & Amy) in the Niceville area. She was born Oct 4, 2004 and had no official starts so she never had a set race weight. She is approx. 62 lbs.

Zerilo (Zerilo) Going to Northern Consortium

Female, 2.5 years old, Brindle, Approx 52 lbs. Zerilo is a very outgoing and energetic little girl. So far, she's not met a human that wasn't her instant friend. Little Z has tested cat tolerant as well as living with a small dog. She crates beautifully. Zerilo is rambunctious when playing with her toys, tossing them in the air and pouncing on them. (Cathy & Chris)

LNW Whytell Alex (Alex) Going to Nashville

Female, 2.5 years old, White/Black ticked, approx 57 lbs. Alex is coming right along in foster care. She has discovered toys, soft beds and running in the yard with her other Grey friends. Alex is a confident girl without being overbearing. She also lives comfortably with a terrier. (Cathy & Chris)

Mc Razzle Dazzle (Dazzle) Going to Northern Consortium

Female, 4 years old, White/Red, Approx 54 lbs Dazzle lives in her foster home with two other Greys and a cat…(Jodi)

Belly Rub Smile Going to Northern Consortium

Female, black, 2.5 years, 54 pounds--With a name like this you can probably guess what her favorite thing in the world is--she loves those tummy scratches! She also likes dog cookies, ear scritches, and pretty much any attention a human cares to share. Smiles is slightly shy in new situations but that doesn't last long! She is living with small and large dogs. (Ginger and Rick)

Lp's Anna Clair (Anna Clair) Going to GPA/Nashville

Female, 3 years old, Red, approx 61 lbs.  Brandy, as she was called in her professional life, is a real velcro dog. She loves women but is a little shy around men. She is living with and getting along very well with 2 cats, a small terrier and two other Greyhounds. She is learning that people can't go as fast as she can when she takes them out for a walk and that there will be another walk soon. She doesn't mind the crate and has excellent house manners. A real sweet little girl. (Max and Marsha)

Kiowa Kay Keith (Keith) Going to GPA/Nashville

Male, 5 years old, Black, Approx 68 lbs. Keith is doing well in foster care. He's turned into a real lover boy that enjoys snuggling with his caregiver. He crates well and is in a working home. Keith is living with another Grey. He has met some kitties and small dogs and gets along well with both. (Max and Marsha)

TMC's Razoo (Razoo) Going to the Northern Consortium

Male, 3.5 years old, White/DarkBrindle, Approx 64 lbs, Razo is a big, sweet, goofy boy. But, he has a sensitive side also. He smiles and will make you smile with his silly antics. He'd love a home with a little action...maybe a teenager or two to play with him but not too much time alone. He loves people and other animals. He is currently living with my 5 other dogs (ranging from 9lbs. to 50lbs.) and 3 cats. He quickly learned how to use the dog door by watching the others. With a little training he'd probably enjoy being a therapy dog or maybe even giving his paw a try at obedience or rally if you are so inclined. Razo is going to make a wonderful addition to someone looking for a loving addition to their family.(Karen)

Cabry Clawson (Carson) Going to GPA/Nashville

Male - 2.75 years old, brindle, approx 61 lbs. Carson comes to us the day after breaking a hock in his race. He is sporting the typical splint for a hock break. He will be healing up over the next 6-8 weeks. He has a little trouble on tile floors but gets along just fine as a three legged boy on other surfaces. He's met several other greys and our small dog. No problems at all. (Cathy & Chris)

Chachi (special needs) Going to GPA Tri-State

Male, 1 year old, Red, approx 60lbs. Chachi comes to GPAEC right from the farm. He may have sustained an injury as a very young puppy that caused him to have some arthritic changes in one hip. He is under vet care and doing excellent. Contact us for more info. (Cathy & Chris)

AMF Bubble Gum Going to the Northern Consortium

What a sweetie! Bubble Gum has never met a stranger and is one happy girl. She raced at 64 lbs and was born on 10/12/03. She is cat tolerant.

Peach Picken Going to GPA/Tri-State

''Peaches'' is a red brindle, very energetic girl. She raced at 60 lbs and was born on 4/26/04. She is cat workable.

Buffy's Man Going to GPA/Tri-state

Mr. Buff is a very mellow guy who is calm and confident. He is a sort of caramel colored brindle and has a stately appearance. He raced at a very light 71 lbs and was born on 12/23/02. He has the manners of a seasoned racer. He met the cat and wasn't interested. He has not been an active racer for several months.

AMF Kite Going to the Northern Consortium

White and Brindle boy. raced at 77 lbs. DOB 5/20/04,cat tolerant

Have a Sunny Day Going to GPA/Tri-state

Sunny is a bright red boy who raced at 70 lbs. He is the brother to Sparkle, below. They were born on April 2,2004. He is cat tolerant.

Give U Sparkle Going to GPA/Tri-state

Sparkle is a fire red cutie! She raced at 53 lbs and she and her brother Sunny look like a matched set. She is cat tolerant.

AMF Lake Going to GPA/Tennessee

Female white & brindle, raced at 57 lbs DOB 10/16/04 cat/small animal

Snazzy Moon Going to Greyhound Rescue Foundation of Tenn

Male 2 years old, Brindle, approx 65 lbs. Half brother to Violet, Ivan and Black Betty). Waiting at the farm for placement in our program.

Eye On The Sky Going to the Northern Consortium

Sky is a very outgoing girl. She was born 12/15/04 and raced at 64 lbs. She is solid white on her left side,so her picture shows the only color,all on the right side. She is a hand nudger and face washer.

AMF Big Mama Going to GPA/Tri-State

Fawn female, raced at 67 lbs DOB 8/18/03,cat friendly

Snazzy Ivan Going to GPA/Louisville

Male, black brindle, two years--a beautiful young gentleman waiting at his breeder's farm for placement into our adoption program. prelim cat and small tolerant.

Violet Sun Going to Greyhound Rescue Foundation of Tenn

Female, black, two years--sister to Ivan she is also waiting at the farm for placement into our program.

Monster Man Going to GPA/Nashville

He's not really a monster but he does adore children. The trainer's grandchild would get in the crate with him routinely. Monster raced at 77 lbs. He is a red fawn, mellow kinda guy who is very child friendly. He was born on May 3, 2004. (EBRO)

AMF Rasp going to GPA/SAL

Rasp is almost all white, with one brindle patch. He is approx 68lbs. He never had an official start and he is a very young boy- born Oct 16, 2004. He has the general traits of very young dog-he is enthusiastic about most everything, he just isn't sure what everything is all about yet. (EBRO)

A Good Kunkel Going to GPA/Tennessee

Black male, he raced at 74 lbs. He was born on May 7, 2004. (EBRO)

AMF Quake going to GPA/SAL

Quake is a white and red brindle spotted girl. She is the sister of Rasp and like her brother, she has had no official starts so she had no racing set weight. She is approx. the same size and I'd guess is she is about 67 lbs. She was born Oct 16, 2004- still very young and although curious and friendly, she is still learning and has loads of energy. (EBRO)

Hallo Coronado Going to GRFT

Male - 2.75 years old, White/brindle, approx 66 lbs. This beautiful boy was doing what he does best, racing at Grade A until he took a spill on 7/13. We got the call less than 2 hours later asking if we could help. Nado came over to Pensacola and the next morning had surgery to repair a couple broken bones in his foot. As you can see there isn't the typical splint and wrapping. That's because Nado sports 3 screws and a stretch of wire holding his bones together. Pretty impressive huh? Nado will be on the mend for several more weeks and when medically cleared he will make his debut a M&G. (Kennel)

Tommy Two Sticks Going to Northern Consortium

Tommy is a very elegant boy, tall and dignified. His racing career ended with a toe amputation several months ago. Although listed as red brindle, he is closer to a fawn brindle. He raced at 76 lbs. Tommy is very outgoing and a happy boy. He was born May 7, 2004. (EBRO)

Greene Turtle Going to Nashville

Male, Sometimes you just have to wonder about and this boy's name is one of them! Turtle is a fawn boy, calm and outgoing. He raced at 70 lbs and was born March 5, 2002. (EBRO)

AMF MiniBus 11/06

This handsome black male is a quiet softie. He was born July 5, 2004 and raced at 74 lbs. He is fostered with smaller dogs and is getting along well. He also has some greyhound friends to play with. (Grinstead) Panama City Area

Dorsett adopted 11/06

Dorsett is a blue fawn female. She raced at 61 lbs, that was in June 05. Since then, she had one litter and her racing owners decided to cut back on breeding and let her go. She is a very young brood, she was 4 years old in August. She is fostered with a small mix breed and another greyhound. She is outgoing and very affectionate. (Marge)

AMF Bullrider adopted 11/06

Male, This is a big boy- 83 lbs and he is a sweetie. His initial cat test was very good and we judge him cat tolerant. He was born 4/1/04. Tuxedo black with one white sock on his left leg. fostered by Roger and Jan/adoption pending.

Sound of Silence adopted 11/06

She is a gorgeous, petite 57 lb girl who is a heart stealer big time. She is both quiet and affectionate, and just loves people and attention. (Ebro pet kennel) She is waiting for her foster home.
AMF Snorkel adopted 11/06

Her name may need some explanation- she is from a ''watersports'' theme named litter, she is a black female, raced at 66 lbs and is outgoing and very attention-seeking. Her cat test was good and she tested out cat tolerant. She is ready to try her racing skills by zipping a bit in someone's backyard, then taking a nap inside. (EBRO pet kennel)

Tempo Elite (Ellis) adopted 10/06

Male - 9 years old, White/Fawn, approx 70 lbs. Someone forgot to tell Ellis he is 9 years old, this is definitely not your dignified, older gentleman. He bounced back due to a divorce in his family and has been with GPAEC for several months. Ellis is a 70 lb., white with fawn patches boy who totally loves life; he runs laps in the back yard and can turn on a dime, he loves stuffies-especially those screaming monkeys and will come running when he hears the word cookies! He does a perfect sit and will bark to let you know he needs to go outside. His most noticeable feature are his ears, either they lay straight back or seem to rotate until they stand straight up. He would be perfect for a family with children as he is active and loves to play. (Pat)

Vic's Flo Jo (April) adopted 10/06

Female, fawn, 9 years, 54 pounds--Why would you want to adopt a senior like April rather than one of our frisky young 'uns? Ask anyone who has lived with a senior grey and they will tell you about the gentleness, the easy companionship, and the almost uncanny ability of a senior grey to sense your mood. In April's case you can also add that she is very, very loving and would like nothing better than to spend the evening curled into a small ball on your sofa with her head in your lap. She gets along well with small and large dogs of various breeds. She has tested cat tolerant. She has lived with young children. (Skip & Ann)

Some Kinda Friends (Sonny) adopted 10/06

Male, fawn, 4 years old, 62.7 pounds. Sonny is a very polite and mellow guy. He is attentive, curious, and enjoys people very much. He has excellent house manners, he gets along well with the resident grey, and he crates well when we're away. He has tested small dog tolerant. (Melissa and Jake)

La's Barefootin adopted 10/06

Female - 3 year old, Red Approx 52 pounds, "Brooke" as her foster family calls her, is a petite 3 year old red fawn girl. Brooke was very shy when she first came off the track, but her foster family has worked with her and she is making greyt progress. Brooke has a greyt personality and she even "smiles". She loves to cuddle with her foster mom. She is cat friendly and small animal friendly. She gets along greyt with her foster family's 5 greyhounds, but she prefers to be close to her "humans". She would make a greyt companion and is ready to find her forever home. (Lori & Alan)

Ozsum Aftershock adopted 10/06

This almost all white boy is currently in foster care. He is doing well with other dogs and is very outgoing and friendly. He raced at 71 lbs and was born Sept. 2, 2003

Miss Flash (Miss Flash) Knoxville bound!

Female, 2 years old, Blue/Brindle, Approx 58 lbs (Jay)

Moon Mt Giles (Miles) Knoxville bound!

Male, 2.5 years old, White/Brindle, Approx 65 lbs (Tonya)

Ss Jade (Jade) Knoxville bound!

Female, 2 years old, White/Red, approx 52 lbs (kennel)

Ef She the Queen (Queenie) Knoxville bound!

Female, 2 years old, White/Brindle, Approx 60 lbs

Blank Slate Knoxville bound!

Male white, 2 1/2 yrs old, cat tolerant (Ebro Kennel)

Pat C Outlying (Layla) Knoxville bound!

Female, 3.5 years old, White/Brindle, Approx 53 lbs (kennel)

Go Brightside (Shiney) Knoxville bound!

Female 8 years old, Black, Approx 68 lbs. Shiney is a retired brood Momma. She had her litter of puppies while Hurricane Ivan was blowing through. That litter is now running strong at Lincoln Park. (Alex & Karen)

Leaping Lady (Konie) Knoxville bound!

Female, brindle, 22 months, 53 pounds--Leaping Lady is living with small and large dogs of various breeds. She met and ignored an outside kitty. She is an intelligent girl who likes to figure things out rather plunging into something new with both feet. (Ann & Skip)

Big Hazel (Hazel) Knoxville bound!

Female, 4 years old, Brindle, Approx 48 lbs (kennel)

M's Tanner (Tawni) adopted 10/06

Female, 2 year old, Red Fawn, Approx 55 lbs. (kennel)

Hk's Connie (Connie) Knoxville bound!

Female - 1.75 year old, White, approx 60 lbs. Connie isn't really all white, she does have some faint lt fawn ticking. Ya really gotta look for it though. This beautiful girl loves to collect all the doggie blankets and put then in a pile for herself. She is living with several other greys and a small dog. (Cathy & Chris)

  RF The Rat "Micky" adopted 10/06

Male, White and brindle boy, calm mellow. Micky was born Aug 2004. He raced at 73 lbs. He is the brother to EF She The Queen. This laid-back guy is vetted and waiting at the Ebro kennel (Ebro Kennel)

De Amanda adopted 10/06

Female, mostly white female DOB 3/7/02, raced at 56 lbs. VERY outgoing and friendly. Vetted (Ebro Kennel)

McP's Opheta adopted 9/06

Female - 1.75 years old, white with brindle patches, approx 57 lbs. Ophelia is a young lady but has very nice leash manners. She saw small furry dogs during her prelim vet appt and ignored them. She also heard a small kitty but couldn't be bothered to even investigate. (Michelle)

Orla (Lora) adopted 9/06

Female 2 years old, Red, Approx 58 lbs (kennel)

Mac's Enkil adopted 9/06

Male, brindle, 2.5 years--Ernie Enkil is a very polite boy even though his racing life ended only a short time ago. Ernie has already figured out what a soft bed is and that little dogs aren't really that strange looking. Ernie has had no housebreaking accidents and is very gentlemanly when waiting for his meals to be served. prelim cat tolerant (Cathy & Chris)

WW Valentino adopted 9/06

Male - 4.5 years old, black, approx 82 lbs. Valentino is just a big sweet baby. He is very playful and will chase the tennis ball as many times as you throw it…he even brings it back most of the time! Val lost his tail in an injury a long time ago, but he doesn't even miss it. He’s learning to sit for treats, he gets along well with the resident grey, and he hasn’t had any housebreaking accidents. He enjoys people very much, but crates well when we’re away. Val has yet to be tested with the kitties. (Melissa & Jake)

Ozum Aftershock adopted 9/06

Male, mostly white, currently fostered with multiple greyhounds and smaller mix breeds. He raced at 71 lbs and was 3 years old on 9/3.(Foster, Ebro)

Sek Taffy adopted 9/06

Female - 7.5 years old, dark brindle, Taffy comes back to GPAEC through no fault of her own, after several years in a home. She shared her home with another Grey and a young child. She is being fostered with other greys and a couple of cats. More to follow. (Marsha & Max)

Lord Devlin (Devlin) Northern Consortium

Male - 2.5 years old, Dark Blue, approx 70 lbs. (kennel)

Keystone Bearcat (Miss Kitty) Northern Consortium

Female - 2 years old Dark Brindle, approx 48lbs. Miss Kitty is one tiny girl. She is living comfortably with other Greys (much bigger than she is) and a small dog. Kitty crates beautifully and learning to play with toys. (Cathy & Chris)

Mr Mojo (Mojo) Northern Consortium

Male - 4 years old, Red, approx 82 lbs. male, This big, beautiful, red fellow is a true gentleman. Mojo is so patient, sweet, quite, very tolerant and accepting of everything around him. He really enjoys retirement. Mojo is such a easy goin' dog to have around. He enjoys his evening walks, greeting the neighbors along the way. He is being fostered with teenagers, a 7 yr old, other greys, small dogs, rats and birds. Mr. Mojo would make any family proud they have him to love. (Tonya)

Nimby Misty (Misty) Northern Consortium

Female - 2.5 years old, White/Brindle approx 50 lbs. (Marsha & Max)

Penrose Truetale (Trudy) Northern Consortium

Female - 1.75 years old, White/Red, approx 55 lbs. Trudy is a very calm, somewhat shy girl but if you talk to her just right she will come to you with a big ole grin. She is living very well with two cats, a small terrier and three other Greyhounds. Really a sweet little girl. (Marsha & Max)

Runt (Buffy) Northern Consortium

Female - 1.75 years old, Brindle approx 48 pounds. Buffy needed a name, she couldn't go through life as Runt. (kennel)

Irunforyou (Irene) Northern Consortium

Female - 2 years old, red, approx 54 lbs. Irene is a beautiful little girl that needs about 5 minutes to warm up to new things. She quickly learned to play with us when we were trying to get her picture. Still a bit of puppy in this little lady but not a wild Indian. (Stephanie & Sam)

Breezin Mattie Northern Consortium

Female - 3.5 years old, white/black, approx 56 lbs. Mattie is litter sister to Babe. They are glad to be with us. Like Babe, Mattie is well behaved and confident. Mattie was interested in the small fluffy dogs but we'll reevaluate once she's settled in. (Lynn & David)

Tempo Athena (Tina) Northern Consortium

Female - 2.5 years old, White with red patches , approx 57 lbs. Tina is an elegant lady for being so young. She is living with several other greys and a small dog. She's not shy or overly assertive. (Cathy & Chris)

Kb's Shatner (Sherman) Northern Consortium

Male - 1.75 year old, black/white, approx 72 lbs. Sherman tried on several names before Sherm stuck. He's not bold enough to be called Captain or Kirk but gentle enough to be Sherman. Remember Mr Peabody's boy, Sherman? Sherman lives with multiple other greys and a small dog. (Bob & Sue)

Brown Eyed Babe Northern Consortium

Female - 3.5 years old, white with fawn patches, approx 56 lbs. Babe lives up to her name, she is a babe. She has wonderful leash manners and enjoys looking around without being too rambunctious to investigate. She's getting the hang of this retirement life pretty darn quick. (Lori)

System BZ My Gal Northern Consortium

Female, brindle, 51 pounds, 4 years-- Now known as "Cammie" has had a long and successful racing career. Her time as a racer and the variety of situations that she has been exposed to have given her an appealing confidence. She is friendly, happy and outgoing. She looks so much like camouflage. Cammie loves running in the yard with her housemate Grey and has tested cat workable. (Bill & Liz)

Gallant Charge (Charger) Northern Consortium

Male - 4 year old, white/black vetted, Charger is full brother to Bayonet. He's being fostered with other Greys and an older Chow. He is a happy fella that enjoys going to M&G's and play dates with the neighbors Greys. Charger does just fine with visiting kitties. (Jay)

Moses Northern Consortium

Male, black, about 2 years old.  68 lbs. Moses is unique, both in his color, he's more of a dark chocolate than black, and he's not a retired racer. He has no ear tattoos. Moses has always been a family companion. Moses is a wonderful family dog who would love a fenced yard with children of his own to play with. For so young a dog, Moses is very well behaved, obedient, smart, funny, very loving, not to mention very pretty to look at. Moses gets along very well with small dogs, cats, other dogs, ignores the rats and birds, loves to greet everyone and best of all loves to play with children. Moses is your all around family companion. (Tonya)

RW's Alice Adopted 9/06

Black, female, 5.5 years-- Alice, who is now called Ally, is tried and true. She is a happy active girl, who loves a romp in the yard as much as she loves her long snoozes. She loves being close to her human, but does well crated when no one is home. She doesn't have accidents in the house, does not get up on furniture, is not destructive, and gets along with other dogs -- even the little one in her foster home. She may be cat workable, but is probably better in a home without cats. (Suzette and Eddie)

Kiowa High Hawk (Kiya) Adopted 8/06

Female, white/black, 4 years-- Kiya has decided that retirement suits her just fine and has claimed her own soft pillow to lay on. She gets along well with the other greys who live here and just can't seem to figure out what good that poodle is but does ignore her anyway. She has already become a velcro dog and is really sweet and gentle. Her house manners are good and she will make someone an excellent companion. (Ginger and Rick)

WTD Memory (Memory) Adopted 8/06

Female - 3.5 years old, Brindle, approx 52 lbs

Cabry Carola (Barbie) Adopted 8/06

Female - 2 year old, Fawn, approx 58 lbs prelim cat tolerant. A smallish girl, Barbie will win your heart with her gorgeous Cleopatra eyes. Enjoying her new life, she especially likes squeaky toys (the snow goose is her favorite) and an occasional scamper around the yard. Living in harmony with 2 greys, a lab, and 2 cats, Barbie gets along with the whole crew, but could do well as an only pet. She has very ladylike house manners, is extremely affectionate, and walks well on a leash. Though Barbie is only a puppy, she loves to curl up quietly on her soft bed. (Stephanie & Sam)

Gracie Adopted 8/06

Female - 5.5 years old, brindle approx 62 lbs Gracie comes to GPAEC through no fault of her own. Her owner had to move into an assisted living center and was not allowed a "big" dog. Gracie is living comfortably with a working family, 2 other Greys and house cats. (Jodi)

Bayonet (Barry) Off to Nashville

Wht/Blk, 4/M vetted. If you are looking for the sweetest, most gentle, mellow greyhound, Barry is your fella. Barry is adapting easily to life in a home and is curious about everything he sees. He loves being there to help as you mop the floor, he sticks his head in the dryer to be sure the laundry is still there, and he stays by your side much of the time just in case you might need his help. He is good with small dogs, and is very laid back with the other greyhounds in the house. Barry crates well, eats well, and loves attention. At 62 pounds, Barry is a smallish boy. Don't let him get away from you. He's going to make someone a loving companion." (Catherine)

Hallo News Maker Off to Nashville

Male, brindle, 64 pounds, 5.5 years--Newsy has had a successful career, now he is ready to give retirement a try. His foster mom thinks that he is one of the most beautiful brindles ever, he has a dark mahogany red background for sharp true black stripes. (Jay)

Hey Charlie Off to Nashville

Male, fawn, 6.5 years, 64 pounds--An owner relinquished grey who could easily become someone's heart dog. Charlie followed the long and winding road for several years before becoming GPA/EC Grey. He is a tall, lanky very settled greyhound gentleman. He will be gaining weight, having that neutering thing done and will be ready to grace your sofa in no time at all! (Michelle)

USS Outlook (Peggy) Off to Nashville

3/F, Blk. Peggy is now medically cleared to find her forever home. She has healed better than we could have expected. Seeing Peggy run in the yard with her housemates makes us smile everyday. Peggy lives comfortably with a small dog, not even paying her any attention. Peg has been vetted and we will cat test her soon. (Cathy & Chris)

Coolest Tee Off Adopted 8/06

Male, 2.5 yrs, white and black, 77lbs. Huey is a greyhound with so much to offer. He can be a bit of a clown, enjoys a good 'conversation', smiling with his tongue hanging out, romping in the yard with his little buddy, and stealing stuffies from his small friend. Huey is a very sweet, loving dog, who is enjoying his retirement to the fullest with doggie beds, evening walks, and a good rump scratchin'. He also has excellent house manners. He can be a bit shy upon first meeting, but once he gets to know you, you are rewarded with his full, wonderful, loving personality. Huey gets along with the small dogs he is living with, the birds, rats, and female greyhound. Huey met cats and doesn't mind them at all. Small children make him a bit nervous and he will run hide but he's fine with older children and teenagers. Huey may be a goober but he makes for a wonderful companion. (Tonya)
Pete's Sadie Tristater

Female, 3 years, black, 54 pounds--Sadie has unusual amber eyes and a huge greyhound grin. She's a laid back, toy loving, grinning sort of girl. She has met and done well with little dogs and with a cat. (Ann & Skip)

Skiddy Quetta (Buttercup) Adopted 7/06

2/F Fawn approx 65#. Buttercup is just about as sweet as she can be. She loves being with people. If given the opportunity, she will do her best to be a lap dog. Buttercup has met small dogs and a cat with no trouble at all. (Roger & Jan)

Carl Lee (Carl Lee) Adopted 7/06

Wht/Blk, 2.75/M, Carl is a sweetheart of a dog, loving and obedient, once he knows what is and is not allowed. He has excellent house manners and even let's you know he's eager to greet whoever is at the door. Carl loves to be scratched. The look on his face tells you, you found the right spot! He loves his evening walks and meeting everyone in the neighborhood. He does very well with the small dogs, birds, rats, and female greyhound that he is living with. Carl does fine with small children as long as they respect his space, but I think a more mature home, empty nesters, or with teenagers would be more to his liking. Carl really is a wonderful greyhound and would love to find his forever home. (Tonya)

Craigie Suzy (Suzy) Northern Consortium

2/F, R, approx 56# (I'm really hot in the sun, can you tell?)

Cr Calista Northern Consortium

5.5/F, R, approx 56# Calista is returning to GPAEC through no fault of her own after being in a home for several years. She has lived with a working family, a young child and another Grey (Taffy). Calista is in foster care with other Greys. (Lori)

Forbes Voluteann (Ann) Northern Consortium

Female, brindle, 5 years--Even though she spent her first five years in the racing environment, Ann has adapted to the retired life very well. She has beautiful house manners and very much wants to please her people. She loves to nuzzle her head against you while you scritch her ears. Not only beautiful inside but a rich dark brindle outside. Very settled, she lives peacefully with cats and small dogs as well as with other Greyhounds.. (Marsha)

Kay V Sit N Bull (Kay) Knoxville bound!

3/F, WBK, approx 55#

Bd's Dazzler (Dazz) Adopted 7/06

2.5/F Wht/Lt Fawn. Severed calf muscle 4/1/06. Surgical repair 4/6/06. Dazz is living comfortably with other Greys and a small dog. She will be available for adoption when medically cleared. (Cathy & Chris)

Actual Proof Adopted 7/06

5/M Red Approx 75 lbs After a long career, Archie, as we call him (he didn't like the name Ferris), ended his racing life because of a broken hock. Boy! Does he ever like being retired! He is friendly, happy, loving, and has very nice house manners. His ears are always up, and his tail is always wagging! Don't know yet about small dog and cat tolerance, but he's perfect with the other dogs in the foster home. (Susan and Ski)

Hawgdawg Flirt (Holly) Knoxville bound!

2/F, BD, approx 49#

KB's Lightfoot (Lily) Knoxville bound!

2/F, WR, approx 51#

Bb Ukato  Knoxville bound!

Female, fawn brindle, 3 years--called Vina in her racing kennel more info coming soon. (kennel)

JR's Flipper Knoxville bound!

Male, white and dark brindle, 3 years--brand new off the Pensacola Track, Flip will be evaluated as he settles into pet life. Initial small dog tested--tolerant. (kennel)

Bi's Jumbo Jet Knoxville bound!

Male, white and red, 70 lbs, 22 mos. JJ is a wonderful young dog. He's beautiful, sweet, loves everybody, very gentle with children, tolerant of small dogs, birds, rats. Plays with stuffies, yet very calm for being so young. JJ is a perfect house guest with excellent manners. My kids think he is perfect and I have to agree! (Tonya)
Lookingdownonyou (Star) Knoxville bound!

Female, 2 yrs old, red fawn, 53 lbs--Through no fault of her own, Star has recently came back into our program due to illness in her family. She is a real sweetheart. Gets along with other greys and small white poodle and is safe with kitties. Loves her stuffies and she loves to run in a fenced yard. (Ginger and Rick)

Moro Thorough, 3.5/F, Knoxville bound!

WR(mahogany color), approx 54#

Samantha Jean Northern Consortium

2/F, Wht/Red. Broken right hock 2/18/06. Samantha is coming along nicely. Her break is healing well. Samantha Jean lives with other Greys and a small dog all in harmony. Samantha has a placement pending with our friends in the North. (Cathy & Chris)

Westerly Breeze Northern Consortium

Female, brindle, 5 years--Breeze has been a favorite of her trainers children for 3 years. Further evaluation to follow. (kennel)

KB's Spring Box Northern Consortium

Female, black, less than 50 pounds, 17 months--Spree as she is now known is living comfortably with other Greys and a small dog. (Chris and Cathy)

Miss Kentucky Tristater!

4/F, Bdl. Broke right hock 4/5/06, Surgical repair/IM pinning 4/10/06. Miss K is living comfortably with other Greys and a small dog. She will be ready for adoption when medically cleared. (Cathy & Chris)

Chili Soup Tristater!

Female, white/brindle, 56 pounds, 2 years--Chili seems a better name for a firey red girl than for this unusually marked white girl. The only spots on her are her ears. (kennel)

Primco Galmour Adopted 5/06

Female, brindle, 58 pounds, 2 years--Glamour is a pretty brindle girl--pretty not stunning. But after you spend a few minutes with her you will see why she was a favorite of her trainer--her personality is stunning. (Jean)

MR's Geese Hunter Off to Knoxville!

Female, blue fawn, 3 years, 52 pounds--Geese is a funny name for a pretty lady. She has a beautiful blue haze over her fawn coloring--very striking. Geese was a favorite of her trainer's children. (kennel)

R and A Big Win Off to Knoxville!

Male, white with black, 3 years, 67 pounds -- Ranny is one beautiful grey. Not only in looks but in personality also. He is very sweet, loving, calm, quiet and eager to please. He's still trying to figure out retirement life but he's learning quickly how enjoyable it is. Ranny doesn't mind the little dogs, even the annoying one. He's learned about little kids running through the house, teenagers loud music and not to stick his nose in the rats cages. If his good looks don't hook you, his sweet self will. (Tonya)

KB's Cawker Off to Knoxville!

Female, white with one brindle spot on side and ear ticking, 19mo.,52lbs and we call her Cassie. A very sweet, petite and cute baby. Lots of kisses and tale wagging. A little shy but loves doggie beds and stuffies and a scratch behind the ear. Gets along very well with other greys in house and ignores little white poodle. {Ginger and Rick]

Purely Classic Off to Knoxville!

Female, 3 years, brindle, 48 pounds--Classy is about as cute as a little Greyhound girl can be (and that is mighty cute!). She is friendly and although she is registered as a brindle she is much more red than she is brindle. She met small dogs today and did well with them (Kennel)

Rappin' Raymond (Raymond) Off to Knoxville!


R, 3.5/M vetted, Raymond is a lean 70-pound red fawn 3.5 yr old male with heart melting eyes and can give lots of love. An inquisitive guy, he has transitioned very well into the human house world including little dogs and big staircases. He’s met a cat and was not interested in the least. Very calm and quiet, but can get delightfully happy with squeaky toys, at meal time, and when he sees that other Greyhound in the mirror that looks amazingly like him. Well behaved in his crate and has no problem sleeping all night! (Roger and Jan)

Delight's Charm Off to Knoxville!

Female, 3 years, brindle, 51 pounds--Charm met small dogs today and ignored them. She is a confident rather dignified greyhound lady and her white collar makes her quite striking, but she is very capable of dropping the dignity to play with a person. (kennel)

Airborne Ride (Airborne) Adopted 5/06

Blk, 4.5/M Airborne is a happy fellow with an ear to ear grin and a tail that never stops wagging. He gets along well with small dogs, cats and young'uns. He is passionate about food, walks, and ear scritches. Airborne will be a perfect companion for some lucky family. (Max and Marsha)

  Rapido Pizazz Adopted 4/06

Female, 6 years, fawn, 55 pounds--Pizazz retired from racing to become a brood matron now she is ready for a third career--someone's couch potatoe. She has excellent house manners, lives with several small dogs and is a true velcro girl. She is funny and loving with a charm and energy that belie her years. (Ann & Skip)

Keeper Furious Adopted 4/06

Rd Bdl, male, 2 yrs old. Freddie has the sweetest face and temperament to match. His deep brown soulful eyes are a drowning pool. Freddie is a mixture of maturity and youthful zest for life. When he's really happy, his tail whirls so fast I think he could fly. He loves to play with his small four legged and two legged playmates. He doesn't mind the rats or the birds, even though he has not been cat tested yet, I think he would do fine. Freddie is so enjoyable to have around and a wonderful family companion. (Tonya)

Tek Canned Heat (Heather) Adopted 4/06

F, 2.5/F vetted (Cathy & Chris)

Sour Cream (Cheesy Bread) Off to Knoxville!

3/M Wht/Red 68 lbs

(Cathy & Chris)

Bed Comfort Off to Knoxville!

Female, cream fawn, 50 pounds, 2 years--Okay, so she has a really bad name but Comfy doesn't let it bother her. She is a tad shy, very gentle and sweet with melt your heart mascaraed eyes. (kennel)

Lancer's Lightinin' Off to Knoxville!

Female, black, 57 pounds, 3 years--What a cutie! This year's 'hot' colors are supposed to be black and white--if so Lightinin' is ready. Her white bib really sets off her shiney black coat. (kennel)

Hallo Doc Jolly (Dotty) Off to Knoxville!

Bdl, 4/F (Jean)

HK's Mindy Off to Knoxville!

Female, blue brindle, 55 pounds, 19 months--Mindy is a little shy and a lot sweet. She has stunning amber eyes that make you look twice. (Chris and Cathy)

Prior Lake Adopted 3/06

Male, red fawn, 2.5 years--aka Bear is a lovely clear red boy. When we take pictures of our dogs for this website we frequently use a squeek toy to make the dog look toward the photographer. Bear stole the toy, this picture was taken just as he was deciding how to get that toy. (Stacy & Michael)

Skaopee (Shakie) Adopted 3/06

White & Red 2.5 F 60 lbs

vetted (Cathy & Chris)

Hallo Bonita Joy Adopted 3/06

Female, 3.5 years, black faced fawn, 62 pounds--Bonita has good house manners, walks nicely on lead and is cat and small dog tolerant. Not only a quick learner but also very pretty with her deep red fawn coat, dark face and ears. Very sweet and outgoing. (Max and Marsha)

Wild Bout Angel (Angela) Gone to the Northern Consortium

Bdl, 2.25/F vetted (kennel)

Bd's Yugo (Yugo) Gone to the Northern Consortium

Wht/RBdl, 2.75/M vetted (Cathy & Chris)

GW Willie D Gone to the Northern Consortium

Male, 3 yrs, white, black mask, ticking---Willie is one big 'love hound'. He's a leaner, lover, a goof ball and grinnin' fool. He so loves people, he gets 'happy tail' and had to have part of his tail removed. Willie will make a wonderful family dog. He adores the two legged of all ages and is really good with children. He is content to just be loved on. He is tolerant of small dogs but would probably be better with a dog of the same size or as an only dog. He forgets how big he is. You can't help falling in love with Willie. (Tonya)

R and a Cassy Gone to the Northern Consortium

2.25/F, Wht& Blk, Approx 55#. Cassy is a happy girl that loves to play in her paper in her crate. She looks very much like a painted pony. Cassy's ears fold forward so it looks as though she has a little hat on. Cassy is due to be vetted on 1/6/06. (Suzette & Eddie)

Hero in the Fire (Fireman) Adopted 3/06

R, 3/M vetted, Fireman is somewhat shy but is overcoming his shyness a little every day. He loves to go for walks and collects his stuffies in his bed. He does well with cats and small dogs, has good house manners and walks well on a lead. He's a very sweet dog. (Marsha & Max)

Keystone Bandit Adopted 3/06

Female, black, 2 years--Bandit is petite, playful and loves toys. If you scratch her ears she will lean on you probably forever. She lives with small dogs and has excellent house manners (Skip and Ann)

Moon Mt. Tricky Adopted 3/06

Female, 5 years, white with fawn, 53 pounds. Trixie has the prettiest face and softest coat. She loves affection, the more, the better. Trixie is the perfect house quest. She enjoys playing, doggie beds, her crate, mealtime, and mud puddles. She's tolerant of small dogs, and children who are gentle. She can't seem to make up her mind about cats though. (Tonya)

Bd's Finnigan Gone to GPA Tri-State

Wht/Blk, 2/M (Cathy & Chris)

Candy Store Gone to GPA Tri-State

Female, 3 years, fawn with white, 56 pounds. Candy loves affection and has excellent house manners. Gets along very well with other Greys in house and small white poodle. Has discovered stuffies and dog beds and has decided she like's this retirement. A very sweet girl. (Ginger and Rick)

Native Fire Gone to GPA Tri-State

Female, brindle, 4 years--Reserved without being shy Fire is one sweet girl. She is a little unsure about exactly what is expected of a retired Greyhound, but she is eager to please and should learn the ropes really quickly. She will do better in a home without cats. (Jay)

Scatillac Rocker (Roxie) Adopted 2/06

Wht/Bdl, 4.25/F vetted (Lois & Tony)

BLG Lucky Lady Adopted 2/06

Blk, 4.75/F (Cathy & Chris)

RV Frans Pete-IU Off to Knoxville

3.75/M, Bdlw/wht blaze, approx 76#. Pete has fast become a kennel favorite. Always friendly and looking to get his ears scratched. Pete is a mixed lineage sorta guy, Aussie/Irish on his Sire's side and Irish/American on his Dam's side. We can't tell if he barks with an accent though.

Matt's Acorn Adopted 2/06

2.5/M, Wht, approx 74#. Acorn is a beautiful white boy with eyeliner on one eye. He is very friendly and behaved. He will play in the yard with a toy by himself.

Goodbye Leo Off to Nashville

vetted (Cathy & Chris)

Rb Temple Blair Off to Nashville

Male, fawn brindle, 4 yrs old. Temple was adopted but do to life's unfortunate events, he was returned to us through tears. Temple is very laid back and easy going. Sweet, lovable and all together a wonderful dog. He loves being a family companion, with walks, a soft bed, or cool floor for that matter. He's very good with children and small animals, and enjoys listening to a good story, or how your day went. (Tonya) 

KL's Flick Off to Nashville

5.25/M, Blk&Wht, appox 60#. Flick is a little boy but he has personality. Not shy, not over exuberant. He lives with a small dog, multiple other greys and is in the process of passing his cat tolerance. Flick is due to be vetted on 1/11/06. (Cathy & Chris)

Rr Bamboo Boy (Bamboo) Off to Nashville

Dk Bdl, 4.25/M (Cathy & Chris)

Koolade Episode Off to Nashville

4.5/F Red Koolade is a big girl but only in height. She's not one of those full figured gals. Koolade is a beautiful girl that is inquisitive of all things going on around her. She walks on lead without too much trouble and will get even better as time goes on. More to follow when Koolade goes into foster care (Liz & Bill)

Handy Sandy's Pat (Sandy Pants) Off to Knoxville

RF, 2.75/F vetted (Marsha & Max)

  RV Frans Pete IU (Pete) Off to Knoxville
Blazen Bison (Bison) Off to Knoxville

R, 3.25/M vetted (Sus & Ski)

Star Flame Off to Knoxville

Female, blue brindle, 2 years--Little, cute and ever so slightly shy Star will win your heart with her beautiful eyes. First day off the track preliminary cat and small dog testing indicates that she will be cat and small tolerant. (Lynn)

Tyville Breezy Adopted 2/06

3.75/F Blk/Wht Approx 60#. Ty has excellent house manners. She is a very happy and outgoing girl who doesn't meet strangers. She lives with small dogs and has tested cat workable. (Skip and Ann)

WTD Silver Spoon Adopted 1/06

3/F Wht/RBdl. Sylvia is a happy little girl. A little on the tall side but very petite. She loves to play and meets no strangers. (kennel)

KAQ Alice Price Off to Knoxville

Female, 2 years, black, 41 pounds--called Alice.

Be Gradual Off to Evansville

Female, 5.5 years, brindle, 55 pounds-- Begee is a small girl that has retired after a long career. She is living with a small dog, multiple other Greys and has passed her cat tolerance testing. (Cathy & Chris)

Scatillac Revamp Off to Evansville

 4/F Wht/RBdl Approx 60#. Rita comes to us all full of herself. Her trainers must have been telling her that she was going to a home. She was all tail wags and wiggles. She has been a foster for two weeks now. She is quickly learning about pet life. She has good house manners, loves to go for walks and walks well on lead. She gets along well with our Greyhounds and is cat tolerant. (Marsha & Max)

Lookingdownonyou Adopted 1/06

Female, 21 months, red fawn, 53 pounds--  What else do you call someone called Looking down on you -- but -- STAR. This baby is a real sweetheart. Lots of puppy energy. Gets along well with other greys and small white poodle in foster home. Would probably enjoy a home with children and a nice yard to run in. Loves her toys and pillow and likes this retirement very well. Ginger and Rick

Mac's Sandy Off to Knoxville

1.75y/o, Blk face Fawn, approx 65#. Sandy is living with a small dog, a couple other greys and a cat. She thinks that all food items are just about as yummy as they come. (Karen L)

OG's Our Way Adopted 1/06

2.75 y/o Red Male approx 75#. Odie, as he's being called now, because of his vibrant red color. He is still a shy boy but is learning that people equal ear scritches and treats. He would do well as an only dog and is cat tolerant. He loves long walks and is good on lead. (Marsha & Max)

Wizard Episode Adopted 1/06

Male,4yrs, red brdl on white,app.70#. Wizard is a great dog. He's a champion leaner and lover, a real people dog. He enjoys nothing more than his human friends and being loved on, except maybe stuffies. He loves to lay his head on your lap. He also plays very gently with his Iggie buddies and he's really good around children. Wizard will make a wonderful addition to any home. (Tonya)

Central Park Adopted 12/05

3 year old black female. Called "C.C." by her foster family, this sweet girl lives with 2 other greys and an elderly kitty, and gets along with them all. C.C. is a quiet girl with excellent house manners who loves tummy rubs and doggie cookies. (Tony & Lois)

Matt's Peanut Adopted 12/05

2.5/F Fawn Approx 55#. Peanut is just as cute as she can be. She is a pretty sable color. We've met Peanut a couple of times before she retired. She is always happy and wagging her tail. She was interested in all creatures great and small on her first day off the track. We'll wait a little while for Peanuts to tell us about herself. (Catherine)

My Quiet Time Off to Knoxville

Female, 3.5 years, fawn brindle, 55 pounds--called QT

Water Beetle Off to Knoxville

Female, 19 months, white and brindle, 45 pounds--called Missy

Water Blister Off to Knoxville

Female, 19 months, white and brindle, 53.5 pounds--called Prissy.

KayJay Cowell Off to Knoxville

3/M Be. Jay is Australian born and sent to the States to race. Obviously he doesn't care much for the racing part. He prefers retirement on the Florida Panhandle. (kennel)

Lets Get Ready Adopted 12/05

4.75/F Be Fawn Approx 55#. Aggie as she is called now has found retired life right to her liking. Aggie is a loving, happy girl who is cat safe and
small dog safe. She is good with kids too! When she is happy to meet you, she shows it by grinning ear to ear. (Lynn)

Legal Deceit Adopted 11/05

4/M Wht& Blk Izzy as his trainers called him had a very respectable career even in his retirement. Izzy gets his name because he was "Hit or miss" on his running. His trainers say "Is he gonna be there or Isn't he", thus Izzy. Well, we don't care if he's there or not Izzy is a sweet boy with loads of personality. He didn't fare well on the small animal test the day he came off the track but on retest, he's improving. Izzy will tell us more about himself when he goes into foster care. (Stacy and Michael)

Reward Sinbad Lad Adopted 11/05

Male 79lb 3.5yrs.,Lt.Brindle. Sinbad is a really good looking boy. He looks like a tiger but he's really a pussycat. Sweet and lovable with a very goofy, playful side. He loves to go on walks, lounge in the sun and play with all the toys in the yard. He's good with children and small animals. (Tonya)
Brinny Adopted 11/05

Male, 1.5 y/o Bdl (Maker Me Wild x Oshkosh Slammer) We call him Benny now.  A really sweet, somewhat shy boy who is very calm  for a Grey only 18 months old. He loves to play with toys and  likes to get inside to see where the squeak is coming from. His training accident ended his career before it started. He is on medication now that is making his foot feel a lot better. Another greyt dog who lives with two cats and three other Greys.   (Marsha)

Rapido Boston Off to Nashville!

Female, 3.5 years, 56 pounds--Boston is a rather stable girl friendly and outgoing without being to over done. (kennel)

LNL Grand Slam Off to Nashville!

Male, 3.5 years, black, 75 pounds--Elvis was his racing kennel name, and somehow it suits this handsome gentleman. Elvis is a world class leaner of a Greyhound and is very interested in pleasing his people. He follows his foster "dad" everywhere. (Skip and Ann)

Roseland Off to Nashville!

3 year old red/fawn female 70 lbs.  Roseland is an easy going girl, she loves to go for walks, likes to find a comfortable place to curl up, and is very gentle. (Alex & Karen)

Raider Off to Tristate!

3yr old fawn&white male. His nickname is Mr. Happy. That's the only way I can describe him. He is one happy boy. Loves everybody and everything. When he's not 'raiding' hearts, he likes lounging with his little doggie buddies in the yard. He has met cats, rats, birds and the little 6yr old two legged variety and doesn't mind any of them. He would fit into any type family. He is as close to the perfect dog as you can get. (Tonya)

Be Forward, Angel Off to Tristate!

4 y/o female. Her racing name was Be Forward, but Angel suits her just fine. She is a quiet girl who enjoys retired life and all that it brings, soft beds, cookies, and toys! She loves to go for walks, and has excellent house manners. Angel currently resides with 2 other greys and an elderly kitty, and does well with all of them. (Tony & Lois)

Pompano Shiner Off to Nashville!

3.75/M Bdl Approx 80#. Shiner is one happy boy. He has already decided that he hasn't met a person that won't be his immediate friend. On initial assessment, Shiner is a bouncy boy even at his size. We're confident that he will become a dignified gentleman shortly. Shiner will tell us more when he goes into foster care. (kennel)

Bd's Angelica Off to Nashville!

2.5/F Wht& Blk approx 60#. Angelica is a nice calm girl and curious about the world. Angelica met some of the chickens at our boarding kennel and she only gave them a glace before moving on to meet new friends. Angelica is a grad A grinner just like her dad, Oshkosh Slammer. Angelica will tell us more about herself when she goes into foster care. (kennel)

Santana Off to Nashville!

Male, light fawn, 2 years--Santana is a big beautiful baby. He is still unsure about himself and his environment. Santana will need someone to help him boost his confidence while introducing him to the wide world outside the farm. Santana tested cat tolerant. (Bill and Donna)

Firecracker Adopted 11/05

6/F Red Fawn, Firecracker is a very sweet, loving little girl.  She has big beautiful brown eyes that melt your heart.  She loves to be close to her person, and will cuddle right up next to you whether you are sitting or standing.  She loves to go for walks and is very polite on the leash.  She is very good about letting you know when she needs to go outside.  She plays well with two other Greys and has been very good around two cats. (Jodi)

Tristarslownhard Adopted 11/05

Male, 3 year old Wht&Blk Travis is a goofy boy. He likes to talk up a storm. We always know when someone is passing our house. Trav likes to lie out in the grass as long as it's not too hot. He's gotten very used to the retired life. Travis crates well and lives nicely with the feline critters. Here at the Streeter Hound pound, he shares his home with other Greys, a small terrier and 3 birds. (Cathy & Chris)

Dighton Fiona Adopted 11/05

Female, 2.5 years, fawn--Fiona is doing spectacular in her foster home. She is happy despite having a toe amputated due to a break. Fiona is always wagging her helicopter tail and giving greyt big grins. She does well with the other greys and the small dog she lives with. (Cathy&Chris)

Dynamic Janet  Adopted 11/05

Female, 3 year old, Black, Dynamic Janet is a beautiful 3 year old young lady who lives up to her name. She loves to meet and greet people. Her coloring is very unique. She appears to be all black but is actually more "chocolatety" than black. Janet is a clown. She likes to play and be "goofy". Janet is fostered with 5 other greys and gets along fine with all of them. (Lori and Alan)

Legs Decca Off to Knoxville 10/05

Female, red fawn, 3 years, 56 pounds--Sweet and a little shy with true mascara eyes. (Liz and Bill)

Rooftop Tracey Off to Knoxville 10/05

2/F Blk Bdk Approx 53 lbs. Tracey didn't have a long racing career. At just 2 she is now a GPAEC dog. Tracey's trainer says that she is a very good girl and likes to follow her around the kennel. Tracey didn't seem bothered by the small dogs at the kennel but we will have to see how she does with the kitties when she goes into foster care. (kennel)

Happy Paws Adopted 10/05

Female, brindle, 5.5 years, -- Paws had racing injury which ended her long career and has recovered nicely. She runs and plays, demands attention and ear 'scritches' just as any Greyhound would. She won't be your jogging companion but if you are looking for a well mannered happy lady to share walks and couch with then look no further than this very special Hound. (Alex & Karen)

Odd Sissy

2 y/o black girl.  Sissy is an exuberant girl with loads and loads of energy.  Sissy loves nothing more than to play with her tennis balls and see how long it takes to peel them like an orange.  Toys are Sissy's favorite thing besides sticking her nose into everything to see what's going on.  (Cathy & Chris)

Beep Beep Adopted 9/05!!!!!

Male 2-1/2 years old, 65lbs, black with white chest and tip of tail.  Beep has been fostered for several months now and he has blossomed into a fantastic companion. He is a happy, attentive dog with a zest for life and lots of personality. He has just completed a socialization/obedience class where he very quick learner, eager to please, and obviously enjoyed himself. Beep is always ready for activity, whether it's helping to clean the pool, going for a car ride, or playing outside with stuffies, yet he is calm and well-mannered inside. He is very loving and enjoys giving and getting affection. He is living with 3 greys, and also adjusted easily to a small, active pug who was a houseguest for a month. Beeps would do especially well in a home with a female greyhound (or breed of similar size). Beep often visits a home, where he has made excellent progress in learning to ignore kitty. Our foster nicknames for him are "sweetie-pie" and "Mr. Personality". Whoever gives this special boy a forever home will receive love and loyalty beyond measure.  (Sid and Sonja)

BW Windy Storm Off to Knoxville 10/05

2/F Wht&Red Approx 50 lbs, Windy is a happy little girl. She may be young but she's not a flighty girl. She enjoys people and will greet them readily. She didn't do very well on her chicken tolerance test. We'll have to see how she does with small dogs and kitties when she goes into foster care (Pat)

Jax Jeeper Power Off to Knoxville 10/05

Female, white and blue fawn, 4 years, 52 pounds--Our foster coordinator first fell really hard for Nebraska when she met her last year. We have had quite the wait for her to end her racing career but now she is ours and ready to start her second career as a pet. (Lynn and David)

Matt's Gal Off to Knoxville 10/05

2/F Wht& Fawn. Gal is just a young lady but she wasn't much interested in racing. Gal is a little on the shy side but she does like to have pets and scratches from people. The world is just a really big place. She is coming around quickly though. A beautiful young lady with that fawn patch on her eye and at the base of her tail. That's all ya get. Gal will tell us more when she goes into foster care (Catherine)

Matt's Alaska Off to Knoxville 10/05

Male, 2 year old, blue. He's drop dead gorgeous. He's called a blue, but he's more of a shiny dark silvery grey with hints of chocolate. He's only been in foster care for a short while and he's not too sure what this life as a family companion is all about but he's learning very quickly. He's such a sweet lovable dog and enjoys all the hugs and kisses you can dish out. He's eager to please and learns very quickly. He's living with small dogs, birds, rats, teenagers, a constant ringing phone, and a six yr old that he follows around everywhere. I believe he will blossom into a wonderful, loving family companion. More later.

Wicca Episode Off to Knoxville 10/05

4/F Wht&Bdl Wicca, isn't that a wonderful name, is a petite lady. She is very outgoing but not obnoxious. She is a little vocal but she was very excited about her first day of retirement. Wicca wasn't bothered at all by the small and large dogs that were in the vets office when she was in for her physical. She was just watching and letting everyone know that she was now a GPAEC dog and how happy she was. Wicca will tell us more about herself when she goes into foster care (Karen L)

Kiowas Flyer Off to Knoxville 10/05

3.5/M Wht&Blk Flyer is a happy fella. He is a very calm guy but does like to play with the stuffies, go for walks, has beautiful house manners and is cat tolerant.  (Marsha and Max)

Brittle Wood Adopted 9/05

Male, 2 year old, aka " Britt", is a handsome 2 year old boy who is white with black ears. Britt came to us from the Ebro Track. He was very shy and scared of everything at first. Britt's foster family has been working with him to develop trust and confidence. It is working! Britt has blossomed into a very sweet, gentle boy. He walks greyt on a leash and would be good with senior citizens. He failed his cat and small animal tolerance test. However, due to his gentle demeanor, he could probably be taught to develop some tolerance for kittys and small animals with some time and training. Britt likes a quiet environment with not a lot of activity going on around him. He'd make a greyt "only dog" but also does well with other greys and larger breeds of dogs. (Lori and Alan)

Cutiewithabootie Adopted 9/05

Female, 5yrs. old, 63 lbs--called "Valley" is all white with ticking and unique head of half white and half black. A real sweetheart of a grey that loves to give kisses and is a real velcro grey too! Small dog safe, gets along great with small white poodle. Unfortunately failed her cat tolerance test. She is ready for her forever home and would make the perfect companion. (Ginger and Rick)

GP's Bynne Lu Adopted 9/05

6/F Wht&Lt Fawn Lu came to us due to no fault of her own. Her family situation changed and they were unable to care for her. A wonderful family stepped up to the plate, took Lu and have made her their first foster dog. Lu loves children and gets along well with other dogs. Lu likes going on car rides and her evening walks with her best buddy Tula. It's a given that Lu really likes her toys too. (Gary & Lynn)

Dana's Destiny Adopted 9/05

Female, fawn/brindle, 3.5 years. Cat, small animal, and greyhound tolerant. she is easy going and her favorite pastime is sleeping in between all the stuffed toys she puts in her crate. She sleeps in her crate at night without whining. and she enjoys listening to the dogs on Animal Planet, and try's to find them in the house. (Karen L)

Amber's Gator Adopted 9/05

3/F Bdl. Friendly and outgoing. Loves to meet everyone (Pat)

WWR Lil Gusty Adopted 9/05

Female, white with brindle spots, 4.5 years, 59 pounds--Outgoing and very friendly without being over bearing, she has a very distinctive and attractive brindling pattern. (kennel)

PMB Johnny Fever Adopted 9/05

Male, dark brindle, 4 years--Johnny is a tall lanky sort of fellow with a laid back attitude around people. On the way from the track to the vet he was the only one of the new group to lay down and take a little nap. We will retest but currently we do not suggest Johnny live in a home with cats. (kennel)

RJ's Gunnar Adopted 9/05

3/M Wht/Red Gunnar is the typical happy fella. He had a break in his tail a while back but it seems to give him character. (Kathi and Steve)

Penrose Trevisa Adopted 9/05

Female, 3.5 years, white with red fawn--Trevisa is a large, 68 pound girl. She came from her racing kennel with her very own "big ball" her favorite toy. Many times we pet people are surprised that our Greys don't react to toys, but that is sure not the case with Trevisa--she loves her toys. (Liz and Bill)

Raquel's Rhythm Adopted 9/05

3.5/F Bdl

Blue Bell Moon Adopted 9/05

Female, brindle, 3 years, 54 pounds--Bell is an attention getter. If you are paying attention to someone or something else she is sure to remind you that she is there and ready to have her ears 'scritched'. She is very much a people oriented girl with loads of Velcro dog potential. (kennel)

PA's Pamela Adopted 9/05

Female, black, 5 years--Pamela wants more than anything to please her people, she loves attention but is fine with waiting her turn. Initially shy she is confident and outgoing once she assesses the situation. She meets new people with helicopter tail a'waggin. She lives with birds and small dogs and tested quite workable with cats. (Skip and Ann)

Commander Adopted 9/05

Light Fawn, male, 2 years. A great big grey. He has big paws like a lion, a beautiful fawn coat and white chest.  Walks on lead great, easy going, gets along great with other greys and is also cat safe.  80 lbs of love and affection and just wants to please. (Marsha)

Berta Martinez Adopted 9/05

Female, black, 5 years--"Gracie" is returning to our program following a change in her family's life situation. She has lived with small dogs, cats, birds and even a pet rat. Although she lives well with others we also think that she would be happy as an only dog. She is very smart and affectionate, and crates like a dream! (Lois & Tony)

Pat C Costing Adopted 9/05

Female, # year old, white and black. Pat as she is being called is a big girl. She raced at 69 pounds so she is a "full figured girl" Pat appears to be very calm and quiet on first meeting. When she goes into foster care, we'll know more about her. (Erica)

RB Temple Blair Adopted 8/05

Male, fawn brindle, 3.5 years--There's something special about Temple Blair and you feel it as soon as you meet him. Temple is very loving and gentle to everyone he meets of all ages, very tolerant of small dogs, pet birds and pet rats. Not real sure about cats. He loves his walks and retirement living. Temple has no bad manners what so ever. Temple is absolutely the perfect family companion. (Tonya)

Rapido Zelma Adopted 8/05

8/F Fawn She has been a brood mom to two litters. She is in her foster home-with two other greys, has been vetted and gets along very well with her companions. She loves to give loads of kisses. (Charlie & Sandy)

Penrose Trippi Adopted 8/05

Male, red fawn, 5 years--Eighty one pounds of happy, friendly, Greyhound gentleman. Trippi is a real "people" dog. He is very inquisitive and will gladly "help" you with what ever you are doing. He had an Achilles tendon injury that ended his career but he would be happy to be your walking partner. A real sweetheart who lives peaceably with two cats and three other Greys (Marsha)

HTV Rapid Shake Off to Tennessee 8/05

Female, brindle, 52 pounds, 2 years--Another one of those "I don't wanna run" babies, Shake is a little girl with a baby face and melt your heart eyes. (kennel)

JB I'll Get You Off to Tennessee 8/05

Female, white, 2 years, 52 pounds--Gabrielle walked out of her racing kennel found a GPAEC foster rep. and wasted no time announcing that she needed a foster home to call her own. She lives with large and small dogs. (Catherine)

Sugar Pea Off to Tennessee 8/05

Female, red fawn, less than 2 years, 56 pounds--Sugar Pea who really lives up to her name. She is a shy girl who is needing someone to help her get used to the big ole world and her new found retirement. She is so soft, she could make a cashmere sweater jealous!!! She is cat safe, small dog safe and good with children. (Lynn)

Z Flat Adopted 7/05

Male, blue brindle, 3.5 years--It is a good thing that we are in the South, cause when we tell you that Z is a "good ol boy" sort of Grey you know exactly what we mean. He is mellow, friendly, and most handsome. Z tested cat workable. (Jay E)

Angel Off to Knoxville 7/05

Female 1.5 year old, Blue Brindle. Angel didn't care much for the racing world. She would much rather spend time with people. She is a very polite little girl that fits in just about anywhere. Angel found out about dog beds and toys her second day in foster care. She's decided that little dogs are just that, little dogs and doesn't care at all. (Lynn)

Empower Off to Knoxville 7/05

3.5/M Wht/Be Power will be going to our friends in Knoxville (kennel)

It's Playtime Off to Knoxville 7/05

Female, 2 years, black masked red brindle--Playtime is just plain cute! She has a really cute ear to ear grin, a cute little head and a really cute way of play bowing. She weighs 52 pounds. (kennel)

Okie Cool Dude Adopted 7/05

Male, 4.5 years, red fawn--Every now and then a trainer will pass on his "favorite" dog to us for adoption. Usually that means that the dog has either run really well for the kennel or that the dog has a personality that makes him or her stand out from the pack. Dude has both! Following a successful career he is ready to move his joyous, confident self into a forever home. (Sorensen's)

CD's Luke Adopted 7/05

Male, red fawn, 5 years--Luke is a mature, settled Greyhound gentleman. He is a confident sort of fellow who is settling into pet life like a real pro! (The Adams)

Coats N Tails Adopted 7/05

Male 2 year old. brindle. He is a lively, outgoing boy who just loves everyone. He is living with cats and other dogs. He is vetted and ready to race for a couch. (Andrea)

Go Get Her Adopted 7/05

Female, 4 year old, dark brindle. Gigi loves to run and play with other greyhounds. She isn't shy, but she is "cautious" in new situations until she feels comfortable. Gigi has a very sweet and loving nature. She uses a doggy door and is discovering toys! (Lori and Alan)

Jimbo Top Gold Off to Evansville 7/05

7/M Red Fawn Jimbo is returning to GPAEC through no fault of his own. His family was displaced by Hurricane Ivan and no longer had a home where they could keep Jimbo. Jimbo is a happy boy that loves to have his neck scratched. He was living with 3 cats in his previous home. (Marsha & Max)

Frank Off to Louisville 7/05

Male, 4 years, white and black brindle--Yep, he is unusual and stunning but what will win your heart with Frank is his laid back personality. He is of the big ol', good ol' boy school. Frank is waiting at his racing kennel for his trip to our good friends at Shamrock Greyhound Adoption in Louisville, KY.

USA Off to Louisville 7/05

Male, 5 years, white and red fawn--Blue (okay so calling a red and white boy Blue may be stretching it a little, but with a name like USA it only seems right) is a smallish boy with a big look at me attitude. He is very friendly without being over bearing, likes children, and will be joining our Shamrock friends early next month. (kennel)

I'm on the Money Off to Knoxville 7/05

Female, 2 years, white with brindle saddle, "Claire" as she is called is smart and loving. She answers to her name, and caught on to the house rules quicker than any other grey we've fostered. She loves nylabones, tummy rubs, and cookies. She is ready to be a pet! (Tony & Lois)

AMF Pot of Candy Off to Knoxville 7/05

Female, 2 year old, White/Black. Candy is a little on the reserved side but will come up for visits and scratches. The world is a big place that this young lady is just learning about. Candy appears to be the quiet type but we all know the old saying about the quiet ones <gggg> (Kathy P)

B Get Jolly Molly Off to Knoxville 7/05

Female, 4 years, white with red fawn patches--Sweet and calm with drop dead georgeous eyes Molly is going to make a wonderful pet. (Lynn)

Sailthewickedseas "Sailor"  Adopted 6/05

A smallish, beautifully built 3 year old male, white with brindle spots, "Sailor" is a sweet, friendly, loving, happy dog. He gets along beautifully with the other Greyhounds in his foster home, but really prefers the company of his humans. His name should really be Snoopy -- he's the most curious Greyhound we've ever seen!". (Susan and Ski)

Barts Pearl Jam Adopted 6/05

Female, 5 year old, Wht& Bdl. Pearl has had a long racing career and already has her forever home waiting for her. Pearl will be moving on to Pennsylvania to her home. She's a wonderfully quiet girl that doesn't seem to get upset but her new found world of retirement. (kennel)

Strand Adopted 6/05

Female, 4 year old, Wht& Blk. Strand hasn't told us much about herself just yet since she just came into our program. Strand is now if foster care with a couple of other greys and a couple of cats. Now that her vetting is complete she will tell us more about herself in a few days (Marsha & Max)

Papa's Boy Adopted 5/05

Male, 6 year old, brindle. Papa's Boy, known as Tate, has experienced a life change. He's become a GPAEC boy. In his previous home, Tate was living with several different breeds and a few cats. He did just fine. (Marsha & Max)

System RW Calmer Off to Knoxville!

Female, white with silver brindle, 3 years--Calmer may be new in our program but she has already discovered that she loves toys--lot and lots of toys. She is a happy, friendly, very out-going girl who tested cat workable (and did we mention that she loves toys?). (kennel)

Dg's Chickaboo Off to Knoxville!

3/F Wht&Blk ticking Chick is a calm and quiet girl. She gets along just fine with the small dog in her foster home as well as several other Greys. Chick likes to play with her toys in private and will put them on her bed. Chick will be moving North to our friends in Knoxville on 5/21/05 (Cathy & Chris)

Dighton Shrek Off to Knoxville!

Male, cream fawn, 2.5 years--Our Shrek isn't green but he is a happy, gentle, rather large sort of fellow. Shrek, a litter brother to our Fiona, is fostered with cats, birds and small dogs--he is doing well with all his human family too! (Susan B)

Like a Lullabye Adopted 5/05

Female, 2.5 years, white and brindle--Lullabye is being fostered with a small dog, a cat and another Grey. She wormed her way into her foster family's hearts by walking in and climbing into the lap of the first person she saw. (Karen L)

Kiowa Hix BeBe Adopted 5/05

Female, brindle, 3 years-- BeBe is a busy girl that loves people but would prefer a home without small animals or cats. (kennel)

Ms Niffer Adopted 5/05

Female, brindle, 3 years--Niffer is a funny name for a delightful Greyhound lady. She is friendly with both dogs and humans and tested cat workable when she met her first kitty today. (kennel)

Tristar Lownhard Adopted 5/05

Male, White & Black, 2 1/2 year old. When we first met Tristar he seemed to be very reserved and not making much eye contact. Today he came into foster care and a completely different personality came out. Travis or Mr T, as he's being called, is a happy bubbly boy. He is finding out about small dogs and tile floors. Mr T will tell us more in a few more days. Stay tuned for updates. (Cathy & Chris)

Indiscretion Adopted 4/05

Female, 3 year old. Indy is almost solid white, with a very sweet temperament. As you can see from her photo, she loves stuffies. She currently lives with 2 other greyhounds and an elderly cat. Indy does well with the cat while supervised. She has great house manners, and loves to romp in the yard. (Tony & Lois)

Barts Walter Off to Nashville

Male, 5 year old, White & Red. Walter is a big ole boy, running his last race at 78 pounds. Walter has passed his initial small dog test. Walt will be staying out at the track with our friends there until there is a foster home open for him. (Brown Kennel)

RJ's May Be Shamocker!

Male, 5 year old, White & Red. RJ is hangin' out With Walter. No you're not seeing double. RJ is a little smaller than Walt by about 3 or 4 pounds. RJ has also passed his initial small dog testing. RJ decided that he would smile at us to tell us how happy he was. RJ will be staying out at the track with our friends out there until a foster home opens up for him. (Brown Kennel)

Twilite May Bee Shamocker!

Female, dark brindle, 7 yrs old. May Bee is very much accustomed to home life. She's sweet, laid back, and a great companion. She has good house manners. Gets along with cats, little dogs, big dogs, kids, just loves being part of a family. Would make a great addition to a family with pets or to someone who will be a first time pet owner. (Jay and Kathy)

Go Cinnabar Shamocker!

Female, white with brindle, 3 years--littermate to Go Apanage, a former GPA/EC lady, Cinnabar is very friendly and outgoing. She may be new in our program but she posed for her webpage picture like an old pro. (kennel)

Dt's Cruiser Adopted 4/05

2/M Brindle. Cruiser is brother to Abby. He's more of a red brindle with a white tip on his tail. He's happy & outgoing. Cruiser isn't afraid of new things and calms down quickly. (Muddy, Puzzle, Roger and Jan)

CR Belinda Shamocker!

Female, 4 year old. Red Fawn. She is reserved and quiet but can be quite playful outside. She has very good house manners and loves to lounge around in her crate. She gets along well with other dogs and kitties as well. Loves walks and walks well on lead. (Marsha)

  Berry Francine Shamocker!

Female, 2.5 years, black--Francie is reserved, polite and quietly curious. She is happy to see new things but not so eager that she yanks on her leash or shows more than polite curiosity. (kennel)

Rooftop Buzz Adopted 3/05

Male, brindle, 6 years--Called Natchez - he has lived in a home with five cats. He is a gentle giant of a dog who likes lots and lots of affection. He would love a family that wants to spend a lot of time with him. Even though he gets along great with other dogs, he would prefer to be an only dog so he can have all the attention. He is currently being fostered with a small dog and cats. (David, Joni, Adam)

  Jax Golden Ego Adopted 3/05

Female, red fawn, 2.6 years--Active, energetic, playful and curious. Ego will be the newest member of Gilley's Dancing Greyhounds!!!!. (kennel)

A's Joey Adopted 3/05

7.5 yr. old male-85lbs-light red fawn. Joey is a very quiet and gentle giant who came to us recently because of his family's situation. A real sweetheart of a Grey. Gets along great with our other greys and small poodle. (Ginger and Rick)

Smack Dab Congrads to Smack who is off to his new career as a service grey in Charleston!

Male, brindle, 5 years--Dabney is soon to be GPAEC's first "service dog". Dabney is going to be trained to be an assistance dog. He's got a big order to fill but we're confident that Dabney will shine and become yet another ambassador for other retired racers. (Susan B)

Nxs Red Dot Another Gold Coast Grey!

Female, 2.5 year old, Red Fawn. Dot just couldn't hold still to have her picture taken. She was just too happy and being the social butterfly. Dot really enjoyed the part of the visit that included her getting her neck and ears scratched. (kennel)

Dighton Gambit Off to Knoxville

Female, 3.5 years, blue--Gambit is a steely almost slate blue an unusual color for a very quiet, calm girl. Gambit is sure to become someone's heart dog as she is already showing lots of "velcro" potential. (kennel)

NR's Miracle Off to Knoxville

Female, sable fawn, 4 years--Formerly a pound puppy she has quickly become a favorite in her foster home. Excellent house manners, she has lived with both cats and small dogs.

JB's DayDreamer Off to Knoxville

Female, 3 year old, Red Fawn. DayDreamer looks more mature for her age than she really is. Don't let that graying face fool you though, she is spy. DayDreamer is currently being fostered with a small dog, a cat and another Grey. (Karen L)

Left Gary Left Off to Knoxville

Male, brindle, 2 years--Gary is litter brother to Kinsey (now with our friends at Shamrock Greyhound Adoption). Like is sister he is an easy going charmer. He is playful, gets along well with two other Greyhounds and is cat tolerant. He loves to be near his humans and has very good house manners. He is a real velcro dog and a sweetheart. (Max and Marsha)

Easy with Me Off to Knoxville

Female, white with fawn, 2.5 years--Easy is somewhat shy, not a spooky girl but not confident in new situations. Once she overcomes that initial shyness she going to be someone's heart dog--she is very loving and very much attached to her familiar humans (kennel)

Thief on the Sea Adopted 3/05

Male, 3 year old, Wht&Bdl. Captain Jack is how this fine looking young man likes to be addressed. An active fella that also thought the squeaky toy was mighty fine. Jack was confident and interested in meeting everyone around. (kennel)

Silver Select Adopted 3/05

Female, brindle, 2yrs. old. We call her Silvee---petite and dainty at 52lbs. with lots of sweet greyhound personality and loads of puppy energy! Is living with other greyhounds to play with and a small white poodle which she ignores (Rick and Ginger)

LM's Angel Eyes Shamrocker!

Female, 4 year old, Wht&Bdl. Angel is a real sweetheart. She loves to romp about and play. She met a squeaky toy for the first time while getting her pictures taken. Angel thought the toy was greyt fun so she took it with her for a stroll around her exercise pen. (kennel)

  Stone Cold Shamrocker!

Male, white with fawn, 5 years--Stoney comes to us from the same family as Fury. He is a lover and a cuddler. He has also lived with small dogs, cats and young children. (foster Ward & Sherry)

Cloud Hopping Shamrocker!

Female, brindle, 4 years--Cloud is a very loving lady who delights in being around her people. She has just moved into foster care, we will have more information as we get to know her.

PA's Tamale Shamrocker!

Female, brindle, 4.5 years--Mali is outgoing and friendly without being over whelming or "in your face". She is a very attractive red dog who just happens to have a few brindle stripes-a very unusual and striking brindle lady. (kennel)

PA's Squid Ward Off to Knoxville

Female, white with ticking, 2.5 years--A really odd name, an unusual color and a friendly, confident 53 pound Grey lady. Squid's trainer introduced her as the "class clown". (kennel)

  Crafty MacFury Adopted 2/05

Female, red fawn, 4 years--Fury's family had a lifestyle change and found themselves unable to keep their dogs. They tell us that Fury is a wonderful companion Grey. She is affectionate, friendly, somewhat reserved in new situations. She has lived with small dogs, cats and young children. (foster Rick and Ginger)

PA's Felix Adopted 2/05

Male, Fawn, 6 years. Felix finds his way to GPAEC because of a family change. Felix is small dog and cat tolerant. He's currently living with another Greylady (that's her in the background) in his foster home. He's adjusting nicely and will make his debut soon. (Jean)

NR's Tomahawk Adopted 2/05

Brindle, male, 4 years--Tommy is a handsome fellow with a reserved  attitude. He is not shy but does require a few minutes to get to know you before he accepts you as his newest friend. (kennel)

TMC Daddy Adopted 2/05

Male, cream fawn, 2.5 years--Danny, as he's called now, is now in foster care. He is doing wonderfully and has found that running around with the small dog in his foster home is great fun. (Kathi S)

JNB Slick Suzzie Adopted 2/05

2.5/F Blk. Suzzie is a confident but very relaxed girl. She didn't even respond to the kitty sounds on the cell phone or the squawker.

Dt's Abby Adopted 2/05

2/F Dk Face Brindle. Abby is one happy camper. She gets so excited that she sits and wiggles her head. Abby is outgoing.

At Go Get Her Adopted 2/05

3.5/F Dk Brindle w/White chest GetHer likes people and will share her kisses with whoever she finds.  She stands so still for ear scratches

Evita's Candy A New Seminole!

Brindle with white socks, 5 years, female, Candy came to us at Christmas time so we've nicknamed her "Candy Cane". She gets along well with other greys. Candy has tall ears and loves to have them rubbed. She is as sweet as her name. (Lori and Alan)

Hallo Cozzene A New Seminole!

Female, black, 4yrs.- Cozzee as we call her now, actually had a career as a racer, now she is ready for a second career as a pet-just ask her and she'll smile for you. One side of her mouth at a time. She is very reserved, shy and quite. Small dog safe. She completely ignores the little poodle. (Ginger and Rick)

Kelsey Tristater!

6 year old red female. Kelsey lives with an elderly cat and 2 other greys right now. She has perfect house manners, and adjusts to new routines quite well. She is quiet and affectionate, yet loves to romp in the yard once in awhile. (Tony and Lois)

Signdale Off to Atlanta!

Male, white with black, 2.5 years--Dale may not have had much of a career as a race dog but he is sure to make someone a true "velcro" pet. He is somewhat reserved but very willing to please. (Melody)

Reko Gully Off to Atlanta!

Male, 3 year old, Black.  He is small for a male - 63 lb. Reko has learned about retirement life and is lovin' it. He enjoys his daily walks and romps in the yard. Reko would prefer a home without the feline persuasion.  (David and Ashley)

Ready to Wiggle Adopted 2/05

Brindle, female, 2 years--Wiggles name really suits her, this happy girl didn't stop wagging her tail even when she received her initial vet exam and vaccinations. (kennel)

Willful Child Adopted 2/05

Female, brindle, 2 years--For those of you who love our "tiger striped" dogs this one is for you! Willa is a quiet dog and slightly reserved right now. She is just learning about retirement life. She is small dog and cat friendly. Willa retires to her crate for naps. (Karen)

Fly By Only One Adopted 2/05

Female, black, 4 years--Only is going to make someone a wonderful companion. She has lovely house manners and is living with small active dogs. She has an ear to ear grin and chatters her teeth when she is really excited. (Skip and Ann)

Diretto Tristater!

Male, brindle, almost 3--Sometimes families are unable to keep their forever dogs. Unfortunately for Diretto this happened to him; but some lucky family is going to get a very special Hound. Diretto is 89 pounds of gentle giant. (kennel)

Weary Rocker Adopted 1/05

Male, black, 4 years--another Ivan displaced racer, he was called Archie in his racing kennel. Archie is a handsome 70-pounder, who is also sweet, smart, loving, has great house manners and gets along fine with three other Greyhounds in his foster home. He is confident but not brash, and absolutely fascinated by the details of his foster household and the surrounding neighborhood. (Ski and Susan)

Crafty Forrest Tristater!

White with red brindle, male, 3.5 years--There is more to this handsome Hound than a pretty face. He is quite the sociable fellow, he doesn't meet strangers and in fact would be delighted to add you to his list of new best friends. (kennel)

Go Apanage Irish Shamrock!

White with brindle, female, 4.5 years--Panny is mature and stable. She is interested in all that is going on around her but not over whelmed by it. So far we know that she rides well in a car and has excellent leash manners. (Cathy & Chris)

Left Kenzi Left Irish Shamrock!

Dark Brindle, female, 2 years. Kenzi is another of the Hurricane hounds. She is a happy pup that really enjoys the company of her housemates. Kizz, as her foster Mom calls her, is small animal tolerant and a little reserved about new things. (Cathy & Chris)

Herman Lambert (Mo Mo) Tristater!

Male, red fawn, 2-1/2 years, 77 lbs -- Mo is a very debonair gentleman of a Greyhound. He loves nothing more than to spend the afternoon lounging in his wading pool while watching the world go by.  He loves stuffies and is a real velcro dog, very friendly and outgoing. He is cat tolerant. (Max and Marsha)

Ready to Craze Adopted 1/05

Male, light fawn, 4 years--We still haven't decided what to call this Grey fellow he is sure to win his way into your heart even without a name. Ready to Craze is a smallish sort of boy, rather quiet and very handsome to look at. (Jay)

Cut Up Ellie "Ellie" Adopted 1/05

Female, black, 3 years--Ellie is currently living with other Greys, a small dog, several cats, a parrot and a rat. She is doing well and has become a real member of this "peaceable kingdom". (Ward and Sherry)

KB's Cash Finder Knoxville Bound

Black Brindle 2.5 years, female. Cash Finder is a big healthy girl weighing in at almost 70 pounds. She seems to be on the submissive side but very friendly. (kennel)

Kelso's Nubian Knoxville Bound

Black, 2.5 years, female. This young lady is very calm. She has a wonderful teddy bear coat. Nubian is confident but not demanding. She will tell us more when she goes into foster care (Kathy & Jay)

Scattilac HiBall Knoxville Bound

3/F Wht & Bdl. HiBall looks like she is shy but she's really not. She just wants to make sure that you really like her little kisses. She has a beautiful spot right in the middle of her head that makes her even more beautiful. (Pat)

Run Amber Run Knoxville Bound

Fawn, 15 months, female. Amber decided that racing just wasn't for her. She is a little girl that tries very hard to please. Amber will tell us more about herself when she goes into foster care. (Karen)

  Peach Brandy Knoxville Bound

Red fawn, female, 23 months- Peaches is a typical youngster. Happy, playful, and loving. Peaches is cat tolerant, lives with greyhounds and little dogs. She is fascinated by everything and loves her soft warm bed. (Jay and Kathy)

Halloffamecarner  Knoxville Bound

Female, 3 years, white--Called Blanca in her racing kennel. She is very happy and very outgoing as well as being very pretty! (Kennel)

RB Lesa Blair  Knoxville Bound

Female, 3.5 years, fawn--Lesa is registered as a fawn but her color is a most unusual yellow. She is very friendly and chatters her teeth when excited. Initial cat testing-passed (kennel)

Wolfrate Adopted 12/04

Black, male, 3 years--One of the last of Pensacola's Hurricane Hounds (the ones who lost their homes due to Ivan damage at the track) Wolf is a serious Hound who has perfected the Greyhound lean. (Marsha & Max)

  NR Hot Tamale Adopted 12/04

Male, 2 years, brindle--Tommy is a very friendly sort of fellow. He is fostered with a working family so he has learned to get along for awhile without human companionship. He does live with other Greys though, including a year old Grey pup that he tolerates well. (Alan and Lori)

Penny Adopted 12/04

2 year old red fawn female. Formerly known as "Mamba", this playful girl is getting used to being off the track and part of a family. She is cat tolerant, and discovered squeaky toys are tons of fun to throw around and play with. Excellent house manners, and a fast learner. Penny is also a world-class kisser! Tony and Lois

Taylor Tribute Adopted 12/04

3/M Red Brindle Taylor is a mellow boy that is a little reserved. He warms up to have his body scratches

Why Tell Asia Adopted 12/04

4.5/F Dk Brindle w/White blaze Asia likes to play, slightly reserved but responds to the squeaky toy

  JJS Blue Star Adopted 12/04

Blue, female, 3 years--Star is a little bewildered by her new lifestyle but delighted with all the attention. She is watching the people and Hounds around her and trying very hard to learn all about life as a pet. (kennel)

Bac's Time to Roll Adopted 12/04

Male, 2 years, white--Bacchus may be only two but he is no rambunctious toddler, in fact you will find him a rather reserved sort of Greyhound gentleman. He has a few light ticking spots on his ears and one small beauty dot by his right eye. (kennel)

Riverwood Baby Adopted 12/04

Female, 3 years. Riverwood has just arrived to pet world but she is already as comfortable as any Greyhound can be. She loves having Aretha Franklin's song Baby, Baby, Baby sung to her. Riverwood is working on telling us what her call name will be but while waiting she will belly crawl to us and have her tail going a mile a minute. Riverwood is living with 6 other Greys, one of which being her uncle, and a small dog which she has ignored. (Cathy & Chris)

  Goldie Adopted 12/04

Female, fawn, 11.5 years--We can't read Goldies' tattoos well enough to find who she was in her past life or even where she came from. Her previous owners found her wandering down the highway 3 years ago. Now they too are leaving Goldie and she is in need of another "forever" home. Goldie lives with small dogs and a cat. (Jay and Cathy)

  Tycam She She Adopted 11/04

Female, brindle, 5 years--Sometimes a forever home, isn't. Returning to our program Tyra has beautiful house manners and is tolerant of small dogs, cats and children. (Ski and Susan)

Full Measure Adopted 11/04

Luke is a 4 year old blue boy who is very friendly and loving. He is a real velcro dog that just wants to be with you. He greets everyone with his "helicopter tail" He is small animal safe and lives with a 9 year old child. (Lynn)
  No Problem Here Adopted 11/04

Female, black 3 years--This is one happy girl. So far retired life has not presented any problems for this self confident little lady. (Ski and Susan)

Buster (nka Brewster) Off to Oregon!

This is one of the cute pups that made their way to Portland, OR (Cathy & Chris)

JnB Chips N Dip "Chipper" Adopted 11/04

Female, 3 year old, Red Fawn. Chipper is an active girl that was very excited to meet all her new friends. Chips is settling in at the kennel and will be evaluated with smalls and kitties soon. (kennel)

Bow Mrs Lowe Adopted 11/04

2 Year-old "Lola" is a fun-loving girl with excellent house manners. She is loving the pet life, along with it's stuffies, soft beds, and tons of loving. Lola is cat tolerant and very friendly to adults and children alike. You can tell from her photo she also loves Nylabones. (Tony and Lois)

RW Sweetheart 10/04 Shamrock bound!

Female, white with brindle, 4 years--Sweetheart is a sweetheart and a drama queen. After having her vaccinations and intake physical today she had to lie down on the vets table and sigh--this is just altogether too much! (Larry & Nancy)

Reko Alma 10/04 Shamrock bound!

Female, brindle, 3 years--Alma went into foster care today. She has already learned steps and about going for walks. She is a steady, happy girl. (Susan and Ski)

Crafty Terk "Terk" 10/04 Off to South Carolina

Male, 4 years, Brindle. Terk is one happy boy. He had a toe injury that cut his career short but he's ready to move on to retirement and see what's out there for him. A constant tailwagger. Terk is about 75 pounds worth of pure happiness. (Kennel)

Goldust Lookout 10/04 Off to NY!

Female, white and black, 4 years--Looky is the second of her litter that we have had in our program. We liked her sister Maggie so much that as soon as we met Looky we asked to have her. Cat tested. (Ward & Sherry)

Keystone Hyatt 10/04 Off to South Carolina

Female, blue brindle, 2 years--Hyatt is a rather calm and very sweet youngster. If you stand and talk to Hyatt she will try to "talk" back to you. She has a huge vocabulary of whines and soft little barks that she uses to communicate. (foster Pat)

BP Dart 10/04 Off to South Carolina

Male, white with two small brindle patches, 4 years--rather shy and reserved at first, once you make his acquaintance he becomes a real Velcro Hound (kennel)

Kelso's Blackbelt 10/04 Shamrock bound!

Male, black, 4 years--Martial is a lover, a leaner and an all around friendly sort of gentleman. He loves to meet new people and is very adept at showing everyone just the proper place to scratch a Greyhound. (kennel)

Magic Zoe 10/04 Off to South Carolina

Female, fawn, 2.5 years--Zoe is a character. She is happy, enthusiastic and very excited about the new world she is discovering as a pet Greylady. (kennel)

Exit Recoil 10/04 Off to Altanta

Male, brindle, 2 years--We met Coil when he first came to Pensacola. At that time his gentle demeanor and quiet friendliness led us to ask if we could have him for a GPAEC dog as soon as he retired. Evidently Coil decided that he would rather be a pet than a racer 'cause he is now 2 and looking to begin his pet career. (kennel)

System BC Ertle  10/04 Shamrock bound!

Male, sable, 3 years--Okay, so Ertle is a really funny name for a Greyhound, but our Ertle is a true Greyhound. He is a leaner, a lover, and an expert solicitor of ear scritches. (Jay)

Jamaica Lady 10/04 Shamrock bound!

Female, red, 4 years--Jamie is a little bewildered about this pet life thing--but one thing that she is sure of--it is wonderful to have so many people in her life. She lets you know just how excited she is to see you when she shows you all her pretty teeth in an ear to ear grin. (Kathy & Jay)

NR O LaLa Berry "LaLa" Off to Saint Louie!

Female, 2.5 years Light Fawn. We didn't know what to call this little girl. Her name just doesn't give us much to work with but she is a lovebug for sure. Here she's posing for the other Greys at the kennel so they can see how beautiful she is. La La is slightly reserved but doesn't mind greeting new friends. (Kennel)

Slatex Alexander Adopted 10/4

3.5 year old Male White & Dk Brindle. Alex found out about this retirement life pretty quick. He also found out how to "work it" just for him. Alex is a Champion leaner. He met a couple small dogs at the vets office and said a polite hello with a gentle tail wag. (Brenda & Scott)

GLB Denise Gone to Atlanta

Female, brindle, 2 years--It was hard to get a good photo of Denise she really, really wanted to make friends with the photographer. This is one happy, out-going, loving girl all wrapped up in a deep red brindle coat! (Kathy & Jay)

Evone Lea "Evone" Gone to Atlanta

3.5/F Fawn with dk eyebrows. Evone just went into foster care, she has met a small dog and done well. More to come after Evone gets settled in. (Bonnie & Chuck)

Pat C Bring In "Bing" Gone to Atlanta

2/M White& Brindle Bing is wearing his brindle "cap" and one spot at the base of his tail. He's a big boy that didn't seem interested in the tiny dog that was roomed up next to him at the kennel. Bing will be telling us more about himself now that he's gone into foster care. (Ashley & David)

Gold Desire "Goldy" Gone to Atlanta

3/F Wht& Red Brindle On the lively side, Goldy is learning about the world and all the different shapes and sizes that other dogs come in. Goldy likes to talk to everyone that will listen. (Paula & Stacey)

Texmo Stormy Knoxille Bound!

Stormy is a petite 2 year old female white & red brindle little girl who loves to play. She and our 10 month old greyhound puppy have become inseparable and the best of friends. Stormy has very cute ears that point in different directions! She hasn't met any kitties or other small animals yet .(Lori and Alan)

Crafty Fuzzy Knoxille Bound!

Female, white with red, 4 years--Despite her rather odd name she is elegant and slightly reserved with tons of velcro dog potential. (kennel)

Crafty Left Eye Knoxille Bound!

Female, white with brindle, 2 years--Obviously the owner was running out of good names by the time he got to this girl. She is white with a brindle patch over (believe it or not!) her left eye. She is a petite girl who gives small gentle kisses. (kennel)

PF Valara Adopted 9/04

Valarie is a very sweet and  reserved 3 yr. old brindle female. Valarie was a donor dog after retiring racing and now is enjoying being completely retired.  She's already a stuffy fanatic and a velcro dog. She will make someone a wonderful companion.  She is very small animal safe.  (Rick and Ginger)

Wtd Afterglow Adopted 9/04

2 year old male White & Red Brindle. "Alfie" is an affectionate and happy big ole boy. He is curious and follows us around checking out whatever we are doing. He loves playing with his toys and hanging out with his "foster sister" Brandy. He also gets along great with the cats, chihuahua, and resident big dogs. Unlike most greyhounds, Alfie is a barker. He doesn't bark a lot, just enough to let us know what he wants. Very cute! (Joni & Adam)

Broadway Dance Adopted 9/04

Female, white with black, 3 years--like most Broadway stars our Dancer has a larger than life personality. She is the perfect star--happy, vivacious, and very eager to gather a crowd of human fans around herself. (Sherry & Ward)

Silent Applause Adopted 9/04

Female, fawn, 4 years--Cybil has ended a successful racing career and is looking for a new home where she can let her sweet, good natured self discover the joys of life as a pet Greyhound. (Susan & Ski)

Stormy Seashell Adopted 9/04

Female, blue, 3 years--Stormy is so beautifully proportioned that she looks smaller than she is. She is somewhat reserved and very interested in finding a new friend to show her the world of retirement. (Marsha & Max)

Berta Martinez Adopted 8/04

Female, black, 4 years--Currently living with 3 Greyhounds, a Pomeranian, 2 cats, a bird and a pet rat. Berta gets along with everyone! (Ward and Sherry)

Unchained Spirit "Spirit" Gone to be a Cajun

Spirit is on laid back girl. She has found out that sunning is a pretty darn nice thing to do. Very friendly and likes to say hello to everyone and everything. (kennel)

Top Cat Blanche Gone to be a Cajun

Female, white with brindle, 2 years--our foster coordinators first impression of Blanche was that she was a shy rather frightened girl. That impression lasted only for the few minutes it took for the real out-going, happy Blanche to show herself! (kennel)

Big Connie Gone to be a Cajun

Female, brindle, 2 years--Little Connie would have a better name for this petite 50 pound Grey lady. Her body may be small but she has a huge, friendly, and out-going personality. (kennel)

Beech Sand "Sandy" Gone to be a Cajun

2.5/F Fawn with dk face. Sandy is an unusual color, she looks like she has been tanning out on the sunny Florida beaches. Sandy's demur demeanor adds to this little girls' character. We'll know more about her when she goes into foster care. (Kennel)

Cuckleburr Blair Gone to Nashville

4.5/M White & DkBrindle Cuckleburr hasn't told us what he would like his retired name to be just yet but we should be hearing soon. He's met the kennel guard kitty without much interest. Cuckleburr will be going into foster care on 8/20 (Lisa)

Silver Rain Gone to Nashville

5.5/M Lt Fawn Brindle. Silver thinks that he is just "all that". He's now in a foster home and learning the ropes of being a perfect gentleman. Silver met a mixed breed dog that looked just a little funny but he's pretty OK anyway. (Jay)

Won Hummin' "Hummer" Gone to be a Cajun

2/M Lt Fawn with a dark muzzle. Hummer is excited about everything. He's happy to meet everyone. Hummer will be going to his foster home with few dogs bigger than him so we'll know more about him soon. (kennel)

Missy Gone to Nashville

Female,  8 years old immigrating from Guam to Pensacola. White w/ticking and one charcoal colored ear. Beautiful house manners and playful. Tug of war is such a fun game. She is fostered with 3 other Greys, one being another girl, and a female Jack Russell. Her age makes her a senior but no one has told Missy that. She has learned to live with a group but would do fine as a single. Missy has some special needs but completely manageable. (Chris and Cathy)

Indian Trace Adopted 8/04

Male, white with brindle, 4 years--Lots of Greyhound gentlemen could be described as "mellow fellows" but if you were defining that phrase in a dictionary the picture beside it would have to be Trace. He has met lots of new situations since he left the track, he has found them all interesting but definitely not worth interrupting his nap or missing a meal over. (Brenda & Scott)

Black Heart Adopted 8/04

7 y/o Blk Female. Blackie came into the program with Snowy. They were together for a while but are doing fine being seperated. Blackie found out that water couldn't be walked on, even by someone as wonderful as she. In other words, Blackie took a dip in her foster Mom's pool trying to get close to say hello. Blackie is being fostered with several small dogs and isn't bother by the kitties either. (Bonnie & Chuck)

Lady Candidate Adopted 8/04

Female, fawn, 6 years--Windy followed a long and winding road to wind up in our adoption program but we are sure glad she did. She is gentle and sweet with melt your heart eyes. Initial cat and small dog testing passed. (Ski and Susan)

Tee Bone Rare Adopted 8/04

Female, brindle, 5 years--When we asked Tee Bones trainer what color she was, he wasn't able to tell us. We thought that was a little odd, til we met her. She is brindle but an unusual swirling chocolate and black sort of brindle with a dark face and tail. She is stunning! (Paula)

Tempo Blue Flash

7.5 y/o Blue Male - You might think that I'm aging a little but do I have news for you.....  I am a happy bouncy boy.  I don't really look like too many other Greys but I sure am handsome.  I have been in a home with other girl Greyhounds.  I will need a little practice to learn about small animals and cats.  I'll try really hard to be nice.  (Kennel)

Crafty Snowflake

6 y/o White Female. Snowy comes into our program under some unusual circumstances but we sure don't mind. She's a beauty. Snowy is being fostered with several other Greys and enjoying life. More to follow soon. (Lori & Alan)

CT's Fast Jack

5 y/o Wht/rdBdl Male.  Hi, my names Jack.  I'll be 5 y/o's in Sept sometime and I've just retired from racing.  My sister, Ashley, retired a little before me and she's found her forever home.  I'm hoping I get my forever home very soon too.  I haven't met any of those things that people call kitties so I'll have to check back with you on those.  I did see some strange looking dogs though, they were really small, short legs and this long hair I couldn't understand.  Those little dogs don't interest me much right now.  Our good friend Pauline is taking care of us for now.  (Kennel)

Coup de Jour "BJ"

Female, fawn with black tips, 7.5 years young--Beej is a happy, friendly girl with an ear to ear grin. Following a successful racing career, she became a brood matron--now she is ready to retire to a home and couch of her own. Small dog tested. (Ann & Skip)

Note: all over the country there are Greyhound adopters who insist upon adopting only senior Hounds, come meet our BJ and find out why!

Racy Deluxe

Male, white with black, 2 years-- Racey is a wonderfully goofy boy who loves stuffies especially taking them out of the toy box and placing them strategically around the house. That way a stuffy is always available. He loves walks and scritches behind the ears. He is a lover once he gets to know you, but he is shy and retiring until such time as you are cleared as okay!


  Nike Fast Shorts Knoxille Bound!

Female, 2 years, white with red--Nike is one flashy looking Greyhound. Her even facial markings and dark eyeliner make her face very expressive. (kennel)

  Rapido Manikin Knoxille Bound!

Female, fawn, 2 years--Manikin is an unusually marked fawn lady, her head and ears are black giving her the look of a dog wearing a beret. Very jaunty looks and very jaunty personality. (kennel)

  AMF Black Gold Knoxille Bound!

Male, black, 2 years--Black Gold is a satiny black fellow who may be young but is already showing that he has the art of quality Greyhound leaning perfected. (kennel)

  She Bluem Away Knoxille Bound!

Female, blue brindle, 2 years--Blue is cute and bubbly and would really like to be a lap dog. She may not fit in a lap but she does suceed in sitting very, very close. (kennel)

KB's Maximus "Max" Knoxille Bound!

The big blue ghost slipped into the GPAEC program just about unnoticed. This big quiet boy showed up right when he was needed most. Max has a home waiting for him with our friends in Knoxville, TN. Max is learning the ropes of this retirement business even though most of it is pretty scary. The other Greys in his foster home are helping him out and so is the little terrier that thinks she's a Grey. (Cathy & Chris)
JJ's Lucky Adopted 8/04

3 1/2 yo, male, brindle. My new foster people are calling me Ducky. The new name is okay I guess. At least I get to play out on their farm with the horses, barn cats and 3 other dogs. We all have lots of fun running around while they do their chores. I might look a bit sad, but I really enjoy the retirement life. I'm just wondering when someone might like to take me to my forever home. I'm sure that it will be some time soon. (Lois Ann & Steve)

LJ's Bandit Eyes Adopted 8/04

4 y/o Wht/Fawn Female.  Greetings, my name is Princess.  I've just come into the GPA program after being in a home for a while.  It sure is a big world out here and I'm not used to it but I'll get with it soon.  I am good with older children.  I'll have to see if I like small animals and kitties since I'm not sure what I think right now.  (Kennel)

PA's True Adopted 7/04

Female, white and fawn, 5 years--We've been waiting a long time for True to retire--our foster coordinator fell really hard for her big smile and her bubbly personality. True has a constantly wagging tail and has yet to meet a stranger. (Cathy & Chris )

Kelso's Brittany Adopted 7/04

Female, white and fawn, 4 years--A first time GPAEC girl, but not a new to home life lady. Brittany is entering our program after having to leave her first home. She is a sweet cuddler sort of a Greyhound and has passed cat and small dog testing.

Quick Martinez Adopted 7/04

Male, brindle, 3 years--When we pick up Greyhounds from the track we must do a quick personality evaluation. Marty's two word evaluation reads "love bug". He enjoys people, attention and then more attention. (Melody)

Santa Fe Dally Adopted 7/04

Female, white with ticking, 5 years--Unusually marked and unusually sweet. Dallas met a cat and small dog in the vets office today, she did very well. In fact, she mostly ignored both the cat and the small dog while making sure that she got to say hello to each and every person. She is friendly but not demanding. (Lynne & Joanna)

Abigale Lea Adopted 7/04

5 y/o brindle female. Abigale was another one that had a wonderful career. She ran her last race and came off a winner. She could have stayed and kept going but her trainer wanted to see her off in a blaze of glory (thanks to Diane). Abigale is now trying to figure out this retired life and why nothing happens in a hurry. All this laid back, slowed paced "stuff" has her a little confused but she is trying. Abigale is staying with other Greys and a small dog. (Pat)

  Pazzo Stella Adopted 7/04

Female, red fawn, 3 years--Originally adopted from the Mobile Pet Adoption kennel, Stella is now a GPA girl. She has beautiful house manners and was fostered in Mobile with Italian Greyhounds and cats, she has done very well with both. (John & Wendy)

Ext Redo Knoxville Bound!!!

Female, white, 2 years--This is one classy young lady. Right now she is still full of puppy playfulness, but every now and then she gives you a glimpse of the Greyhound Grande Dame that she will become. Initial cat testing passed. (kennel)

Fortified Critter Knoxville Bound!!!

Male, blue brindle, 2 years--Critter may look all grown up but he is still a baby. He is full of curiosity about the world and everything in it. Friendly and outgoing he will make an excellent companion for someone who is looking for a more energetic type Greyhound. (kennel)

Crafty the Bear Knoxville Bound!!!

Male, red fawn, 4 years--Bear may be small but he has a mighty big personality! Bear doesn't meet strangers, only new friends. (Brenda & Scott)

KB's Classy Red Knoxville Bound!!!

Female, red fawn, 3 years--Red fits her name, she is a deep bright red color. She is also somewhat shy and very sweet. Red has perfected that "look"--the one that says "Pet me, love me". If you are looking for a graceful, gentle companion she may be just right. (Joni and Adam)

Stylin' Break Knoxville Bound!!!

Female, brindle, 4 years--Break is a bubbly, happy, face kissing sort of girl. She is very outgoing and confident. (Karen and Jeanie)

Copyright Knoxville Bound!!!

Female, white and red fawn, 2 years--Copy is one happy girl! With her constant tail wags and her enjoyment of people and attention she is sure to make someone a wonderful companion. Initial cat and small dog testing, passed. (Kathy & Jay)

WW Red Wine Time Knoxville Bound!!!

Female, red fawn, 2 years--What a happy girl! Fresh off the track she got to meet new people, hairy dogs and chickens. None of this fazed our Wine, she enjoyed each new experience especially meeting the people! (kennel)

Someday One Day Knoxville Bound!!!

Female, black, not yet 2--called Ashlee in her racing kennel this 47 pound baby was a kennel favorite. She is happy, bouncy, craves attention, and is working on getting along with small dogs. Ashlee was born in England but is looking for a family in the US to make her their forever dog. (Skip & Ann)

Patriot Fever Adopted 7/04

Female, white with red fawn, 2 years- Patriot has moved into her foster home. She's still a little unsure of that very tall dog, a Great Dane, that lives there but all have been friendly and trying to make the new arrival feel comfortable. (Brenda & Scott)

  P's Hot Spot (gone north^!) 6/04

Known as Gina. Gina is a 4 yr old, petite female. Gina is familiar with living in a home and has great manners. She's a happy girl with lots of love to share. Need kisses? Call Gina. And she's great with small dogs.

Automation (gone north^!) 6/04

Male, white, 4 years--Almost entirely white with black eyeliner, Matt's looks are striking. His unusual coloring might make you take a look at him, but his friendly, laid back attitude toward life will make you very glad that you got to know him. (kennel).

Keystone Force (gone north^!) 6/04

Male, brindle, 4.5 years--When his trainer brought Force out of the kennel, the folks picking up dogs looked at him and thought that he was just another rather handsome brindle fellow. First impressions are not always right--Force is a most exceptional gentleman of a Hound! (kennel)

Show It To Me (gone north^!) 6/04

Female, brindle, 19 months--called Mena in her racing kennel. Mena didn't have much use for a racing career, in fact she refused to leave the starting box! Mena is a little shy when she first meets a stranger, but very soon wants to make friends and begins giving kisses and asking for affection. She is very playful and loves to toss her stuffies in the air. She is getting along beautifully with the resident animals in her foster home, which include 3 cats and a chihuahua. (Adam, Joni, & David)

Dynamic Koufax (gone north^!) 6/04

Male, red fawn, 4 years--Initially shy it took Koufax all of five minutes to decide that the pet world is full of wonderful new best friends. He is affectionate, happy and very interested in obtaining a maximum number of ear "scritches". (Lois Anne and Steve)

PA's Melody 6/04

6.5 y/o Red/White Female. Melody is coming back into the program due to a change in her family. She has been living with 2 cats in a working family. Melody now wants to find her new forever family. (Pauline)

Marone 6/04

3 y/o white & brindle female. Marone is recovering from a broken hock but it's not slowing her down. She is a happy girl that is full of life. She wasn't sure about the kitties so she'll need some reevaluation. Marone's only other race is going to be into someone's heart. (Susan & Ski)

Reko Eporia 6/04

Female, white with brindle, 4 years--Friendly, happy and very outgoing. This is a Greyhound who really enjoys being around people. Tested trainable with small dogs. (kennel)

Kass Tag Out  6/04

Female, fawn, 2 years--young but settled she is a quiet and gentle dog who loves attention. Initial cat testing passed. A little on the shy side but learning to play with her housemate, another Grey, and taking walks with her foster family. (Judy & Bob)

PA's Destiny (gone north^!) 6/04

6 y/o fawn female. Destiny finds herself back in the GPAEC family due to no fault of her own. Destiny has been a single dog for quite a while but is quickly learning that having some buddies around to play with is pretty darn cool. Cats are pretty scary but can be tolerated from a distance. (Fostered by Bonnie & Chuck)

Never Knock (gone north^!) 6/04

5.5 y/o dk brindle female. Niva is getting the hang of this retired life. It's wasn't quite so easy for her since she had such a long career. She is now settling in to her foster home with 2 other Greys and a couple small dogs. Niva is learning to like daily walks and hangin' out watching CSI with her foster Mom. (Lisa)

Deerfield Hallo (gone north^!) 6/04

Female, white with red fawn, 2 years--Hallo is very sweet and playful. She loves to carry her favorite stuffed chick around the house. She has wonderful house manners, and is getting along with the other big dogs, chihuahua, and cats in her foster home. She loves to go on walks. (Adam, Joni, & David)

RR Lacey Heart (gone north^!) 6/04

2.5 y/o black brindle female. Lacy is a camouflage dog. She is a beautiful black brindle. she looks as though the sun is shining through the trees and making her striped. Lacy is calm for a young lady but she does like to run and play. Lacy met a medium size dog nose to nose and did her very best to make friends. Lacy has the happy tail and always greets each day with big wags. A happy happy girl that enjoys new situations (Lori & Alan)

CR Fiona ADOPTED 6/04

3 y/o red fawn girl. Turkey is what her trainer calls Miss Fiona because she's so much fun. Miss Fiona or Turkey (she answers to both) has now moved into her foster home. We finally got to see her big smile and her chomps to get attention. Fiona sure was hiding her pearly whites, she has a beautiful smile. (Kathy & Jay)

Majesa ADOPTED 6/04

Female, brindle, 4 years--following one successful career with another, Jessa is going to make someone a pretty as well as loving pet. She is curious, very friendly and a most excellent tail wagger. She is in a foster home with another greyhound, a small terrier and a cat.  Jessa met Mr. Wobble Cat, gave him a sniff and walked away. She has become a bit on the vain side. She adores looking at herself in windows, mirrors or anything that will show her how beautiful she is. Jessa has also found out what stuffies are for and is having fun time playing. (Karen & Jean)

Magic Rubin ADOPTED 5/04

2 y/o white and blue brindle male. Rubin is just getting the hang of this retirement business. He's a little on the shy side at first but once he gets to know ya, he's all about getting his ears scratched and rubbing his face on you. Rubin is a big boy and has some more growing to do. He is currently being fostered with two other Greys and a medium size dog. (Joanna and Lynn)

System Run Rampit ADOPTED 5/04

Male, brindle, 5 years--happy, outgoing and very friendly Ram is also sensitive and eager to please. Ram has been with this foster family long enough to have them wrapped around his paw. He is a very calm, gentle dog who is now living with three kitties and two other Greyhounds. He can melt your heart with just one look of his big brown doe eyes. (Max & Marsha)

Gruver Snow (off to Nashville!)

Male, black, 4 years--A big ol boy who will soon be joining our sister chapter GPA Nashville. (kennel)

PA's Asteroid (off to Nashville!)

3 y/o brindle boy. Asteroid is a champion leaner and likes to walk with his people. He sticks close by but will wander to the end of the leash to investigate anything passing by. Asteroid will be joining our sister chapter GPA Nashville later in the month.

Dias Christina (off to Nashville!)

4 y/o black female. Christina would win the smilin' greyhound award paws down if there were such a thing. Christina wiggles and gives a full mouth grin when she is being talked to. There is lots of energy in this girl but in perfect greyhound fashion, she calms right down after a few minutes of meeting new people. Christina's picture doesn't do her justice, she is a stunning young lady. Dias will be going to our sister chapter GPA Nashville later this month. (Pauline)

Eltex Bess (off to Nashville!)

Eltex Bess--female, 5 years, light fawn--A really big girl there are 73 pounds of Miss Bess! After a very successful race career, Bess tried out the life of a brood matron. Not satisfied with dual careers she is now ready to become a world class pet. She has passed initial cat and small dog testing. (Pat) Bess will be going to our sister chapter GPA Nashville later this month!

Dig This (off to Nashville!)

Male, fawn, 2 years--Digger may be young but he is a very dignified fellow--he will be joining his kennel mate Gruver in Nashville. (kennel)

PT Ashley ADOPTED 5/04

Female, dark brindle, 5 years--Calm and very attentive to people Ashley has a pre-mature grey face. She is mature and very eager to please. She is fitting in nicely in her new foster home with a tiny dog, some cats, a fellow greyhound and a big fluffy Collie (Joni, David & Adam)

RR Peek a Boo (off to Louisiana!)

Female, black, 2 years--young, bouncy and playful; this is one happy girl! Initial cat testing (passed)

Echols Guard (off to Louisiana!)

2 y/o red fawn boy. Called Echo now, he's friendly and a little bouncy. Echo wants very much to please his people and tries hard to understand what is asked of him. Echo met Mr Wobbles the cat, turned away to see what else there was in the world for him to see. Echo has also shared a house with a small dog and completely ignored her, even when she went running by him. He also met a big cat and decided it was much to scary to bother with. (Lois Ann & Steve)

Magic See Nick (off to Louisiana!)

3 y/o blue brindle boy. Nick is a little on the shy side but he's getting the hang of this retirement life pretty quick. Nick had a little accident with his tail and now he thinks he's a Weimaraner. Nick is being fostered with small dogs and a couple greyhounds. (Lisa)

Jennie Oh My Goodness (off to Louisiana!)

Female, white with fawn, 3.5 years--Two years ago one of our members fell really hard for Jenny, but Jenny had a successful career so we had to wait. Today, Jenny decided that a couch might be just the place to be and retired from racing to be a GPAEC girl. (foster Lynn)

Asti Won Ton  (off to Louisiana!)

Female, white/black with ticking, 5 years--a little older and more mature lady she is now available for adoption following a successful racing career. She has met a cat and decided it was part of the pack so Asti wasn't interested. (Bonnie & Chuck)

Pat C Myra (off to Louisiana!)

3 y/o female. Myra is a pretty black girl that loves to be with people. She is calm and sedate until she's looked at or paid attention to, then she turns on the charms. She is already showing that she is going to be a champion leaner. She saw and heard a flock of roosters announcing the morning and wasn't interested enough to even look at them. (Wendy & John)


Female, brindle, 2 years--An unusually lightly brindled girl with a sweet personality. Amy passed her initial cat testing (foster Lori)

Blue Maria ADOPTED 5/04

Female, white with black and ticking, 2 years--Blue is the smallest Greyhound we have ever had at GPAEC--she weighs a mighty 44 pounds! At the track she was know as one of the two Whippet sisters, in her foster home she is following an IG around. Small dog tested. (foster Ann & Skip)

Mad Tornado ADOPTED 5/04

Male, brindle, 3 years--Tornado has a real potential to be someone's Velcro dog, he is not only lovely to look at but is also a very loving dog. Passed initial cat testing. (kennel)

Mrs. Baird ADOPTED 4/04

Really likes to be called Ms. B, is a very sweet 4.5 year old, white with fawn patches and is ready to jump right into your heart. Has discovered stuffed toys and soft beds and has decided to stay in retirement. Right now she is living with other greyhounds and that strange looking little white poodle and she ignores it. She is a charm. (Rick and Ginger)

RW Bess ADOPTED 4/04

Female, black, 4 years--tall and elegant, Bess is quiet and slightly reserved. Not shy but not one to rush in for hugs and attention. Passed her initial cat testing. (kennel)

Golddust Needles ADOPTED 4/04

3 y/o Blk and white female. Foster Mom calls her Maggie. She is recovering from an injury so she's not out about town like her other foster friends. She was shy when she first became a pet dog but now she's right in the thick of things. Mags has decided that this pet thing is just A-OK with her. Stuffie toys, soft beds and ear scratches are probably the most wonderful things on the earth besides what's in the dinner bowl. Mags will be making cameo appearances at some M&G's so she can start getting in the swing of things like her other foster friends. (Cathy & Chris)

Kb's Smilin' Sue ADOPTED 4/04

3 y/o black/white female. Sue is a little shy but is settling into her foster home now. She has found a favorite comforter to lay on while she naps. She likes being in the company of other dogs and enjoys lots of ear "scritches". (Adam & Joni)

Zipn Quick Edee ADOPTED 4/04

4 y/o lt brindle girl that was a pound rescue. Sister to Zipn Ada and Zipn Aberdeen, her foster Mom says that she's just "perfect". Wonderful house manners, gets a long well with the other dogs in the house and doesn't even care that there are kitties around too. Rides well in the car, preferring to sleep until she gets where she's going. (Karen M)

Sandhill McGee ADOPTED 4/04

Male, brindle, 3 years--McGee loves to meet new people and he would love to have a home of his own.  McGee is being fostered with two cats and another dog. This big ole boy really likes being with people and hasn't met anyone he doesn't like. Mcgee would like to have his own people to lavish all their attention on him. (Melody)

Pat C Dudley ADOPTED 4/04

Movin' on to Nashville, this big white and brindle boy is a gentle giant. He passed his initial cat test.

Delight Jennifer !!! ADOPTED 4/04

Female, red brindle, almost 10 years--Shhhh! Don't let our Jennifer know that she is a senior! She is a bright happy girl who clicks her teeth with happiness and does an excited dance to welcome all her meals. Cat and small dog tested (Karen and Jeanie)

JA Blazen Maria ADOPTED 4/04

Just a little over 2 y/o and sister to JA Blue Maria, Blazen is settling into home life just fine. A tad reserved but has quickly found out what a soft bed is for and that people will dole out as many ear scratches as possible. Today is her first day in a home but look for an update shortly. Foster family thinks this little girl has more personality than she's letting on right now. (Cathy & Chris)

Sissy Did It ADOPTED 4/04

Female, brindle, 4 years--going to our sister chapter GPA Nashville!

GH Quincy ADOPTED 4/04

Female, brindle, 3 years--Quincy loves it when you call her name, 'cause that must mean that you are ready to play with her! She is happy, out-going and very, very cute. She passed her initial cat testing. (Pat)

PJ's Sara M ADOPTED 4/04

4 y/o dark brindle girl. Sara is a happy girl that likes meeting people. She's met a cat with a little interest but seems to be workable. Sara is waiting to go into foster care. (Pauline)

Toddie Time (Todd) ADOPTED 4/04

2 y/o red brindle boy. Todd isn't the biggest boy on the block but he doesn't know that. Todd also met a kittie, thought it smelled funny so he moved along to the next thing in the retirement world. Todd is a young boy and full of energy. (Pauline)

Pat C Christyna ADOPTED 4/04

Female, black, 4 years--Call 'em Grande Dames or call 'em Divas they are ladies with an attitude! If you have been admiring those ladies with attitudes, Tyna may be just the one for you! (kennel)

PC Delores ADOPTED 4/04

6 y/o blue brindle girl, known as Dolly, is coming back to our program due to a family change. Dolly has a beautiful blue brindle coat and striking amber eyes. She is living happily right now with two other Greyhounds and three cats. She has met other breeds of dogs and has been the perfect lady. She would be best suited in a home with no children. Just a soft bed, some good food, a couple of walks a day and she is a happy girl. (Marsha & Max)

Rain Dame ADOPTED 4/04

Female, white with black and ticking, 2.5 years--Regal and aloof with strangers, Rain is gentle and very loving with her family. She lives with small and elderly dogs and has passed her initial cat testing.

  Dynamic Doleac ADOPTED 4/04

4.5 y/o brindle boy was also a pound boy. Brother to Dynamic Farrah from our program. His foster Mom calls him Sultan that he answers to quite nicely. Sultan is a big ole laid back fella that lives with small dogs and another greyhound in his foster home. In his previous home he lived with cats. (Lisa)

  Black Beauty ADOPTED 3/04

A strikingly beautiful black girl with just a little bit of white on the backs of her feet. She has adjusted fantastically well to home life and has perfect house manners. She is quiet yet confident. She had my heart when she put her head on my chest and looked deep into my eyes as if to say "thank you for loving me!" (Lori & Alan)

Plague Free ADOPTED 3/04

5.5 y/o black female. Free had such a good career that her trainer retired her while she was still running well. A little on the shy side but has already learned that an open hand usually means that an ear scratch is fast on the way and feels really good. (Pauline)

Little Mac ADOPTED 3/04

3 y/o fawn male. Mac is one happy boy and he lets everyone know with his helicopter tail wags. Mac met some kitties and some chickens, gave them one look and moved on to see what else was waiting for him in the big world of retirement. (Pauline)


Ice Break Episode ADOPTED 3/04

Male, white with fawn, 4 years--Icy or Ice Man had a most successful racing career, now he is ready to race into your home and heart. Icy has one small fawn spot on the right side of his face, some fawn ticking on his left ear and is otherwise a solid white. Cat and small dog tested. (kennel)

ATD's Nitro ADOPTED 3/04

Fawn, female, 2.5 years--happily living with a very active Jack Russell terrier and an elderly Lhasa mix. She is a celebrity dog who enjoyed parading on "her" float while waving at her fans. (foster Lisa)

Island Breezes ADOPTED 3/04

(GiGi) 2.5 y/o brindle female Great around children, she is a little shy but seeks warm affection. She plays with her squeaky toys and she loves to chew on rawhide. (Bonnie)

Curry ADOPTED 3/04

3.5 y/o black female, black--shy and retiring she is learning to look for human companions and learning to get along with kitties all at the same time (Marsha & Max)

Shake It Good ADOPTED 3/04

Female, white with brindle, 2 yr old--we call her Saydee, is a sweet & lovable who recently has come back into our program. She needs a home with somebody to play with, preferably another greyhound and a nice yard to run in, and most of all some one to give her lots of attention and love. She'll give it back 10 fold. No cats or small animals. (Rick & Ginger)

Ember ADOPTED 3/04

Ember is a striking petite girl who will be 2 years old in March. She is a quiet girl who enjoys her "stuffies" and is learning that kitties are part of the family, too. She loves to look out the window and nap in a nice, soft doggie bed. The look on her face clearly says "This pet thing is pretty good!" Excellent house manners. (Tony and Lois)

Keeper Marlo ADOPTED 3/04

Marlo is a beautiful red brindle two year old. She is very energetic, loves to run, play with toys and other dogs. Marlo is also a very loving dog and likes to cuddle with you on the couch. She still has some of that puppy fun in her! And can keep you laughing! She is small dog tested. (Kathy and Jay)

  Beechy Biaggi ADOPTED 3/04

now known as Beau. - We're not sure why beautiful Beau ended up at the shelter in Ft. Walton, but we're glad he did. He just turned 4 years old, is a big, handsome, dark-fawn boy with nice house manners and eyes that will melt your soul. Beau is gentle, happy-go-lucky, and affectionate; he loves tummy-rubs, neck-scratches, and stuffies. He has adapted quickly and gratefully to home life, and gets along well with our 3 greys. He has met 2 yorkies and a fluffy white cat, showed interest, but did not try to chase. Confident, but not dominant. Beau is a GREYT and loving companion. (Sonja and Sid.)

Dutch Melba ADOPTED 3/04

Female, blue brindle, 4.5 years--following a most successful racing career Melba has begun to prepare for a successful pet career. She has met birds, a cat, and several small dogs--she thought they all looked interesting but she would rather find some stuffie toys to play with! (kennel)

Sandhill's Danny ADOPTED 3/04

Red fawn, male, 2.5 years--gentle, quiet and very loving. Passed his initial cat testing. (kennel)

  CM Beamer ADOPTED 3/04

Red fawn, female, 5 years--ending a long and successful racing career tested trainable with cats. She is happy & confident without being a "handful" (Lori & Alan)

Klondike Kooler ADOPTED 3/04

3.5 y/o brindle with white socks female, brindle--Flashy white socks make Kool a standout when you first meet her. Kool is energetic, very sweet and loves people. She can lean into your leg forever if you just keep petting. She loves soft, squeak toys and can entertain and play by herself with her favorites. She is getting along well with the other dog in the house. She is a sweetie! (Julie)

  Dynamic Farrah ADOPTED 2/04

Brindle, female, 4.5 years--most of our Greyhounds end a racing career and then come to us. Desi was a racing Greyhound, then a blood donor Greyhound, and now she is ready to start her final career as a pet! Fostered with small dogs and cats (Joni & Adam)

So Sue Me ADOPTED 2/04

Male, white with fawn, 3.5 years--Remember the song "A Boy Named Sue"? Our Sue is a good ol' boy sort of Greyhound--still learning the ropes but delighted to be the center of attention. (Melody)

Star of Wonder ADOPTED 2/04

1.5 y/o white/dk brindle patches male.  Now known as Stevie or as his foster dad calls me Snoopy, this boy is one BIG boy. Hitting the scales around 80 pounds he's a beautiful white and dark brindle patch. Stevie is young and hasn't gotten the hang of this pet life yet but he'll get there. Stevie met a cat and was eager to see if he could get it to play with him though the cat didn't know what to make of such a big boy. He is curious about everything and is constantly snooping in every nook and cranny (Jim )

KB's Michelle ADOPTED 2/04

1.5 y/o fawn/white ticked female.  A little young girl that her trainer called "orangy-white" but when we saw her Dreamcicles came to mind. A little on the shy side but has already discovered that ear and neck scratches are pretty excellent. (Pauline)

Ruby Lambert ADOPTED 2/04

20 months white/red female. Ruby isn't looking to take her love to town but she would like to do as her sister did and find her forever home. Her red patches give a clue to her wonderful personality. Racing wasn't her "thing" so she's movin' on. (Pauline)

MicLyn Lad ADOPTED 2/04

Lad is a 4.5-year-old, 72-pound, handsome brindle boy with white feet and chest - very flashy! He is friendly and loving, eager to please, has perfect house manners, and gets along well with small dogs. He loves to play with his toys, then greatly enjoys a corner of the couch for a little snooze! His foster family thinks he's just about perfect!  (foster Susan & Ski)

Cleo ADOPTED 2/04

Cleo is a tiny 50 lb., 3.5 year old female. She is quiet, calm, and very sweet. She has lived in a home and has lovely house manners, and is living peacefully with three cats and a Chihuahua in her foster home (Adam & Joni)

MCP's Penny ADOPTED 2/04

Penny is 5.5 years old and was Cleo's house-mate. Penny is also very sweet and loving with wonderful house manners. She is getting along very well with the Chihuahua and cats. (Adam & Joni)

Lance ADOPTED 2/04

A 10 y/o boy that was found in the Baldwin Cty Shelter. No one told Lance that he's a senior though, he's a spry fella. He's been living with cats and does well with supervision. Lance is now in foster care with 2 other greyhounds and a cat. He would love to have a forever home with comfy beds. (Bob and Micki)

Troy Carter ADOPTED 2/04

On Christmas Eve I found my life had changed yet again. A little while before I was running the streets and ended up at the animal shelter. Now I am a GPAEC boy. My name is Troy Carter, I'm a 4 y/o lt brindle boy that is happy to have some people to love me. I am staying with a little dog, I don't know why she's so small but she's OK in my book, and some others that look like me. My foster people tell everyone how good I am and how wonderful my house manners are. I like romping outside but those soft beds are pretty greyt. I found toys a day or so ago and they are lots of fun. My people say that I'm a champion leaner, I don't really know what that means though. I just like being with my people and touching them. I don't even mind sitting in my foster Mom's lap every once in a while. It's not a big lap but it feels good to me anyway. (Cathy and Chris)

M's John ADOPTED 2/04

Young 2 year old boy.  White with pretty brindle patches. John Boy started out a little shy but has learned that the retired life is great!  He gets along great with other greys and children too.  He absolutely loves to go for walks and leads the pack with his tail wagging the whole time.  (Lisa)

MJP's Bowtie ADOPTED 1/04

Male, dark brindle, 5 years--Bo is a gentlemen who loves to be petted and watching what you are doing at all times. He has given my grey Favor a running partner in the backyard, and Bo wins every time! He loves to sniff every inch of my house at least once a day to make sure everything is still in place. A nice young man who is friendly to anyone who wants to pet him, as well as other dogs. A great dog to whoever is lucky enough to adopt him first. If I could have two dogs permanently then I would have already adopted him. (Cory)

  Iris  ADOPTED 1/04

She may be ten but she is not your sedate older lady, this blue girl loves to play with her stuffies and makes them squeak. She also loves to run in the yard with her foster mom's greyhound, the dachshund who lives there has given up trying to catch her. She likes going for walks and really loves going for rides in the car. She may seem quiet at first but there is a lot of spunk in this older girl.  (foster Pat)

Chipadedone ADOPTED 1/04

Female, brindle--We don't have a call name for this happy girl yet but she is sure to be a pleasure to foster! She loves people and attention--she was even wagging her tail at the vet as he gave her vaccinations. (Lori and Alan)

System Sar Pappy ADOPTED 1/04

Male--handsome and very loving he is reserved when he first meets you. He is a 65lb. red fawn with a black muzzle. He is very sweet and loves to be close to you. He is fine with indoor cats and good with other Greyhounds. He's liking retired life just fine. (Marsha)

  CR Satin ADOPTED 1/04

Female, fawn, 19 months--Another tiny little girl (49 pound race weight) she is sure to be much more successful as a couch tater than as a racer! (kennel)

  Golden Dream ADOPTED 1/04

Female, fawn, 18 months--51 pounds of leaning Greyhound affection! She can also do that Greyhound "eye" thing--you know, the one that makes you say "Awww" and start doing ear scratches. (kennel)

  Night Angel ADOPTED 1/04

Female, black, 18 months--51. 5 pounds of leaning Greyhound affection. She can also do that Greyhound "eye" thing--you know, the one that makes you say "Awww" and start doing ear scratches. (Does this description sound familiar? It should, she and Golden Dream are littermates and other than color they are very much alike) (foster Lynn)

Dash ADOPTED 1/04

A four year old fawn girl with beautiful eyes. Her favorite pass time is to watch for squirrels in the backyard. She loves stuffed toys and squeakies. She lives with another grey and a cat She is also a great car rider. (foster Gary & Patsy)

Angel in my Pocket ADOPTED 12/03

Female, red brindle, five years--Angel is an owner return she has excellent house manners and has been cat and small dog tested--she likes both! She is very calm and dignified while still being friendly; a difficult combination to carry off, but our Angel manages it perfectly! (Lisa)

Shine for Me ADOPTED 12/03

Female, black, 3.5 years--Sporting an ear to ear grin Becky is one happy lady! She gets along well with small dogs. (Lori and Alan)

Y Knot Glory ADOPTED 12/03

2-year old Glory is a delightful fawn girl. She loves her stuffies, and is learning that cats are part of the family, too. She has met a Doberman and enjoyed spending time with him. When excited, she chatters her teeth, and greets you with tail wagging. (Tony & Lois)

Task Majestic Be ADOPTED 12/03

Male, blue, 4.5 years--Magic has met small dogs and cats. After he sniffed the kitty he yawned and wandered over to sniff the flowers! (Sonja and Sid)

Pat C Notably ADOPTED 12/03

Male, blue brindle, 4.5 years--New in the program he doesn't have a call name yet. Notably has already started winning friends at the kennel where he is friendly and out-going. (Lois Ann and Steve)

Aunt Lyda ADOPTED 12/03

Female, red with light brindling, 2 years--Curious and gentle she has met small dogs and passed initial cat testing. (Wendy and John)

Pat C's Keyhole ADOPTED 12/03

aka Paddy (black male). Paddy is a very sweet and loving dog that follows us everywhere. He is cat and small dog safe. He is playful, so a small dog should be sturdy enough to play with him (he never tries to play with the cats). He has discovered the thrill of stuffed toys and doesn't mind sharing them with our Chihuahua. Paddy is a wonderful dog that is enjoying his retirement very much.

FMS Brandon ADOPTED 12/03

The proverbial gentle giant, Brandon is a big ole calm boy. A beautiful red with black points. He's met small dogs, cats, children and done well with all. Brandon is adjusting to home life quickly and being a perfect gentleman. Brandon's biggest complaint is that the doggie beds aren't quite big enough. (Cathy and Chris)

Fantasy Rain ADOPTED 12/03

aka Max is a handsome, intelligent, extremely happy, 31/2 yr. old boy; white with black spots. He loves people and other dogs and has quickly and enthusiastically adapted to the life of house pet and companion. Slightly impish, he will steal laundry, bath mats, and unattended plastic bags (but is learning that counters and tables are off-limits). He likes to play with small dogs, but does not treat them as prey. I believe he could be cat-safe with diligent training, but should not be trusted at first. Gentle with children, loves attention and affection from all, is confident, but does not try to be the dominant dog. Tolerant and patient, Max accepts baths, teeth-brushing, nail-clipping, and ear-cleaning with no complaint. He is house-trained and walks well on a leash. Max greets the day with barks and tail-wags, always bringing a smile to our face!  (Sonja & Sid)

Rapido's Montezuma ADOPTED 12/03

Male, brindle, 4 years--called Monte he is a quiet gentle fellow who is being fostered with a small elderly dog. Monte even likes cats! (foster Lisa)

  On the Job ADOPTED 12/03

Jodi is a 3.5 year old white with brindle patches female. She is happy, bouncy and very playful. She is living with a cat and is learning that kitties are her friends. (s, foster Lois Ann)

EF Cris Unruly ADOPTED 11/03

Black, female, 2 years--initially shy she warms quickly. Passed initial cat testing. She is okay with small dogs and a very quick learner. (foster Ann and Skip)

Maxine ADOPTED 11/03

Female, She is a beautiful, 2 year old red fawn girl who was shy at first, but is really coming out of her shell now. She has discovered fuzzy squeaky toys and piles them all up on her bed! She loves to run with my 4 greys and has become quite greyt friends with my brindle girl, Juliet. She is already housebroken . I haven't cat-tested her yet, though. She is a true "needle nose" grey with black on her muzzle and big beautiful Cleopatra eyes. (Lori and Alan)

Bold Kim ADOPTED 11/03

Female, fawn, 2 years--Kim is TINY! She weighs only 49 pounds. She is a lovely red with true Cleopatra eyes. Initial cat testing passed. (kennel)

Pp's Foyer ADOPTED 11/03

My foster family calls me Flo. I am white with lots and lots of ticking. I know my name and come every time I'm called. I'm finding out that those ear scratches are pretty special. I am living with some other dogs that look like me just different colors. There is also this little short legged dog that I'm beginning to like and might even play with me. I've figured out that sliding glass door and the steps. My foster Mom says I know how to "sit" but I don't know what she means just yet. She's helping me figure it out. (Chris and Cathy)

Turbo ADOPTED 11/03

Male, red fawn, 4 years--Turbo belonged to someone once, then he became lost. Now he is a GPAEC dog looking for a forever home. Cat and small dog tested he is quiet with loads of Velcro dog potential. (Karen & Jean)

Jumanji ADOPTED 11/03

Female, black,  2 years--Jumanji greets you with an ear to ear grin. She loves to chase a ball almost as much as she loves to play in the hose! (Melody & Kevin)

  Matt's DeeDee ADOPTED 11/03

Female, fawn, 3 years--DeeDee is a very happy girl! She enjoys to romping in the grass and playing with other dogs but most of all she loves attention and ear scratches! Small dog tested. (Ann & Skip)

Sarah Lee ADOPTED 11/03

Female, black, 6 years--Yikes running the streets is no place for a Greyhound lady! Sarah Lee is much happier in her foster home with soft beds, regular meals, and people to love. Excellent house manners! (Lisa U)

Hushler ADOPTED 10/03

Male, blue fawn, 5 years--Hush is a doll, he lives with a cranky German Shepherd, when the Shepherd fusses at Hush, Hush play bows at him--it is almost as if he is saying "lets be friends". Small dog and cat tested. (foster Ann & Skip)

  KB Miss Lori ADOPTED 10/03

Female, white and black, 3 years--New in our program, not yet evaluated but has passed initial cat and small dog testing. (kennel)

True ADOPTED 10/03

Male, black and white, 4 years--True is rapidly becoming a kennel favorite. His striking looks and his eager to please personality are winning him lots of new friends (kennel)

Conan Episode ADOPTED 10/03

Male, brindle, 2 years--Conan is no barbarian! This Conan is a gentle laid back Greyhound who passed initial cat and small dog tests. (kennel)

Tappin' Toes ADOPTED 10/03

Tappin is a 2 year old girl who will tap her toes right into your heart. She's looking for a forever family to love her and spoil her. She lives with other dogs and is cat safe. She is shy and sweet (foster, Marsha K)

Josey ADOPTED 10/03

I came back to GPAEC not long ago since I had a little trouble being by myself. My foster Mom and Dad welcomed me back and I was happy having friends. Then my foster Mom & Dad went on vacation, leaving me with a very cool baby-sitter family. didn't take me long to make myself at home. The baby-sitters have now become my forever family. I have Grey friends so I'm not alone and I'll never have to leave.

Ada ADOPTED 10/03

Female, fawn brindle--She is a love, sweet, gentle and very eager for attention. If you are looking for a "velcro" dog, Ada may be just the one for you! Cat and small dog tested (kennel)

Tracer ADOPTED 10/03

Looking for a compact model? This is Tracer, a 7 year old 11 lb Italian Greyhound. He was abandoned at the animal shelter after his elderly owner passed away and now needs a good loving home. Tracer is sweet, loving and very much a lap dog. He loves to be the center of attention. You should see his "Happy dance"!! He likes to go for walks and car rides. He gets along great with older kids, cats and other dogs. He is being offered for adoption through friends of GPAEC.

Aberdeen ADOPTED 10/03

Female, silver brindle--Abby is Ada's sister, the two ladies are retiring together after racing together. Abby is petite, cute and very very sweet! (foster Jay and Cathy)

Dixie ADOPTED 10/03

Beautiful 4 y/o Blue Brindle. I am being fostered in a home with a fun mix breed dog named Nikki that has lots of energy to play. There are also some things here that are called kitties. I don't look at them much since they aren't my size and don't seem to want to play with me. I'm working on my house manners but I've figured out those windows and stairs. (Melody and Kevin)

PK's Dreamweaver ADOPTED 10/03

Female, red fawn, 2 years--Dream and Carrie are sisters. Neither one of them raced very long, but both have tons of pet potential. These are both happy playful girls! Cat tested. (foster Jennifer)

Samantha Stevens ADOPTED 09/03

Female, red brindle, Samantha Stevens is a 2 yr old, brindle. She is as sweet as she is beautiful. She loves to cuddle close to you and is crazy about her squeakies. Loves car rides and walks. Small dog compatible. (Kathy & Jay)

Zena Episode ADOPTED 09/03

Female, Zena just turned two this month. She is shy but her loving personality and playfulness is emerging. She loves stuffed animals and her tail wags when she is being petted. She likes the company of another grey and is cat, child, and small animal tested. (Cathy & Chris)

  Firey Farrah ADOPTED 09/03

Female, She is a very sweet 59lb. red fawn girl who loves everybody, is cat safe and gets along well with other hounds. She smiles when excited and her tail wags her whole body. She will be a wonderful companion for some lucky family. (Marsha)

Quick Cash ADOPTED 09/03

Male, 3 year old red fawn. Cash's muzzle is black with a white blaze on top. He is a big, sweet boy. He has been living with two female Greyhounds. He loves going for walks and getting in the kiddie pool. He has discovered the fun of playing with toys, especially the squeaky ones! Cash has adapted to retired life easily and has excellent house manners. He is full of love and will steal your heart with his beautiful soulful eyes. (foster Wendy and John)

PK's Scary Carrie ADOPTED 09/03

Female, red fawn, 2 years--Not every Greyhound is cut out to be a racing Greyhound. Some of them realize fairly early in life that they really want to be pets. Carrie likes playing and sitting in her kiddy wading pool much better than she ever liked racing. Cat tested. (foster Jennifer)

TMC Lady Mine ADOPTED 09/03

Female, white with silver brindle patches, 2 years--Lady is a flashy little girl with a happy tail that never stops wagging. (foster Jennifer)

  RB's Lock N Key ADOPTED 09/03

Male, 5 years, cream fawn--Called Fluff by his trainer he has an incredible soft coat and an incredible Greyhound lean! Very friendly and outgoing he thrives on attention. (kennel)

Ricki ADOPTED 09/03

Female, white with black spots (Ricki), 10 years. Ricki recently lost her life long partner "Gabe".  She has been moved to a new foster home and has fattened up nicely.

Rooftop Amos ADOPTED 08/03

Male, brindle, 4 years--Disguised as a flashy man about town Amos's looks are deceiving. He is a good natured well mannered Greyhound, does well with cats, birds and children. (n, foster Marsha)

Mars ADOPTED 08/03

Female, 7 year old girl has excellent house manners and is going to make some
lucky person or family a wonderful pet. She has tested safe with small dogs and cats, and loves to snuggle up in a nice soft doggie bed. Playful and happy, this sweet girl greets you with a wagging tail! (Tony & Lois)

Candy ADOPTED 08/03

Female, red fawn, 2 yrs. old. Beautiful, shy, but very happy little girl. She is very curious, loves to walk and go for car rides. Small dog tested. Adds joy to your life. (Kathy and Jay)

Amber ADOPTED 08/03

She is 20 mo. old red fawn female who is happy, playful and very generous with doggy kisses. She has been exposed to small dogs without a lot of interest. Unknown about cats. (Bonnie and Chuck)

Casablanca ADOPTED 08/03

Male, white, two years--72 pounds of bewildered baby. " Casa" is a strikingly tall and gentle boy, white with "Dalmatian" ticking. Not only has he melted the heart of his foster mom, he has won the hearts of his foster family's female greys!  They swoon around him and he is a perfect gentleman with them.  Fresh off the track and  ready for his forever home. (Lori & Alan)

Gabe Crossed Rainbow Bridge 8/03

Male white with brindle spots (Gabe), 10 years old.  He was part of our odd couple with Ricki.  He spent his last days with our loving group and will be missed by his lifelong partner.

Lady Mae Zima ADOPTED 08/03

Red fawn, female, two years old. Zima is a very playful and affectionate little girl. She seems to be very curious about EVERYTHING (Debbie & Jack)

Deerfield Mimi ADOPTED 08/03

Female, fawn, 5 years--another of our successful racers she is happy, affectionate and very bouncy! (Paul & Sage)

Icy ADOPTED 08/03

Female, petite 52 lb. brindle. Cat safe and gets along great with greys. She loves her daily walks and has beautiful house manners. She is a little nervous around kids. She is very sweet and will make someone a wonderful companion. (Marsha)

Kristin Crossed Rainbow Bridge 8/03

Female,  She was our 16 year old adoption "poster dog". When she came to us she was skinny, ill, and very bewildered. She was care for by our group until her passing 8/03

Bohemian Grab ADOPTED 08/03

Male, black and white, 2 years--Grabs' striking coloration is the perfect showcase for his outgoing extrovert personality. (n, foster Lois Ann)

KoKo's Yummy ADOPTED 08/03

Yummie is a loving, gentle, shy little girl who will be three years old in July. She is absolutely beautiful and a very unusual color - - black brindle. Being petted by her people and eating are the two best things going for Yummie. She can't get enough of either! (Susan & Ski)

Southern Dish ADOPTED 08/03

Female, black, 2 years--Not hush puppies or grits; this is that Greyhound southern dish. Called Abby by her foster Mom she is sweet, friendly and playful. (foster Lori and Alan)

MB Diverge ADOPTED 08/03

Female, white with brindle spots, 4 years--When we picked Diva up from the track her trainers children were very sorry to see her go; she was a favorite of theirs! (Pauline)

Kool ADOPTED 07/03

Nick name - Lucy, Sweet little girl of 22 months. Everything is a toy and has to be played with. Best of all are those great big toothy smiles that she gives out so freely. Playing with the little short dog is pretty fun too. Small dog tested (foster Chris and Cathy)

  Blackie ADOPTED 07/03

Female, black, 7 years--Blackie has been in a home, her person died. Now she is a GPAEC dog, looking for a new home and a new person to love! (George & Darla)

Bars Forever ADOPTED 07/03

Nick name Barney, Male, brindle, 5 years--Joining his sister Bars Dreamer in our program, this fellow has already discovered the joys of squeaky toys. We think his pet career will be as successful as his racing one was. (Anne M)

Marksslowroller ADOPTED 07/03

Nick name - Darlin, White with black, female, two years--Born in the Pacific Northwest, Roller would like a home in the South. She is happy, outgoing and seems to be mature for a two year old. (Bob & Micki)

Neptune ADOPTED 07/03

Red fawn, male, 6 years--Neptune is big, bouncy boy who is very loving and gentle. He would love nothing better than to spend most of his day curled up on a couch and then taking walks with his family. He lives peacefully with three cats and a Chihuahua. (N, foster Joni and Adam)

Wind in His Hair ADOPTED 07/03

Male, red fawn, 10.5 years--a little old to be a pound puppy but Harry sure enough found himself there. Now he is a GPAEC foster dog looking for a home. A true mellow, fellow Harry has been cat and small dog tested. (N, foster Karen M)

Crafty Alex ADOPTED 07/03

Female, cream fawn, 2 years--Alex was on the farm with Kool. Alex is extremely gentle, standing calmly while our Chihuahua jumps all over her face. She is very affectionate and loves to climb in laps and cuddle with her people. She is also playful and energetic and loves to run around the back yard, take walks, and play with her stuffies.. (foster Joni and Adam)

Fantasy Flower ADOPTED 07/03

Female, white with one brindle ear, 4 years--she does well living with small dogs as with other greys. Cats are OK if they don't run. She loves walks but doesn't care to run too much. She's alert and interested in everything. She hasn't made herself comfortable on the furniture yet, but likes her nice soft bed. Fancy is a real sweetie. (foster Kathy and Jay)

Eclipse ADOPTED 07/03

Male, brindle, 2.5 years--Unusual markings make this boy a standout in any crowd but his sweet personality is what will make him a wonderful companion! (foster Jim)

Pleasant Melissa ADOPTED 07/03

Female, white with fawn, 4.5 years--If there were ever to be a tail wagging contest Melissa should be a hands down winner. Happy and affectionate. Cat tested. (foster Marsha)

Bars Dreamer ADOPTED 07/03

Female, red brindle, 5 years--A mature lady of leisure enjoying retirement while waiting for a forever home. Cat and small dog tested. (Gisela)

Rocky ADOPTED 07/03

Male, blue brindle, 3 years--perfect house manners, tested well with small animals and cats! What more could anyone ask for? (n, foster Chris and Cathy)

JD's Princess D ADOPTED 07/03

Female, white with brindle, 5 years--Cute! Sweet! She will make someone a very loving pet. Cat and small dog tested. (kennel)

Shine For Me ADOPTED 07/03

Female, black, 3 years--"Smiley" has an ear to ear grin that leaves you smiling right back at her! (foster Ray and Betty)

Tiny McDougal ADOPTED 07/03

Male, black, 5 years--A little boy with a lot of heart, this fellow is leaving a successful racing career for the pet life. His foster family calls him Max. Cat and small dog tested ( foster Gary and Patsy)

Oshkosh Flash ADOPTED 06/03

Male, light brindle, 9 years--this gentleman has had a long and interesting life--just now retiring he is gentle, dignified and very fond of ear scritches! Flash loves any and all attention, and is quite insistent on getting it at times (NOT exactly a problem) He adapts to routines fairly quickly. He fits right in with other greys. (foster Roland and Casey)

Sensation ADOPTED 06/03

Male, white with brindle, 3 years--Just off the track and this handsome fellow already has a nickname! Called Buddy by his foster caregiver he is a little shy but very eager to learn. (n, Jim)

Princess ADOPTED 06/03

Female, white with black ears--Unusual coloring and a cute personality! What more could you ask!?

Pelican Andy ADOPTED 06/03

Male, white with black, 5 years--Andy has been in a home. He has excellent house manners, is good with small animals and children. He is a happy friendly fellow, who would really like a forever home. (N, foster Marsha)

SS Credit ADOPTED 06/03

Fawn, female, two years--Credit is a sweet, rather shy baby. Initial small animal and cat tests are excellent. (foster Ginger)

Josey ADOPTED 06/03

Female, light fawn, 3 years--one minute Josey is outgoing and loving; the next she is shy and retiring. Obviously, she still needs to get the hang of the pet Greyhound life! Small animal safe with supervision only (Chris and Cathy)

JM's Mary ADOPTED 06/03

Female, white with fawn, 2 years--sweet, slightly shy Mary is going to grow up to be one elegant lady, for now she is still puppy gawky. Cat tested. (Rick and Ginger)

Dark Lady ADOPTED 06/03

5 years old, female, red brindle--owner returned to our program. Lady has been in a home for two years, she has beautiful house manners and has lived with small animals. Small animal safe (Susan and Ski )

Tabitha ADOPTED 05/03

Female black, 5 years. Retiring from a successful racing career Tabitha is now ready to begin her second life. She is quiet, gentle and very eager to please. (Patsy & Gary)

Kool Kat ADOPTED 05/03

Male, brindle and white, almost 2 years old--this is one really cool dude!  Nickname is Buster. He loves people, attention and food (especially those dog cookie things!). He is not sure what order his favorite things come in, but if someone were to feed him cookies while scratching his head and introducing him to the family--well it wouldn't get any better! Small animal safe (Jim F)

Dixie Chic ADOPTED 05/03

Female, black, 3 years. Dixie retired today and her tail hasn't stopped wagging yet! She loves people, dog cookies, dog beds, and toys. She even likes little dogs! (foster Ann)

JM's Rachel ADOPTED 04/03

Female, brindle, 2 years--litter mate to Mary, Rachel is the more outgoing of the two. She loves to Velcro herself to you and follow you everywhere! (Sherry and Bill )

  Zeppelin ADOPTED 04/03

Male, brindle. Returning to our program he has lived with small dogs and cats. Zeppy is a true gentle giant. (n, foster Adam and Joni)

Kelsey Kap ADOPTED 04/03

Female, 4.5 years, red fawn--Sometimes the trainers at the track think that we pet folks are just a little crazy. They were sure of it though when they saw Kelsey and our pick up rep play bowing to each other. Very friendly, very outgoing, and very playful (Ginger G)

  Mike ADOPTED 04/03

Red fawn, male, 3 years--We'll never know where Mike came from, we sprang him from the pound. We do know that he will be going to a home with someone who wants a loving, laid back, mellow fellow. Cat tested. (Lois Ann and Steve)

Slam Bam Pam ADOPTED 04/03

Female, 2 years old, white with black spots--Pam tried racing, she didn't like it much. Pam is quiet, slightly shy, and very curious about life in the pet world. Small animal safe (Chris & Cathy)

FWD Pill ADOPTED 04/03

Male, red fawn, 6 years--That's his name folks not his nature! You will notice that Pilly is a little old for an off the track Greyhound, that's because his trainer kept him for a long time as the kennel "pet." She finally decided that he needed a real home and a real sofa, so she placed him in our adoption program. Pilly is rather shy but his trainer assures us that if you treat gently he will love you with all his heart. Cat tested. (Marsha and Max)

  Desperado ADOPTED 03/03

Male, white and brindle--not desperate character at all, but rather a gentle quiet fellow who has lived with children, small dogs and cats. (n, foster Joni and Adam)

CR Callista ADOPTED 03/03

Female, red fawn, 2 years--Okay, some Greyhounds just aren't cut out to be race dogs! Retiring at age two Callista went from a grade A racer to a pet in just a few short months. We are sure her second career will be much more successful! Cat tested. (foster Anne M)

  Clementine ADOPTED 03/03

Female, brindle--outgoing and happy Clemmie has lived with children, small animals and cats. (s, foster Ginger)

  Firecracker ADOPTED 03/03

Female, fawn. A flashy bright red with white socks Firecracker has wonderful house manners. She is very fond of ear scritches and would love to have your undivided attention. Her looks will draw your eye but it is her loving personality that will keep your attention! Firecracker is not good with cats. (s, Lori)

  Dana Corp ADOPTED 03/03

Female, red brindle, 2 years--On the monthly anniversary of her second year, Dana was released to GPA for "petting out." Happy birthday, Dana! (Chris and Cathy)

  Junior ADOPTED 03/03

2 years old, male, brindle and white--flashy looks and flashy personality! Junior has yet to meet a person he doesn't like! Friendly, outgoing and curious he is still very much a puppy. (foster Darla)

Citation ADOPTED 03/03

Black, female, 4 years--Tatia is not an in your face type dog, she is quiet very loving and somewhat reserved. She loves soft toys and has lived in a home. She is good with small animals and has beautiful house manners. (s, foster Lisa)

Oreo Snow ADOPTED 03/03

Female, light brindle, 3.5 years--Oreo hadn't left the track before she had shown the GPAEC volunteers all the best places to scratch her. Before the van left the parking lot she was trying to discover if pet Greyhounds are lap dogs! (Sus and Ski)

YoHo ADOPTED 03/03

Female, red brindle, 3.5 years--bouncy, bubbly, and very excited about her new life. YoHo is 47 pounds of energy! (kennel)

Wms Tiffany ADOPTED 02/03

Female, 2 years, black--Tiffany is curious about our world and just a little hesitant. She wants very much to please! Cat tested. (kennel)

  Kiowa Sis Ramble ADOPTED 02/03

Female, red brindle, not yet 2--bouncing into our program from a two month home Kayla, is a bouncy, bubbly, outgoing clown. She has lived with children and with small dogs. (Foster Joni and Adam)

Bodhran Blair ADOPTED 02/03

Male, 2.5 years, white with black--handsome and mellow enough to be living with kitties--what more could anyone ask? (Marsha)

SC's Top Flight ADOPTED 02/03

Female, white with fawn, 5 years--sweet, gentle and oh so laid back Ginger has lived with cats, birds, and children (s, foster Susan and Ski)

Lagland ADOPTED 02/03

Female, aka Laney, more info to follow

New York Looker ADOPTED 02/03

This pretty petite little 56 lb girl is known to her foster family as Maggie. Maggie is quite shy but would love to be in a quiet home with one special woman. She is cat and small dog safe. The one thing that she enjoys more than anything (or should I say "lives for") is going for a good walk. She is just the perfect walking companion for helping to meet those New Year resolutions! (Foster- Lynn)

No Doubt Kathy ADOPTED 02/03

Female, white with brindle spots, 5 years--Once Kathy ran grade A, she was a winner. Then she got a little older and her owner said "find her a home". Kathy is still a winner! Adopt her and you will be too! (foster Lois Ann)

Lucky ADOPTED 02/03

Male, young, black masked red fawn--rescued from the pound in Crestview Lucky is tall and elegant with really goofy ears! In his former home he lived with kitties, in the pound he was kenneled with a small fuzzy white dog. (n, foster Ann)

Kelso's Souffle ADOPTED 02/03

Female, light fawn, 3.5 years--gentle, sweet and lovely she passed her cat and small animal tests (kennel)

Mega Gentry ADOPTED 01/03

Male, red fawn, 3 years--Gentry stole his foster Mom's heart when he met her with a wagging tail. Rather calm, somewhat submissive. Lives with small dogs. (foster Darla)

Stricker Bee Ivy ADOPTED 01/03

Female, black, 3.5 years old. Is there such a thing as love at first sight? Ask Ann, she's been "hounding" the trainer to let her have this dog for months!  After a couple of weeks our foster family has nicknamed her Bouncy!  She bounces for food, bounces for walks, and she play bows and similes when you greet her. She loves her crate and gets along great with other greyhounds and kids. Note the one front leg that's white, very cute (foster )

Orange Crush ADOPTED 01/03

Female, red fawn, 18 months--48 pounds of racing Greyhound! This petite girl didn't make it at the track but for the family that is looking for a gentle, quiet pet she should be just perfect. Cat tested. (foster Lynn)

  Paca Shades ADOPTED 01/03

Male, light fawn, 3 years--called Buck he knows his name, has excellent house manners and is quite happy to absorb all the attention you care to lavish on him. (n, foster Susan and Ski)

Ben  ADOPTED 01/03

Male, red fawn, 6 years--Benny is a true gentleman! He lives happily with children, cats, small dogs and birds. (n, foster Ann)

  Dusty ADOPTED 01/03

10 years old, fawn, female--sometimes things just don't work out. Returning to our program for placement Dusty is a sweet, sweet girl. She is good with small animals and her former owner says that she really enjoys children. (s, foster Renea)

PA's Raven 01/03 Gone to Kentucky

Male, 4 years, black. Raven should be the picture on the "Adopt a Black Dog" poster. His coat is a true glittering black, absolutely stunning. The best thing about Raven is not his looks but his friendly outgoing personality. (n, kennel)

Getcha Some ADOPTED 01/03

Female, changing her really awful name to Greta was only the first step for this delightful young lady. She has discovered that toys and small dogs are both fun to play with very gently  (foster Chris and Cathy)

PA's Top Release ADOPTED 01/03

Female, 20 months, white with black. Obviously, not a race dog she is sure to make someone a wonderful pet. When she greets you her tail starts her wagging all the way to her toes! This little girl loves to make new friends. Cat tested. (foster Chris and Cathy)

Lithium ADOPTED 01/03

Male, red brindle, 6 years old--bouncing into our program from a home where he lived with small children, Lithium is friendly, curious and passed his initial cat testing! (foster Anne M)

Iola ADOPTED 12/02

Female, white with brindle--called Jem at her racing kennel she is a bouncy, bubbly, and very curious three year old. (foster Rick & Ginger)

Help Wanted ADOPTED 12/02

Male, red brindle 6 years--Sometimes forever homes have to place their dogs back into foster care. Their loss is our gain, when we get wonderful dogs like Ted. He is friendly with small dogs and birds and has beautiful house manners. He greets you with an ear to ear grin and chatters his teeth with excitement. (foster Marsha)

P's High Flight ADOPTED 12/02

Female, white with red spots 4 years--Yikes, what does a lady Greyhound do when she finds herself in awkward circumstances? Why she turns herself in to Greyhound rescue, of course! An owner turn in, to the pound, our Princess is very happy to be back in a home. She has excellent house manners and is an easy and cooperative dog to have around the home. (S, foster Susan and Ski)

Clueless? ADOPTED 12/02

Female, Task Seven Clues Called Clues by her foster Mom, she is anything but
"clueless". She loves small children and gets along great with cats and small dogs.
She is housebroken with impeccable manners. A real sweetheart that wants just to give out love and kisses! (Foster Lynn)

AP's Spitfire ADOPTED 12/02

Female, red fawn, 2.5 years--Called Audrey in her racing kennel she was a favorite of her trainer due to her friendly outgoing personality and her playfulness. Audrey comes to us loving toys and people--unfortunately loving kitties is not in her nature! (kennel)

Dublin Jail ADOPTED 12/02

Male, 6 years, blue. Called Emmon at the racing kennel. He is a calm and loving leaner with lots of Velcro dog potential. Emmon has met small dogs and cats, he likes both! (foster Ann)

Lady Bug ADOPTED 12/02

The former Accompany Me--female, light brindle, two years old--Lady loves toys, snuggling on the sofa, and walking with her foster Mom. She is willing to share her world with small dogs and those of the feline persuasion. An exuberant yet gentle youngster. She is developing excellent house manners, ( foster Lois)

Basic Pride ADOPTED 11/02

Female, white with brindle spots, 2 years old. Reservedly friendly and somewhat shy. Fostered with small dogs, large dogs and young grandchildren--Pride likes 'em all! (s, foster Lisa)

Laura Lei ADOPTED 11/02

A small 57 lb 3 year old white with fawn spot female who is cat , small dog and kid safe. She loves to carry stuffies around and would like nothing better than to lounge in a wading pool now that she is retired. She is a real velcro dog and loves to cuddle! Foster Lynn

  Badger ADOPTED 11/02

Black masked red male, 6 months--A puppy! A cute, funny and very happy Greyhound puppy! The youngest dog in our program he guaranteed to make you smile with his puppy antics. (kennel)

Happy Ghost ADOPTED 11/02

Female, red brindle--Called Happy maybe because of her sunny disposition, maybe it is her constant tail wagging, or maybe it is her big smile. Happy is a seven year old retired brood matron (her son Matthew was adopted through our program) who is looking for a new career as a couch tater. (kennel)

  Itdoesnotmatter ADOPTED 11/02

Female, black, 2 years old--shiny black and sweet this little girl has that pleading Greyhound eye thing down to a fine art. (Lynn)

Dynamic Somehow ADOPTED 11/02

Female, white and red fawn, 2 years--Not quite sure of what she wants to be when she grows up "Summer" can't decide if she is a playful puppy or a cuddly lap dog. (kennel)

Muddy ADOPTED 11/02

Male, red fawn with black points, 4.5 years--Muddy is a true gentle giant. Calm, loving, and very, very happy with pet life. He ignored his first cat. A favorite of those at the adoption/holding kennel Mud greets his new friends with a huge smile and chattering teeth. Nothing is as exciting as having new human friends you know!

Feel the Wind ADOPTED 11/02

Female, red brindle, 2.5 years old--Racing at 51 pounds Windy is a petite puppy. Not quite fast enough for the race track, she is definitely fast enough to race right into your heart! (Ann)

Lithium ADOPTED 01/03

Male, red brindle, 6 years old--bouncing into our program from a home where he lived with small children, Lithium is friendly, curious and passed his initial cat testing! (foster Anne M)

Iola ADOPTED 12/02

Female, white with brindle--called Jem at her racing kennel she is a bouncy, bubbly, and very curious three year old. (foster Rick & Ginger)

Help Wanted ADOPTED 12/02

Male, red brindle 6 years--Sometimes forever homes have to place their dogs back into foster care. Their loss is our gain, when we get wonderful dogs like Ted. He is friendly with small dogs and birds and has beautiful house manners. He greets you with an ear to ear grin and chatters his teeth with excitement. (foster Marsha)

P's High Flight ADOPTED 12/02

Female, white with red spots 4 years--Yikes, what does a lady Greyhound do when she finds herself in awkward circumstances? Why she turns herself in to Greyhound rescue, of course! An owner turn in, to the pound, our Princess is very happy to be back in a home. She has excellent house manners and is an easy and cooperative dog to have around the home. (S, foster Susan and Ski)

Clueless? ADOPTED 12/02

Female, Task Seven Clues Called Clues by her foster Mom, she is anything but
"clueless". She loves small children and gets along great with cats and small dogs.
She is housebroken with impeccable manners. A real sweetheart that wants just to give out love and kisses! (Foster Lynn)

AP's Spitfire ADOPTED 12/02

Female, red fawn, 2.5 years--Called Audrey in her racing kennel she was a favorite of her trainer due to her friendly outgoing personality and her playfulness. Audrey comes to us loving toys and people--unfortunately loving kitties is not in her nature! (kennel)

Dublin Jail ADOPTED 12/02

Male, 6 years, blue. Called Emmon at the racing kennel. He is a calm and loving leaner with lots of Velcro dog potential. Emmon has met small dogs and cats, he likes both! (foster Ann)

Lady Bug ADOPTED 12/02

The former Accompany Me--female, light brindle, two years old--Lady loves toys, snuggling on the sofa, and walking with her foster Mom. She is willing to share her world with small dogs and those of the feline persuasion. An exuberant yet gentle youngster. She is developing excellent house manners, ( foster Lois)

Basic Pride ADOPTED 11/02

Female, white with brindle spots, 2 years old. Reservedly friendly and somewhat shy. Fostered with small dogs, large dogs and young grandchildren--Pride likes 'em all! (s, foster Lisa)

Laura Lei ADOPTED 11/02

A small 57 lb 3 year old white with fawn spot female who is cat , small dog and kid safe. She loves to carry stuffies around and would like nothing better than to lounge in a wading pool now that she is retired. She is a real velcro dog and loves to cuddle! Foster Lynn

  Badger ADOPTED 11/02

Black masked red male, 6 months--A puppy! A cute, funny and very happy Greyhound puppy! The youngest dog in our program he guaranteed to make you smile with his puppy antics. (kennel)

Happy Ghost ADOPTED 11/02

Female, red brindle--Called Happy maybe because of her sunny disposition, maybe it is her constant tail wagging, or maybe it is her big smile. Happy is a seven year old retired brood matron (her son Matthew was adopted through our program) who is looking for a new career as a couch tater. (kennel)

  Itdoesnotmatter ADOPTED 11/02

Female, black, 2 years old--shiny black and sweet this little girl has that pleading Greyhound eye thing down to a fine art. (Lynn)

Dynamic Somehow ADOPTED 11/02

Female, white and red fawn, 2 years--Not quite sure of what she wants to be when she grows up "Summer" can't decide if she is a playful puppy or a cuddly lap dog. (kennel)

Muddy ADOPTED 11/02

Male, red fawn with black points, 4.5 years--Muddy is a true gentle giant. Calm, loving, and very, very happy with pet life. He ignored his first cat. A favorite of those at the adoption/holding kennel Mud greets his new friends with a huge smile and chattering teeth. Nothing is as exciting as having new human friends you know!

Feel the Wind ADOPTED 11/02

Female, red brindle, 2.5 years old--Racing at 51 pounds Windy is a petite puppy. Not quite fast enough for the race track, she is definitely fast enough to race right into your heart! (Ann)

  Patsy ADOPTED 10/02

Female, dark brindle, 3 years--a foot injury cut Patsy's racing career short. Racing's' loss is the pet world's gain! Sweet and loving she will make an excellent pet. Patsy passed initial small dog and kitty testing. (kennel)

Price Guide Blair ADOPTED 10/02

Female, brindle. Blair has already won her foster mom's heart. She is cuddly, sweet, and very eager to please. Small dog tested. (foster Anne)

Hyper ADOPTED 10/02

Female, white and brindle--an outgoing people loving bouncy girl, hyper will fit into the active family very nicely (kennel)

Mega Grover ADOPTED 10/02

Male, red fawn, 3 years--happy, extroverted, and drop dead gorgeous Grover met cats today--he ignores them! (foster, Joni)

  Sunshine Laura ADOPTED 10/02

Female, blue fawn, 4 years old. Sweet and slightly shy she warms quickly to affection. Lots of velcro dog potential here! (foster Ginger)

TD's Skidrow ADOPTED 10/02

Male, red fawn. Skidrow is gonna need a new name when he becomes a pet--otherwise he is pretty cool already. Intelligent, happy, and enthusiastic this is also one handsome fellow! (kennel)

Andies Snow gone to Atlanta

Female, white with brindle, 2 years-- tail wagging and curious about everything Snow is still very puppy playful. (kennel)

DV's Frustrated gone to Atlanta

Female, brindle, 23 months--tall and elegant--calm and quiet--this is a Greyhound Grande dame in the making! (kennel)

SS Strawberry gone to Atlanta

Female, red fawn, 4 years--Cleopatra eye liner, four white stockings and world class leaning ability make this girl hard to forget. (kennel)

  MS Brenda gone to Atlanta

Female, brindle, 4 years--back in our program due to a family crisis Missy B is a petite charmer. She has lived with cats and toddlers. She ignores small dogs. (s, foster Cheryl)

Ed P's Striker gone to Atlanta

Female, blue brindle, not yet two years old. She is puppy playful and Greyhound sweet. What more could you ask? (foster Chris and Cathy)

  LJ's Froot Loops gone to Atlanta

Female, red brindle, two years old this month. Alert and curious she had her nose into everything--this girl is really going to enjoy retirement. (Besides, retirement may get her a much "better" name!) (s, foster Ginger)

  Jet Parcell's gone to Atlanta

Picked up from the pound (no place for a lady!) she is tall and elegant; gentle and quiet. Jet black with white toes. (s, foster Joni)

Black Bark gone to Atlanta

This is not the villainous Black Bart the highwayman, this is Black Bark the happy-go-lucky Greyhound and there is nothing villainous about this tall satiny black boy. (kennel)

  Brazo Blue Sandy gone to Atlanta

A shy petite blue brindle female, not yet two years old. Only hours off the track she discovered the wonders of toys and play. Cat, child, and small dog tested (foster Lynn)

Black Glitter gone to Atlanta

Black, 3 year old, female--called Glitz by her foster family. Racing at 52 pounds this petite girl is delighted with her new pet life! She is high energy, very playful, inquisitive and learns quickly. (foster Ann)

PA's Indigo ADOPTED 09/02

Female, light fawn, 5years old. Indigo is one happy girl! She is bouncy, bubbly, and loves people. A long time favorite of the track lead out folks, Indigo will make a greyt pet. Not good with cats. (foster Chris and Cathy)

Fanatic April - Gone to LA 09/02

Female, white with fawn spots. If she were a school child she would be the one who always raises her hand with the answer. April is intelligent and curious as well as pretty as a picture. (foster Chris and Cathy)

  Buddy - Gone to LA 09/02

Male, light fawn. Bouncing into our program from a family with four young children and no available quality time. He is friendly, confident, and good with children. Buddy and a door had an accident leaving him with only a stub of a tail--this doesn't bother Buddy though--he thinks he is making a dashing Doberman fashion statement. (n, foster Terry)

  Kelly's Keeper - Gone to LA 09/02

Keeper is a good name for this little brindle female, she is definitely a keeper! Very curious and still little child awkward, she turned two last month.  (foster Lori)

Destiny - Gone to LA 09/02

A petite 58 lb female fawn 4 yr old that is cat, small dog and kid safe. She is energetic and bouncy and loves to play with kids. She enjoys running a few laps around the yard before retiring to the couch. Foster Lori

LJ Fanny  Gone to LA 09/02

Female, red fawn. Fanny is thrilled with retirement. She has discovered toys, walks, children, and cats. She likes 'em all! (foster Ginger)

Kelly's Coach - Gone to LA 09/02

Male, white with ticking and one brindle hip patch. Coach is one handsome dog! Better yet--he is calm, affectionate, and in early testing appears to be okay with small animals. (Rene)

Dynamic Voyager ADOPTED 09/02

Female--Dyna is loving, playful, and friendly, when you wrap all that up in a bright red fawn coat you have a dog that is as pretty to look at as she is nice to have around! Cat and small dog tested. (foster Chris and Cathy)

  Rita Katy ADOPTED 09/02

Female, white with black spots--Black eyeliner and Dalmatian spotted ears can look elegant on a Greyhound, just ask our Rita K! Not an alpha female, she is friendly and calm. (foster Susan & Ski)

Joe ADOPTED 09/02

Male, tuxedo black. Joe is a small boy with a huge heart--he loves people! Elegant and prematurely grey (he is only 3!) Joe is a calm couch potato in the making. (foster Rene)

  Osceola Queenie ADOPTED 09/02

Black, beautiful, playful and very affectionate. Queenie is a medium sized female tuxedo black who has been child, cat and small dog tested. Queenie's a velcro companion in the making. (foster Lori)

  Sammi ADOPTED 09/02

Female, fawn--In most states a race dog retires at age 5, Sammi was still racing at 7. Now retired she is looking for a home with lots of soft places to nap and lots of love and attention to spare (she just loves attention!) (foster Ann M)

  Genoa Go Scott ADOPTED 09/02

Male, red brindle--Scotty just turned two. Friendly and outgoing Scotty is also just plain cute! He has been cat and small dog tested. (foster Lois Ann)

Rain Dreamer ADOPTED 09/02

Female, brindle--chocolate brindle, Rainy is as sweet as she is unusual. She is a Velcro dog with tons of pet potential. She is also discovering that toys and soft dog beds are both very much to her liking! (foster Ann)

Everyone Knows ADOPTED 08/02

A tiny, vivacious, black female here from in our area all the way from Oklahoma, she has yet to tell us her call name. She is two and a half years old and very sure that the pet world is full of wonderful fun things to explore. Small dog tested. (foster Lois Ann)

Picture Coming Soon Sandy ADOPTED 08/02

Sandy was someone's pet, her owner died, somehow Sandy found her way to the shelter in Fort Walton. No one adopted her, so she became a GPAEC dog. Eight years old, female, red fawn she is lovely, loving and so in need of a new home. (s, foster Terry)

Cape Glove ADOPTED 08/02

A black faced fawn female just 17 months old. Kate is bouncy and loves to play with her foster caregivers grandchildren. (foster Elaine)

On the Way ADOPTED 08/02

In her racing kennel this lovely, outgoing, red fawn, female was called Terrific. We, in her adoption program, think that she earned this nickname with her friendly personality--although of course, she could be called Terrific due to her terrific good looks! Small dog tested. (foster Lori)

Jigger  ADOPTED 08/02

Male, brindle--If you are looking for a laid back, happy go lucky companion--one that will make you smile with his antics then you need look no further than Jigger! Cat and small dog tested. (foster Rene)

Switch ADOPTED 08/02

Tall and elegant Switch doesn't meet strangers! Very friendly, very outgoing and very happy in retirement. Switch has discovered toys, children, and sofas--what more could any retired Greyhound want. (except Switch would appreciate it if her world included no cats but does fine with small dogs) (foster Tim & Mary Helen)

  Class Clown ADOPTED 07/02

A striking light fawn and white male he will turn two in August. He never won (or even placed) in a puppy race so his trainer decided that he might make a better pet than race dog. This is probably true--he is gentle, curious, and somewhat reserved. Why not give Class Clown a chance to race his way (slowly!) into your heart? He lives with a small dog and older children. (n, foster Terry)

Irm's Way Out ADOPTED 07/02

A beautiful white with red spots female, three years old. She is shy when she first meets you but warms up quickly. Called Carly by her foster Mom she lives with a young child, a small dog, and a cat. Carly has definite Velcro dog potential! (foster Lynn)

Baby ADOPTED 07/02

Light fawn brindle female--she is bright, inquisitive, beautiful and only two years old. Small dog tested (foster Chris and Cathy)

Brawny ADOPTED 07/02

Male with black spots and ticking--big, bold and loving Brawny is definitely a dog who's name suits him! Small dog tested. (foster Lois Ann)

Mania ADOPTED 07/02

Petite, dark red brindle female--you know that you have a good dog when she is fresh off the track and she ignores the Jack Russell terrier that jumps in her face. The only problem this petite girl has is her name! (foster Lori)

The Big Bamboo  ADOPTED 07/02

Boo is a large fawn brindle boy that you only have to meet to fall for! He has kisses and tail wagging down to a fine art. He is fostered with older children. (n, foster Terry)

DV's Cold Fire ADOPTED 06/02

Male white with black spots--Fresh off the track this two and a half year old is finding our world a fascinating place. So far he has not met anything he hasn't liked including small dogs! (n, foster Susan & Ski)

Wind Dancer ADOPTED 06/02

Brindle female with four white stockings. Dancer passed the grandchildren and small dog test with flying colors! She enjoys playing almost as much as she enjoys roaching on her back for those all important tummy rubs. (foster Elaine)

Frogger ADOPTED 06/02

Female, fawn--friendly with definite Velcro dog potential. Small dog and cat tested. (foster Lynn) 

Lad ADOPTED 06/02

Called Night by his foster family. Bold, black and beautiful Lad is full of fun, fun and more fun. Lad is outgoing, plays fetch, and loves being around people. His exuberance needs older children and he is would be happier in a world without cats. (N, foster Cheryl)

Puddin' ADOPTED 06/02

Female, light fawn--not too dignified for a quick romp, and a fool for ear scratches, otherwise the picture of regal Greyhound.  (foster Connie)

  Donna ADOPTED 06/02

Female, red brindle. Elegant and loving Donna is settling right into her foster home, in fact you can be pretty sure that Donna will be much more successful in her career as a pet than she was in her racing career! (s,foster Lori)

  Sinita ADOPTED 06/02

Female, white with black. Sinita is returning to our program, she is friendly, cuddly and very, very affectionate! (S, Lois Ann)

River Tammy ADOPTED 06/02

Very sweet and laid back female. Small animal and kid safe. 4 years old. Unusual beige with black points. Her coloring looks as though an evening haze had settled on her. (foster Cheryl)

Pelican Andy ADOPTED 06/02

Happy to be doing anything as long as it involves his people. Andy is good with older children and small dogs (those kitties he just isn't sure about though). Male, white with black spots. (n, foster Terry)

  Seeker ADOPTED 06/02

This white with black spots male looks elegant and dignified--don't believe it! Seeker enjoys nothing more than a quick romp with his people and his toys. He is also being fostered with small children.

Grace ADOPTED 06/02

Female, red fawn, 4 years old. Grace has excellent house manners. Unfortunately if she were a child her report card would read does not play well with others. Grace thinks that all the toys in the world are hers, hers HERS! If you are looking for a bouncy, energetic, loving dog to be an only pet, let us introduce you to our petite charmer.

Comet ADOPTED 06/02

Female, black and 15 months old. Barely out of puppy hood herself Comet loves to play with her foster parents four young children. Comet is very playful and outgoing but can be a little rough with smaller dogs, she is not cat friendly. (s, foster Mary Helen)

Nika ADOPTED 06/02

  Dream ADOPTED 06/02

An unusual mahogany colored brindle female she is a petite 52 pounds and is not quite 4 years old. Dream is loving, friendly and very well mannered. She ignored her introductory cat. (s, foster Susan)

Megan--Fe ADOPTED 05/02

White and fawn. Italian Greyhound--when someone ask us to take in a small female Greyhound, in the future we will ask "just how small is it?"! Meggie is between seven and ten years old. She is also another special needs dog, contact us for more information. (s, foster Ann)

Star ADOPTED 05/02

A petite brindle stray, Star was picked up running the streets--not a good place for this shy, quite lady!  Mild mannered Star is now being fostered in a home with a small cat. (S, foster Jean)

Bunny ADOPTED 05/02

  Citation ADOPTED 05/02

Called Tatia by her foster family she is a fun loving, toy hoarding, black female just entering her second puppy hood! (s, foster Ann)


China ADOPTED 05/02

Male red fawn - very easy going and affectionate.  Incredibly beautiful greyhound! (foster Karen M)

Tandy ADOPTED 05/02

Female brindle, quiet and "laid back" Tandy has also been fostered in a home with small dogs and cats. (S, foster Terry)

Athena ADOPTED 05/02

Female brindle, small, friendly, reserved, playful, & smart.  Plays well with other greys and just loves going for walks. 

Taffy ADOPTED 04/02

Our petite, brindle sun worshipper Taffy would love to spend her time cuddling on a sofa while waiting for the next sunbeam. Taffy is very tolerant with small children. Slightly shy she warms quickly and has lots of  velcro dog potential. (s, foster Tim & Mary Helen)

  Belle ADOPTED 04/02

Once the belle of the pound this two year old black female is learning to play while capturing the hearts of her foster parents. Initially quiet and shy Belle quickly warms to people and new situations. (foster Lois Ann)

  Mega Rudolph ADOPTED 04/02

Five years old with the heart of a puppy! Rudy loves to play, he loves people, cats, other dogs anything that will PLAY! Male, white with fawn spots. (N, foster Ann)

  Xaxony ADOPTED 03/02

A red fawn female, Xaxony is good with children, small dogs and large dogs. She loves playing with toys almost as much as snuggling up for some "quality cuddling time". (s, foster Lori)

Casse  ADOPTED 03/02

Casse is a small reserved female brindle.  She was recently returned to us from a wonderful owner with a health problem.  She loves to go for walks and is very gentle and playful. (foster Karen G)


Easy is his name and his temperament. Easy has beautiful house manner, lives with a small dog and a young child--and while he thinks that they are all really nice this black boys favorite thing is cuddling on the sofa with his foster Mom. (n, foster Lynn)

Rusty ADOPTED 02/02

Male red fawn - active, bold, and very affectionate.  Loves to walk and looking for a family with no small animals or small children. (foster Susan)

Cee Bar Cally - ADOPTED 02/02

Cee Bar is a beautiful small black shimmering female.  She is very affectionate and easy going.  This dog will win your heart in five minutes.
(foster Sharon)


Female, red brindle. An energetic, bouncy, happy girl with a lot of love to give to the family that has no cats (foster Ann).

  Phoenix ADOPTED 01/02

A special needs dog with a lot of love to give. This tall, lanky fawn dog is eager to once again be part of a family. (foster Ann M)

  K D Cooper ADOPTED 01/02

Quiet and relaxed fawn dog. Plays with small dogs, ignores caged birds. Enjoys the company of her foster mom's grandchildren.  (foster Elaine)

  Rofftop Helen ADOPTED 01/02

Red brindle female, more info to follow. (foster Lynn)

Rapido's Montezuma (Monte) ADOPTED 12/01

Male, light fawn brindle. Returned to the program due to illness in his adoptive family, Monte has lived with small dogs and with cats. He is gentle, slightly shy, very loving with lovely house manners.

Moose - 11/97 ADOPTED 12/01!!

Moose is a big & tall huggable 82 lb male.  He is very friendly and affectionate. Loves to go for walks and is just a great big beautiful boy.

Francis - 03/00  ADOPTED 12/01!!

Francis is a beautiful shy small blue brindle girl.  She is a youngster still learning to adapt to people and life in a home.  She is coming out of her shell slowly and is very gentle.  

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